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Today I am delighted to share energetic space with Michelle Martin Dobbins!

I love Michelle’s energy!  The way she chooses to create and to show up in world is similar to my own; however, she is so “on-purpose” with manifesting and celebrating with gratitude that she inspires me to continue to center into my practices of presence and to enjoy life as I am living it.

This excerpt from Michelle’s about page captures the essence of who she is and how she chooses to create:

…I believe that your true purpose is to do what makes you feel good.

It’s not about finding your calling. Life isn’t a test.

It’s supposed to be fun!

And this is a choice we can make, every single day.

This is what Daily Alchemy is about. I give you tips to attract what you want into your life. I remind you that joy is at your fingertips. And I give you all the proof from experiences in my own life—because some of it is surreal, and some of it really does feel like magic. And I want you to have some of it, too.


Michelle Martin Dobbins is a pre-published author & alchemist, who shares tips, “spells” and true stories of magic, creation and love in everyday life on her blog at Daily Alchemy. You can connect with her and get her Magic Question of the Day  and Uplifting Messages on Facebook and Twitter.

(I love Michelle’s Magic Question of the Day!)

J: Thank you for sharing energetic space today.  May I ask, as we consider energetic space, might you share some of the things that consistently nourish that space?

M: For me, meditation is one of the biggest things that nourishes me. It gives me that peace that all of the activity of my day stems from. Also, being fully present in each moment as much as possible.

J: The name of your site is Daily Alchemy.  May you share with us a little about the meaning of these words and your vision for your site?

M: Certainly. The definition of alchemy that I connect with is “the art of transformation.” Daily Alchemy means transforming your daily life using joy, love, and a little magic and my vision is that the site will be a source for people to support and inspire transforming any part of their life they want to change, along with just adding a little magic and fun to an already fabulous life.

J: What might a reader who visits your web space expect to read and experience?

M: Every Monday, I share a rave post and invite everyone to rave about what is going right in their lives because this invites in even more good. I, also, share my experiences and practical tips for transformation and adding joy.  Then, there are lots of guest posts from other wonderful bloggers. Finally, I just started sharing the homeschool law of attraction lessons based on spiritual principles.

J: Your tagline says: “tips and spells and true stories of magic, creation, and love in everyday life”. May you share with us a bit about how you use daily alchemy in your own life?  Perhaps a “tip or a spell?”

M: I love to play with little techniques that line me up with what I desire in my life. One of my favorites is Abraham-Hick’s List of Positive Aspects.  You simply make a list of the positive aspects of a situation that you want to change. Often, focusing on what’s positive about it helps you relax enough to let it shift and change.

J: I love your articles and social media threads on manifesting.  May you share with us the structure of “how” you manifest?

M: I share lots of different techniques on my blog but one of my favorites is just to intend to manifest what it want and then go enjoy life. “Set it & forget it”  It seems really simple, but it works.

J: And, when we speak of *magic*, what does that mean to you and how does that feel in your life?

M: It means lots of little synchronicities and gifts from angels that appear unexpectedly in life. It’s like getting surprise presents from the Universe every day, lots of treats that you couldn’t have even thought to ask for.

Note from Joy: See why I love Michelle?  Such a wonderful way to move through World, tapped into peace, joy and possibility!

J: May you share with us an experience you have had with using the Law of Attraction to manifest something in your life?

M: I have so many, but I took a law of attraction course and at the beginning we each chose a crazy “wild hair” intention we would like to manifest but didn’t really need. I chose winning something worth $5000 as my intention and promptly forgot about it. I don’t usually play the lottery and enter contests, but right before the end of the class, my husband and I were given a huge sign for our business for free.  The value of the sign: $5000.

J: You so clearly have a specific message; may you share with us a little about how you found your voice, and how you continue to cultivate it as you create and connect?

M: I began my blog to connect with an audience for my fiction writing, but I didn’t enjoy writing about writing or trying to write the kind of blog a fiction writer “should” have. I began asking how I could share myself in way that would be of service. Now I continue to ask those questions “How can I be of service?” and “How can I share my love?” and I follow the answers I’m given.

J: How do you vision a reader applying the overall message from your site into their daily life?

M: I intend that readers will find support to either transform aspects of their life that they’d like to change or just more thoroughly enjoy and add to the richness that already exists in their lives.

