When You Want to Know if God Exists


When you want to know if God exists…ask.

Then, be ready to receive the answer.

There will be a moment in your life when your heart hurts….happens whether you live with your heart wide-open or with barriers you think are impenetrable.

Something will touch your inner core….and it will feel excruciating, unbearable…pain like you had yet to feel in your life.

That pain will bring you to your knees, in all ways, in all realms. 

It won’t matter if you have lived a life of divine devotion, centered into daily spiritual practices.…or….if you hadn’t ever known the feel of *divine* in any realm of your life...

You will think you are dying but, in the next breath, you will see you are still very much alive….here on Earth…

You will wish to be anywhere but inside of your body…

In that moment, you will wonder if God exists….or Goddess/Universal Energy/Source/Love…whatever label feels best to you). 

Some people call this heart-break.

(I don’t believe heart breaks, I believe that barriers around heart break, leaving this newly opened space raw and very sensitive….but, I do know heart-aches…and sometimes that is when people call out to God…as in please God if you are there take this away…and sometimes yell at God as in what the heck is up with this God????!!!…but, most often the pain cuts so deep we remain silent, using every ounce of energy to pull through this moment).


We have each one of us experienced such a moment. 

Call it disappointment, betrayal, deception, hypocrisy…an energy that swoops in–usually quite unexpectedly–and temporarily dissolves your belief in Unconditional Love.

When we know the essence of who we are is Unconditional Love but, we can’t feel that Love…well, surely, that is Hell. 

In that moment, we are called upon to trust in something we doubt is real. (Mind screams: how can it be Real, if this pain exists? while Heart whispers, “it is…oh it is…please breathe back into me, feeling it to be so.)


If you want to know if God is real, if Unconditional Love is real…


Then, be ready to receive the answer. 

If we look to Nature, the Home for our physical bodies, there are natural cycles that follow universal principles.

What I know for sure is that when I take my heart-ache to walk along ocean’s edge at sunrise (as I did this morning)…I see with my own eyes how sun light eventually dissolves the darkness…it’s a simple fact…and that tide follows a pattern…and ocean waves will lap the shoreline and Moon will set and then rise later as sun will set, then rise again tomorrow…and it all happens, daily, whether or not I, or anyone else, is present or paying attention or sharing appreciation (or even yelling at it…as some do). 

Pretty unconditional.

When I allow myself to breathe it all in…my external hasn’t changed a bit, but I feel peace. I question, “God, are you real?” “Unconditional Love, do you exist?”  *Show me*… And I am shown in beautiful, wondrous ways how very real Unconditional Love is. 

And, I know many of you do not live at ocean’s edge…but, you have experienced that pain and the questioning…ask, in your life, as you are, where you are…and allow yourself to receive the Answer.  That beauty and wonder will be perfectly placed in ways you can best receive.

The asking opens the door to possibility, the answer invites heart to open ever further, beyond the pain, into peace. 


If you want to know who you are…ask.

Then, be ready to receive the answer.

(To me, there is nothing quite as powerful as standing on the beach while sun rises in front of me and moon sets behind me….can’t help but feel infinite possibility.)

I didn’t want to go on a walk this morning but, I am healing my heart…and I needed the affirmation; when I received it, I wished to share it with you as well — the photos are from my morning walk.

As an aside: when I play with photography, I am reminded of the ease of discarding that which doesn’t resonate – I quickly deleted thirty shots, without criticizing myself, my subject or the process to make room for the next shots…*and* as I deleted the shots I looked for awareness and understanding of what worked/didn’t and integrated that into the next bunch…pretty powerful practice to bring to life!).

I did something very new for me…I recorded an audio version of this article – so if you’d like to listen, simply click the link. There is a bit of background noise – remember, it is my first try.

How do you ‘know’ God/Unconditional Love/Source is real?  When you share, we learn.

Much peace and abundant love,


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Comments on: "When You Want to Know if God Exists" (11)

  1. Ricky Ferdon said:

    Thank-you, Joy.

  2. Thank you Joy! So beautiful to hear your voice as well :-) xxxxxxx

    • Thank you, Catriona – for your presence here within Facets – I love the energy you share! – and for your affirmation of this piece!

  3. Thank you for sharing your journey through heartache with us. I appreciate the reminder to trust and keep the faith xo

    • Thank *you*, Tanya for your presence and your affirmation! All that you share inspires me to continue centering into, and opening, my heart space as I continue moving forward, exploring creative expression and connection! Gratitude to *you*!

      Yes: *trust and keep the faith*…it is the space of infinite possibility and peace.

  4. I love this post. I find a love of my evidence of God in nature, too. I always get answers to my questions and I’m at a place now that the emotional pain makes sense. I think it’s just a messenger like the pain when something hurts our physical body to tell us to stop what we are doing because it’s damaging to our body or soul. From that perspective, pain is gift meant to keep us safe and healthy. I love that you made an audio! So nice!

    • Thank you for your presence and affirmation, Michelle!

      I used to “push through” pain – emotional and physical – thinking I could “go back and fix it later” after I had accomplished whatever my goal was. Now I practice taking the time to acknowledge and understand pain, allowing it to guide and inspire me to open/change/pour in grace and love and gratitude…So, I *love* the feel of this: “from that perspective, pain is a gift meant to keep us safe and healthy.” People spend a lot of time, energy and money attempting to “open heart” but avoid pain…so I am sharing peaceful ways to open through that pain…embracing possibility as we stretch.

  5. Your post reminds me of this quote by Joanna Macy: “The heart that breaks open can contain the whole universe.” I probably got that quote from you!

    I have been listening to heart whispers leading me away from blogging for now. I have posted my last blog post (hope you’ll stop by). Now I’m visiting the blogs that I have loved these last few years to say thank you.

    I have so MANY things to thank you for. Your blog has always been a place of peace and renewal, a calm oasis. And your guided meditations have given me a refuge when I needed one. You have been a supportive friend, and a light bearer to the world. So thank you.

    Wishing you all the best, Galen

    • Thank you for your presence and affirmation, Galen…your kind and generous words touch my heart.

      The timing of that Joanna Macy quote is spot-on…the last few weeks contained some unexpected shadow work that ravaged my life – but, barriers fell and my heart space is wide-open…so I am creating and connecting from this raw, sensitive space and all of the *magic* is back, more potent than ever. I am finally, after 40 some years, celebrating the joy of living from this space, instead of resisting it. So, thank you, truly, for the quote.

      I am glad you are listening to your heart whispers…I love that. May you thoroughly enjoy whatever is “next”.

      Love and gratitude to you!

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