Life is as Magical as You Allow it to Be


There is a rose bush at the entrance to the beach. I love to pick one rose bud and bring it home to blossom.

I love the feel of hand-picked flowers – a gift from Mother Nature – in my living space and as the rose bud blossoms it reflects to me the cycle of a heart whisper.

When the cycle is finished, I take the rose petals, thank them for blessing my home, and sprinkle them over our door mat.

My children say it looks like someone got married (because, in general, people seem to save magical touches for special occasions such as marriage).

I love the feel of returning home to the feel of magic. 

Magic is as simple as that – small touches intentionally placed throughout your day, that delight you and remind you of infinite possibility, here, now, as you are. 

A few notes:

1. One of my most precious loves used to bring me hand-picked flowers each time he arrived at my home.  I loved that.  Instead of continuing with the practice on my own, or manifesting it in another way, I left that *magical touch* in the experience of Him, which was a few years ago;  so when he was no longer present, neither were the flowers.  (You see, I did that to myself, Universe didn’t do that to me…we can apply that lesson to any area of delight and abundance…sometimes we close the door, but we blame external for our lack).

A few months ago, a friend brought a bouquet of hand-picked flowers upon arriving at my home.  I remembered how much I loved hand-picked flowers in my space. I now delight in picking my own!

2. The cycle of the rose bud reminds me of presence to unfolding within natural growth. It begins as a bud, when it is well-cared for it takes a few days to blossom, the blossom is bold and beautiful, and then it wilts. Kind of like a heart whisper. There is much freedom in learning to celebrate natural cycles.

3.  When the rose bud wilts, I thank it for the joy it brought. (I don’t: get angry at Universe for taking beauty away, or try to prolong the life cycle or preserve the blossom…I simply feel and share gratitude for the beauty I experienced when it was present).

What *magical* touch do you currently, or would you like to, add to your day? (when you share, you inspire).

Much peace and abundant love,


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Comments on: "Life is as Magical as You Allow it to Be" (10)

  1. By an act of love I threw self into the wind, to which my hard husk was removed… thus falling into mud.

    By an act of time did I spend tared to this cell before the calling of a flood.

    By an act of fortune around a bend came the far telling of gravity’s thud.

    By an act of love, then did I blend grace into a star shaped rebelling bud.

    ~ Rand

    (Originally written for *I Believe In Magic 30 – Day Photo Journey*)

    I am looking forward to the *celebrations and connections* through photography and poetry of our next class where everyone has a *magical touch*…

    • Thank you for sharing, Rand!

      These words speak to me today *blend grace into a star shaped rebelling bud* …inviting grace into our essence of stardust is to choose to live infinite possibility. Thank you for the reminder!

  2. Hi Joy,
    I love thinking of magic – especially at this time of year and I love that you think of it at any time of year!
    My thoughts are all on Christmas now and that brand of magic. I have a new idea I’m looking forward to doing this year.
    I have a Santa Claus collection – santas of all different mediums and sizes. I plan to place them in subtle places around the house for when my nephews come over. For one it will be fun just to find them – like an Easter egg hunt. For the older ones I’ll have a treasure map saying how many are in each room so they can locate each one.
    Now to find ways of magic for the rest of the year!

    • I *love* your Christmas magic, Lori…creative and fun…my heart is smiling! I bet you would be a wonderful party co-ordinator!

      I do enjoy the feel of magic in each day – what I love most in life is a mega-watt heart smile and it seems that “magic” brings that out in everyone…when I can present a person with an experience of delight, wonderful! As you do with your Christmas Magic. Thank you for sharing!

  3. I love your ritual of putting the flower petals all in your doorstep. I have any Hindu friends and I love how I often find flower petals scattered around their homes. I never thought I could make my own puja and do it do. I’m going to give it a try. It’s lovely that you decided to start giving yourself the gift of fresh flowers.

    • Thank you for your affirmation and presence, Michelle! I use flower petals in many different energetic practices…only recently have I begun integrating them into daily, physical life – one of my favorites is to tuck one into my hair.

      I looked up puja…yes, please do create your own…it’s a fun, and sacred if you wish it to be, way to play with and honor energetic practices…I often combine presence with feng shui and energetic principles to create rituals that enliven our home and heart space. I would love to hear of what you choose to create!

  4. Fresh flowers are so beautiful. They spread warmth and happiness…they make us feel loved and special. I miss the garden so much in the winter that treating myself to a bouquet of some daisies (my favs) always reminds me that somewhere there is lots of blooming going on. :)

    Hope you have a beautiful weekend, Joy!

    • I love the reminder of winter gardens, Talon…thank you! While surface looks frozen, so much is being readied for spring growth. I am so glad you treat yourself to a bouquet of daisies (they are one of my favorites, too!)…yes to lots of blooming, warmth and love year-round!

  5. What a gorgeous and sweet symbol joy! I love how you extract such insight from a simple flower. Your ability to find magic everywhere is such an inspiration!

    • Thank you for your presence and affirmation, Sandra!

      Much of my life wasn’t “magical” – so for me to choose to not only celebrate the beauty and joy in the moment but to learn to cultivate it shows the power of presence. We *can* experience peace and possibility, each moment we choose – and we can invite the energy into even the moments we don’t feel it possible to experience it in.

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