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I took this photo for my I Believe in Magic photo class…my first pre-dawn run in 21 months…the feel is running toward something (which this day was sunrise), instead of running away from something…

On the eve of Full Moon (and lunar eclipse), I took the time to feel into the energies of “shedding moon”…which seems to be in sync with my recent exploration of releasing heart armor.

I went for a pre-dawn run at Ocean’s edge, under Moon, followed by Sunrise, which was glorious!

Upon my return home, I followed the nudge to deep clean the house (believe me, this urge is rare!!) which I understand was also energetically cleaning heart space. I lit candles and placed stones and sat with intention.

I welcomed a loved one into my home and we spoke through a challenging situation.

I felt (still feel) abundant peace and grace

I know everything truly is possible, when I/we allow it to be. I know if something is in my life, it is because I have drawn it there; if something is not in my life it is either because I don’t wish it to be, or I haven’t yet explored the full energy and possibility. 

I notice when I vest full presence to possibility, doors open – some that I hadn’t even known existed, my heart space expands and love and creative expression flows. 


The next afternoon, I decided to walk the same stretch of beach with my children during the time of Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.

Right during the moments of the eclipse, I was standing under the pier, the tide was very low and there were starfish all around me…

I really wanted to hold one, but I was unsure.  My daughter picked up this large starfish and patiently coaxed me into holding it, too.

To hold a starfish at such a moment felt quite magical, indeed! Starfish symbolism = infinite divine love…

The essence of who we are in each moment, regardless of what is in that moment and how that moment feels. 

As I held that starfish, feeling the potent magic of possibility, I was not feeling drama or chaos or stress or less than or not deserving or anything other than infinite divine love.

When we can access that space and feel in life – love, light, grace, peace, joy, connection- *everything* is possible. 

I claim that moxie and spunk – the fullness of range and depth available when I center with full presence into love and gratitude, choosing to create and collaborate with Universal Energy.

This message is my answer to Jamie Ridler’s Wishcasting Wednesday question: What Do You Wish to Claim?

This excerpt from And Still. Always. Again. You Rise. is the best thing I have read in a very long time – the spoken version is phenomenal! 

Make friends with your teardown.  Do not run from your bar brawl for forgiveness.  Sit with the times you’ve fucked up and the times you lost all and the days your redemption was delivered by the hand of the last person you ever expected to give anything but darkness.   And through it all know that your walled up and torn down, graffiti-covered heart is still the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

So do not practice denial of self or past or grief.   You don’t need the façade right now.  Rip away the false face.  Open wide the locked door museum exhibit of your holy history. Demolish your crumbled brick walls, your dumpster daydreams, your rusted chain link fence.   Don’t deny your kaleidoscope heart.  Without the broken it could never be so beautiful.

Stand naked, in the middle of the vast empty space, arms wide, inviting in all that will come.

It’s true.  We don’t, any of us, get to this point clean.  We don’t get to this point whole.   But your prayer flame of a heart burns steady and true.  Through the darkest nights.  Through the most terror filled lighting strike.  In the grit and the broken, in the blood and in the fire you still arrive.  And every time you are the personification of the most holy grace.

You still arrive, lover.   Every time.  Exactly as you are and exactly as you will be.

Again and again.  Terrified.  True of heart.  Full of grace.

You still arrive. 

I ask you – dear reader- what do you wish to claim, today?  When you share, we learn. 

Thank you for your presence!

Much peace and abundant love,


Pre-registration for Presence to Manifesting Money Miracles is open through October 29, 2013. It can be challenging to center into presence of possibility, to share abundantly, when one feels the strain of having not quite enough money to pay the bills.  Yet, we continue to share anyway, often giving to others what we truly need.  This class invites you to explore practices of manifesting money, as you are, right where you are, in this moment of now. 

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Comments on: "I Claim Moxie" (8)

  1. Hi Joy!
    I like moxie! I’ve recently claimed success in all I do. My biggest dream is to be supported fully as a writer and so I claim that. There is more to the picture but that lays the exciting foundation!
    I so envy your living on the water! It seems to truly inspire and ground you! You Go Girl!

    • Hi Lori,

      I love this *I’ve recently claimed success in all I do*. Yes! How powerful!

      As you wish for your self, so I too wish for you as well!

      I actually now live in the foothills but Ocean has my heart so I honor that by visiting almost daily. It’s where I meet Source and remember who I am and what I am made of (which I can do anywhere, but it’s much easier at Ocean’s Edge).

  2. It´s inspiring to see you opening your heart to possibilities and things happening with the flow.
    As Joy wishes for herself, so I wish for her also.

  3. Beautiful & love your spirit! As you wish for yourself, so I also wish for you!

  4. jean sampson said:

    Right now, Joy, I am struggling with having many friends and family members, people who I have loved for a long time, who are going through serious illnesses. I guess it is being nearly 70 ( in 3 more years) and this is one of the things that you never have imagined happening when you were young and people never got sick and died! I think I need to claim peace and never taking people for granted. I also need to claim health for myself, because my mind will sometimes creep on over to the thought, of what is going to happen to my body and brain. Not a good thought, The good thing is that I have my best friend who laughs with me about everything, even about getting old! :)

    • I cannot believe you are close to 70, Jean – your energy is amazing and your life seems so full of activity, creativity and connection!

      Thank you for the reminder to never take people for granted (applicable at every age!) and for claiming whole-body health and wellness (also applicable at every age!).

      I, too, love laughter – I think it shows heart is happy and all is “well” in that moment.

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