If You’d Like to Let Love In


If you’d like to let love in, at some point you really do have to open the door.

At my favorite cafe, in the midst of a heated telephone conversation that wasn’t going his way, he took my hand in his, pulled me close, and tenderly kissed my lips.

A few days later, he wrote: “The perfect kiss is the one that feels like forever and tastes like possibilities.”

I Believe in Magic.  

I center into love and gratitude before moving through my day.  I tap into, and move, Universal Energy – opening my heart space daily to be present to possibility through wonder, awe, joy, beauty, delight, peace.  I spin magic for others because mega-watt smiles light my heart and magic seems to produce those smiles.

In the sales copy for my Magic class, I issue this invitation:  Let’s believe in *the magic* of synchronicity and serendipity and shooting stars and kisses that awaken one from deep sleep…and capture the essence in every day life.

I thought I was living that essence, which I captured many months back in Making Love in the Moonlight – an experience that preceded “losing everything” almost two years ago (yet, birthed Facets – so I couldn’t wish it away).

I closed the door.  Bolted it shut. Attached the key to a kiss and blew it away on Wind. 

I thought I was “safe”!

I did not know it would be possible for someone to find that key, bring it to me, cross my energetic boundaries of “only love enters and leaves” and unlock that bolt.

The kicker is, if I’d like to let love in…at some point I’m going to have to open the door. 

And, isn’t that the way with any miracle?

You can spend a lifetime praying and wishing and manipulating external…but, when it is placed, you have to open to receive it in order to experience it. 

What is it that your heart is asking for? What is one step you can take to be ready to receive it into your life?  Please share in the comments below. (When you share, we learn!).

My friend Jenny is Asking for Help – if you are in the position to assist her, I would really appreciate that. If you choose to donate to her and there is a Facets service you would like, I will gift it to you – please connect with me via email.  If you are unable to donate, but would like to assist her, please share her link in your social media outlets.

Much peace and abundant love,


I Believe in Magic is open for registration through October 15, 2013. I think this session will be very interesting for me because I am in brand new space, simply feeling my way. I tend to photo magnificent sunsets and boldly blossoming flowers but my heart wants to explore elegant simplicity (I’m not even quite sure what that is in my World!!!). I do hope you will join in – I learn so much from the creations that are shared!

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  1. i love this post. you deserve everything good. love is the biggest one. keep letting it in. This is a beautiful oppor tunity to change and allow a wonderful and FUNCTIONAL man to love you, and you him, keep the door open And Keep allowing the perfect kiss. The universe i s serving you. What a gift. Im happy for you beyond words. with all the love my heart holds. You are amazing-

    • Thank you, Gina! I appreciate your presence, love and affirmation!

      For me, it’s not about the actual *man* or that it is relational – it is about the process of holding space for understanding and choosing to open the door to vulnerability, with joy. I believe that I draw to me similar energy, so the more centered I become, the more aligned with Source my connections are.

      I chose to share this experience here, as an invitation to All – there is something your heart is whispering about and you wonder if and when it will be placed…you can clear space, ask clearly, yet, you *have to open the door* to allow it in…in all realms, in each experience.

  2. jean sampson said:

    Joy, I love that you are never allowing yourself to live for long in assumptions, such as assuming that the door was “open” when it was locked tight. I do believe that sometimes we do need to lock the door as we heal and prepare to open the door again. We sort of have to re-discover who we are. I love that you discovered that locked door and decided to open to vulnerability once again. Each time we get hurt, we open the door a little quicker. You deserve the very best! I know love will be coming through the door, with much joy and its own vulnerability.

    • Jean,

      Thank you so much for your presence and for your words. I take them right to heart!

      I have learned to hold space for understanding, so I examine everything with curiosity and intention.

      I think we sometimes need to close the door, to re-center and re-group and re-member who we are; but I don’t think we need to lock it. I believe in permeable boundaries, so it surprised me to know I locked it!

      One Facebook, you used the example of a cat – not sure if it would like to come in or out and the owner holding that door open, unconditionally…that’s kind of what I thought I had been doing (hadn’t though!).

      The point is, *the opening of the door* is the “miracle”; the specific external that follows is simply “icing”!

  3. Thank you for this. I think I needed to hear it today. :)

    • Thank you, Moonsparkle – I chose to share this experience here as encouragement to anyone else in a similar situation – all of us whom have done the inner work and what we asked for is *perfectly placed* but we don’t receive it because we are hesitant to open the door. It’s an invitation to consider…in *all* areas of life. I am so glad you took the time to affirm this with your presence and comment – it’s quite a vulnerable space for me to be in, so I appreciate that!!!

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