Megan Bord: The Pocket Guide to Manifesting

Today I am delighted to share energetic space with Megan Bord!

I was in my early 30’s when I stumbled onto a few tips that helped me manifest things as if in an instant, and I realized that the more I practiced, the easier manifesting became. I also know that everyone has this ability and that there’s nothing special about me.

In The Pocket Guide to Manifesting I share my learnings & experiences related to manifesting everything from job promotions and near-million dollar job offers, to exceptional romance and mashed potatoes. There’s nothing too big or small when it comes to manifesting, and my desire is to share how easy the process is with anyone who would like to know.– excerpt from the Introduction to Megan’s book The Pocket Guide to Manifesting


Megan Bord is a Personal Manifesting Coach and published author. She believes everything is possible, including miracles, and that everyone has the ability to manifest easily, immediately and abundantly. Known to her friends as the “Goddess of Manifesting,” Megan has personally manifested myriad experiences and tangible items in the areas of romance, finance, travel and home. She shares her manifesting skills so that all who choose may live the peace and joy of boundless possibility.

Please note: Megan is one of my closest personal friends. I love her energy dearly; her presence in my life enriches and enlivens far beyond what words can express.  We met a few years ago through our then-blogs and manifested a visit.  Since then, our friendship has blossomed – including many conversations about manifesting….Megan truly is a “Goddess of Manifesting”.  It is with pure love and gratitude that I share her message and energy with you here, in this Facets space.

J: Thank you for sharing energetic space today!  May I ask, as we consider energetic space, might you share, what is the feeling you intend for your personal energetic space?

M: Thank you, Joy. It’s a pleasure to be here!

I always intend the highest vibration for my personal energetic space. For me, that’s the energy of love.

J: May you share, what are some of the practices you use that consistently nourish that space?

M: Each morning when I wake up, the first thing I do is to surround myself with the White Light. I then surround my cat, my boyfriend, and his dog. (…since we’re all so tightly intertwined!)

Only then can I start my day. I guess it’s sort of like a professional athlete’s superstition and pre-game rituals in a sense!

As I walk downstairs, I thank my house for letting us live there and for being so good to us. I’ve found that gratitude – to sentient beings as well as material things – fosters a higher vibration.

J: You so clearly have a specific message; may you share with us a little about how you found your voice, and how you continue to cultivate it as you create and connect?

M: Before I wrote The Pocket Guide to Manifesting, I had a blog that talked about my experiences creating a more joyful life – one where every experience could be viewed as a lesson in spiritual growth. Some people enjoyed it, and urged me to start writing a book. I did, but that manuscript remained unfinished after the first round of editing because I realized the subject matter wasn’t my complete passion.

What *was* my passion – and what lovely people like you encouraged me to focus upon – was manifesting. I’d gotten good at it, manifesting near-million dollar job offers, movie-worthy romantic trysts, a dream job, a dream home and more. And it’s something I love. I’ve found that when we’re doing what we love, our voice rises up to meet us.

J: When you are creating and doubt surfaces (does doubt surface?) what resources do you rely upon as you continue to create?

M: I take a break. If my mindset is one of doubt, I know that’s not a good place from which to create, so until I can change it around (through affirmations, being with uplifting friends, or other positive influences), I stop what I’m doing. My sole focus becomes raising my vibration from one of doubt (aka, fear) to one of centered assuredness (aka, love).

Watching clips of The Ellen DeGeneres show always helps put me in a more positive, upbeat frame of mind.

J: May you share a bit with us about what you would consider is the source of your power?

M: I think in the past few years I’ve come to realize that *I’m* the source of my power. (I hope that doesn’t sound egotistical!)

I’m the one responsible for my energy, my thoughts, my actions, and what’s happening in my life. It’s my thoughts and feelings that create my everyday experiences, so I’ve learned to keep things as pure as possible. I seek positive influences, friends, stimuli, etc. When I’m feeling low, as I mentioned earlier, I reach out to others to help shore up my energy again. Not just anyone, mind you – but those I know who are love-filled, centered, and supportive. (That’s you, Joy!)