J: If someone feels overwhelmed or uncertain about the idea of manifesting infinite possibility, what is the first step you might recommend to them?

M: Relax! Most of the time the changes we desire aren’t urgent and stressing just slows the changes we seek. Just try one strategy at a time and don’t make it work. One of the easiest is just finding something, anything, to feel gratitude for now.

J: May you share, if someone tells you they just don’t believe in magic…what is your response?

M: I just share the Roald Dahl quote it have on my site, ‘Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.’

J: You are currently offering “magical manifesting sessions”.  May you tell us a bit about this service..the process and what one might expect from the experience.

M: Right now, this service is only available to one winner each month from the commenters on my blog. I’ve started homeschooling and I’m working on some books and an e-course, so my time is limited.  If you are one of my lucky winners, we will spend time creating a manifesting plan for you and I will support you online and help you tweak it online as you begin to put it into practice.

J: Thank you so much for sharing!  In closing, is there anything you would like us to know about you, your vision, your voice?

M: I feel blessed to have found a message that I like to share so much that I can’t imagine not doing it.

J: And, my last question for all interviews in 2013.  Please answer this question: If someone “really knew me”, they would know these two things about me:

M: I love chocolate and I live in a world where “magical” occurrences are the norm.

Thank you, Michelle!  Love and gratitude to you!

Dear Reader: Michelle has so graciously donated one magical manifesting session to this site to be chosen via a raffle. To win this session, please answer the following question in the comment section. The winner of the raffle will be chosen from the names of those who comment. The drawing ends November 18, 2013 at 9pm (PDT). The winner will be chosen then, listed here and contacted through email. ** The winner of the reader raffle – Michelle’s magical manifesting session – is Molly.  Thank you!**

The question to answer in the comment section to be included in the raffle: What manifestation would bring the most joy to your heart now?

Much peace and abundant love,


Registration for Presence to Manifesting Money Miracles is open through November 19, 2013.  For more information, and to register, please click the link. 

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Comments on: "Michelle Martin Dobbins: Daily Alchemy" (11)

  1. I would feel the most joy by finishing and publishing my healing handbook.

    Thank you for your encouraging words.

    Xo Tanya

  2. […] a short post today to let you know that I am over at Facets of Joy today where Joy Holland interviewed me about how I create and experience magic in my life.  so come […]

  3. Healing energy would bring me the most joy today!

    • Hi Sondra,

      Thank you for sharing! I am sending healing energy to you..if you’d like to email me with a specific request, I will send it to you with intention.

  4. I would feel the most joy when I get my website up and am able to guide more people to their most magnificent life!

    Great interview! I love Michelle!

    Thanks so much,


    • Hi Nina,

      Thank you for sharing! Sounds like you are ready to share in new ways..how exciting!

      I love Michelle, too *grin*; it’s fun to share her magical message!

  5. Beautiful message Michelle and thank you for sharing it with us Joy!
    I had a joy-filled day of being intensely immersed in painting, and reconnecting with a core source of pleasure for me makes it easier than ever to answer this question now.
    Manifesting my *magical* life partner to share each step of this journey with will bring me more joy than I even feel through exploring and experimenting with creative expressions, which is pretty flipping amazing in and of itself.

    • It is wonderful to “see you” in this space, Molly! I love the affirmation of your presence, thank you!

      I also love the synchronicity that this week I began a painting, and here you are sharing your experience of being intensely immersed in painting (another affirmation – thank you!).

      Yes to the feeling of *pretty flipping amazing* as you experience the joy of stepping with a *magical* life partner…happy manifesting to you!

  6. I have already received one manifestation which has brought joy to my heart.

    Some time ago I prayed deeply to God that a lady I knew who was very sick would recover to live a full life and God graciously answered my request.

    But the question is “now”.

    …so forgive me God for asking this of you since I was already granted the one request…Thank you.

    Would you please send a good man to take care of her for the rest of her life?

    I worry so much about her.

    You would give me so much joy…

    • Thank you for sharing, Rand.

      I don’t believe, or practice, that there is a “cap” on miracles or what we may ask of God / Source.

      All prayers are heard, all heart whispers received…those that are in alignment with Love are answered…

      Please release your worries…and replace them with blessings of gratitude…so that you may experience, and share, peace as you move through World creating and connecting.

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