I’m careful about what music I listen to (no whiny, woe-is-me lyrics for this gal), what TV shows I watch (no commercials, news, violence or drama), what Facebook posts I read, etc.

I treat my thoughts and feelings as the engine of my life and I like that engine to run clean.

J: In the introduction to your book you state: “I’m an ordinary person who figured out how to use thoughts and feelings to attract extraordinary experiences in miraculous ways”. Has manifesting consistently been so “easy” for you?

M: Manifesting was tougher in the beginning, when I was learning how to do it *for me*. I think everyone comes around to their own style of manifesting – the thing that works for them time and again.

In the beginning, I think I struggled because I grasped my desires too tightly in my mind and trusted the Universe too little. Once I learned to trust the beautiful balance of wanting and letting go, things shifted. Manifesting became a fun game.

“Wouldn’t it be cool if…?!” as opposed to “I really really really hope I get…(xy or z).”

I think something happens to our energy when we’re relaxed about the outcome – whether or not we get what we desire. I think it opens us up to receiving, actually. When we really really really want something, though, and are consumed by how it’s going to happen, if it’s going to happen, the fact that we don’t currently have it and what if we don’t get it, etc. I think we smother our desire. It’s like the old adage that the best way to get someone you like to notice you is to act like you don’t care whether or not they ever do.

J: One of my greatest joys is the experience of manifesting with you – it feels natural, easy and fun; a rare treat as my life is not yet full of manifesters (other than my children).  I loved sitting at a cafe table sharing visions together – a conversation that felt rich and full of possibility. Do you often manifest with others or is this practice something you do solo?

M: Joy, you were my first! I tend to manifest on my own, although when I mentor others, my client and I are manifesting together, but both of us are focused on them so it’s not quite the same.

The day you and I sat in the café manifesting was priceless. The energy was high, our dreams felt good and enlivening, and best of all it was FUN!

It helped that both of us believe everything is possible so truly, there were no limits that day. Let’s do it again soon!

J: You share many of your personal manifesting experiences in your book. May you share with us a recent personal manifesting experience that is not included in the book?

M: Ten or fifteen years ago, there was a diamond commercial running in the States. It featured a man and a woman walking hand in hand in a busy, touristy spot in Italy or France. At one point, the man stopped and shouted at the top of his lungs (in front of a crowd of people), “I LOVE THIS WOMAN!!!!!!!!” The woman was shocked and slightly embarrassed, looking around to see who was watching them. When she looked back at him, though, she saw he was holding a diamond ring, to which she replied in a delighted whisper, “I love this man!”

I’ve always loved that commercial, mostly from a standpoint of, “I hope someday to be with someone who loves me *that* much, and who’s that silly and wonderful and surprising.”

A couple months ago, the commercial popped back into my head for some reason. I didn’t say anything to anyone about it (why would I?!), but remembered how it delighted me. A day later, as I was walking through a parking lot holding my boyfriend’s hand, he stopped and shouted, “I LOVE THIS WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!” …just like in the commercial! God bless him and God bless the Universe, that was a fun moment!

J: If someone is not completely familiar, or comfortable with, manifesting consistently, what is the first step you might recommend to them?

M: Start small. While the Universe knows no bounds when it comes to delivering to us the stuff of our dreams, if our minds are doubtful, it affects our ability to manifest.

Practice manifesting small things at first, and build confidence. From there, go a little bigger, then a little bigger still.

For some people, it’s easier to manifest an extra $20 than it is $200, $2,000 or $20,000. The Universe doesn’t care, though. It will send us whatever our brains will allow. But boy, we have strong brains, don’t we?! Like bouncers at a bar, keeping the so-called riff raff out! I say, FIRE THE BOUNCERS and let the party begin!

J: May you share with us, what has been a “memorable moment” for you, regarding the creation and publishing of this book?

M: A memorable moment for me in publishing The Pocket Guide to Manifesting was holding the first printed copy. I fell in-love with it on-the-spot. It was every bit as beautiful and polished as I hoped it would be.

J: And, my last question for all interviews in 2013.  Please answer this question: If someone “really knew me” they would know these two things about me:

M: If someone really knew me, they’d know:

  1. Not to touch my eyebrows ever (weird, I know, but it goes back to when I was a teenager)
  2. I am mesmerized by sparkly, shiny, colorful things and therefore am absolutely in-love with kaleidoscopes, Christmas decorations, rainbows, and blingy gemstones.


Megan has generously gifted this site with a signed copy of her book “The Pocket Guide to Manifesting“.  To win this copy, please answer the following question in the comment section.  The winner of the raffle will be chosen from the names of those who comment.  The drawing ends December 23, 2013 7p (PST).  The winner will be chosen then and contacted through email.

** The raffle is now closed.  The winner of the book giveaway is Marjorie!  Gratitude to all whom commented!**

Question: May you share with us, what do you most want to manifest in your life? 

Thank you, Megan!  Thank you, dear reader!  Happy Manifesting!

Much peace and abundant love,


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Comments on: "Megan Bord: The Pocket Guide to Manifesting" (29)

  1. Love.
    Wild, exciting, passionate, all-consuming, romantic, best-friendy, soul-healing, body-delighting, magical, supportive, sensually-thrilling, intellectually erotic, adventurous, can-do-anything, lifetime-lasting, spiritually enlightened, fairytales-do-come-true, and yet oh-do-down-to-earth-practical, make-all-our-individual-and-shared-dreams-come-true, ‘you are my one and only,’ death-defying, twin-flame, soul-mate, swirling-forever-in-ecstatic-bliss love.
    Love that stretches all my boundaries in all the best ways.
    Love that reaches more hearts than I can reach alone.
    Love that makes me the best person I can be.
    Love that inspires others to believe in love.
    Love that inspires me to believe in myself.
    Love that lasts, always and forever.
    Love that can hold all that I am and more.

    • Thank you for your presence, Molly!

      *Yes* to this Love you are manifesting…to passion and moxie and spunk and all that you so eloquently describe here…

      I am very happy you stopped in…and *very excited* to hear about this experience of manifesting. Thank you for the reminder of the *joy* of love. Perfect in all ways!

    • Wow, Molly! Your post was AMAZING! So beautifully written! I am married to a wonderful man and I want all of what you want too! Wow! Loved it! Thank you for posting :)


  2. Hi, Molly!

    That sounds like amazing love to me, and love that’s perfectly plausible to manifest. YES YES YES!!!

    Funny, I made a list similar to yours just before I met my dream guy. Huh! Looks like you’re well on your way to attracting that knock-your-socks-off perfect-for-you partner, my friend. Way to go!

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. My own published book that sparks healing, healing that is authentic, life enrichdning, love affirming and balances the voices of all parts of self as they step into their beauty and embrace their own path of heart xxoo

    • Thank you for sharing, Tanya!

      I am so excited to read your book and interview you in this space…*and* tell everyone I know *that is heartlady – and I know her!*.

      And so it shall be!

  4. I want to manifest lots and lots and LOTS of listings. :-)

    • Thank you for sharing, Claire! I want you to manifest lots and lots of listing, too :) So it is and so it shall be!

      And, *I* would like to manifest a visit with you…including high-tea (just sayin’). Love to you!

  5. Hi, Tanya!

    I see it for you and what you want also WANTS YOU! So yes yes yes!!! This is awesome.

    Looking forward to celebrating with you!

  6. Hello Joy and Megan! Thank you so much for this wonderful interview, of course it was right on time! I want to manifest an abundance of wealth and prosperity so that I may be able to travel and help the less fortunate all over the world as well as delight my family with gifts, opportunities and delicious new experiences! Thank you, thank you, thank you again for this awesome interview!!


    • Hi Marjorie, thank *you* for stopping in and for sharing!

      *An abundance of wealth and prosperity* sounds wonderful…as do your intentions for using it! So it is and so it shall be!

      What stands out to me is this energy *delight and delicious* – magnificent manifesting energy!!

  7. Jean Sampson said:

    Hi Joy and Megan. What a fun and inspiring post! I want to manifest financial wealth so that I can live comfortably in my later years and help my friends who work so hard to make ends meet. I want to help my best friend (68) be able to retire from her way-too-physically demanding job of hanging wall paper. I also want to manifest health for my diabetic husband and for myself. Bring it on! :)

    • I love your passion and enthusiasm and generosity, Jean – thank you for sharing!

      Yes to financial wealth and whole body wellness – so it is and so it shall be!

      In my experience, being *prosperous and well* naturally overflows to those whom I love and share space with (so my children for instance). While I cannot manifest “for” them..they reap the “benefits” of all that I model by simply *being* (if that makes sense). I feel as you continue to focus on raising your vibration (per your words, not mine – I love your energy as it is!), you raise the energy in your home and your husband will naturally feel that and tap into it (probably without even “knowing” he is). A far different example is kind of like what I am doing while working retail during the holidays – I keep my energy pure and my smile genuine and customers consistently comment on how peaceful and fun my area is.

      You have such a huge heart, Jean..thank you for being you!

      • Jean Sampson said:

        Hi Megan and Joy! You both have given me a lot of hope that my vibrant health (and I DO have a lot of that ) and seeing that for my husband (and miracles have already manifested for him) will bring good things to both of us! He is really taking in the love I have for him (and that feels wonderful to me, too) and the energy of that love is always healing. Megan, you talked of the things I once knew but was not really ready for when I learned them many years ago. I think I AM ready to put these principles into practice now. Lots of love and prosperity to you both! And, Joy, I can only imagine how wonderful the shoppers you come in contact with feel after being with you! Talk about spreading Joy in the world! :) Love to you both!

        • Thank you, Jean!!! What stands out to me most in your words is this *he is really taking in the love I have for him* …for this space of opening to receive love truly is the space of peace and possibility. As heart-based people we tend to give love – so your reminder of the power of opening to receive is wonderful!

          *The energy of love is always healing* also stands out to me as an affirmation. As a society we spend a lot of time, energy, resources on products and programs (which can enrich and enliven) when truly *love* – sharing it and creating from and with it – is the point of transformation.

          Thank you for the kind words! Love to you!

  8. Hi, Claire!

    Easy & DONE! Feel the excitement as if you’ve already experienced it and watch how easily the truth of what you want flows into your life. It’s about feeling as much as anything else (that’s the secret, actually). So feel excitement, gratitude, jump up and down and shout “THANK YOU, UNIVERSE! THANK YOU FOR ALL THE LISTINGS!!!”

    We’ll all celebrate with you!

  9. Hi, Marjorie!

    I love that you included the reasons why you want what you want. That’s another GREAT tip that will probably go into the next book: if we can state what we want, and then talk about WHY we want it (which usually puts us in a relaxed, upbeat mood), we can more quickly allow what we want to come to us. You’ve stated it perfectly, too – in positive terms. I see your wealth growing, so your job now is to just let it in! Let it in! All of it!

    Best to you!

  10. Great interview Joy and Megan and love your I LOVE THIS WOMAN story -awesome
    What I want to manifest right now good health, after a long healing process I thought my immune system was strong and that i could power forward to manifest my dreams in 2014 with confidence. Right now i am in resting mode and working daily on Manifesting a 100% healthy body as our health is our wealth and i need to have my body healthy to move forward fearlessly.
    Love to you both xx

    • Thank you for your presence, Suzie – it is *lovely* to “see you” here!

      A resounding yes!!! to good health *and* to moving forward fearlessly, with confidence as your 2014 dreams blossom in wonderful ways beyond what you can imagine! So it is and so it shall be!

  11. Hi, Jean!

    Manifesting wealth is a wonderful idea and as easy as you let it be. If you can, take a moment to suspend all thoughts of “how” your additional wealth might come to you. The Universe is far wiser than we’ll ever be, and when we let it do its job (figuring out “how”), our delights can come rushing in much more easily. Next, feel what it might be like to have so much money that you don’t keep track of it anymore. There’s so much in your life that you can easily, comfortably spend it on whoever or whatever you want. Take time in that feeling space. Feeling magnetizes everything we want toward us.

    As for your husband’s health, rather than trying to manifest on his behalf (which I’ve learned free will doesn’t let us do), manifest for yourself something like this: imagine feeling really good any time you think about him and his physical condition. Feel amazed at how healthy he is – how health he’s become. Feel that excitement that “WOW! Miracles happen! Conditions cure themselves! Wow, THANK YOU, UNIVERSE!!! This is awesome!” What you’re working on here is your own experience of his health. Right now, you’re concerned for him. So if you can manifest a state of relaxation about his health, the Universe has a chance to step in and deliver experiences that will reinforce your feelings. Does that make sense?

    Regardless, what you want also wants you — so manifest it all, my friend! I see great things happening for you in 2014!

    Thanks for sharing energy,

  12. Hi, Sensational Suzie!

    Thank you for commenting! I, too, loved that boyfriend story — it made me smile, blush, and took my breath away at how closely the Universe pays attention to our every thought & desire. That’s good news!

    As for your health, yes that is assuredly wealth. I like how you put that. As often as you can, keep yourself in a high vibration and feeling good, and from that space, feel as if your health has not only rebounded, but gone way beyond what you thought was possible for yourself. In other words, vibrance! Vitality! Strength! Endurance! Youthful feelings! Wow! “This is the BEST I’VE YET FELT! Thank you, Universe! Thank you thank you thank you! It’s a miracle! A magical manifesting miracle!” And then remind yourself that you are *that* powerful. Feel it in your energy field, and you make it so.

    Loving you & appreciating sharing this space,

  13. If you knew that the final last breath was going to be ‘manifested’ very soon looking back on your life are you ‘content’ considering the good and the bad of your life?

    Has the cup overflowed?

    I see a bookend that is chipped…

    I see a bookend that has worn patina…

    Between the two bookends is ‘wisdom’.

    I remember the photograph of an elderly husband and wife…

    Tanya’s parents…

    Thoughts,,,my family I have taken care of in their final days and after they have left have been present…

    Have you ever ‘manifested’ a ‘Grateful Dead’?

    Synchronicity of this articled has been placed within the past 15 minutes before posting this comment:

    Have you ever ‘manifested’ a ‘Grateful Dead’?

    I have.

    I have also ‘manifested’ enough contentment…

    • Thank you for sharing, Rand! I saw the title of the article earlier this week but hadn’t read it until you shared the link.

      I have been in spaces where Angels were present and I have called in *spirit* to amplify the energy of peace and possibility in experiences people said there wasn’t any (spirit, peace or possibility). I call that pure faith. Manifesting (in my life) is the external result of opening my heart to that *peace and possibility* after having centered into that faith. I sometimes forget how powerful that can be. Miracles are placed, wounds are healed, love is felt.

      My personal journey is one of a heart-opening; while I feel utter peace in my heart, as long as pain exists for another, I am not sure that I feel consistent contentment with external. There is always a space to feel into, open through, celebrate, create and connect from. I wish for “more” love and gratitude in this world, for hearts to be healed, joy to be experienced…

      Am I content with how I have been present in my life? I have loved and shared to the best of my ability in each day and I continue to learn as I move forward into the next.

      • …you are content enough.

        It is good to know that one has not cheated life and that life has not cheated one’s self.

        Yes, one does not stop until there is no longer a choice.

        Your cup is overflowing…

        Thank you Joy…

  14. Hi, Rand!

    For me, knowing I’m in control of my life (via manifesting) makes me content. It’s all on me — the good, the not-so-good, and anything inbetween.

    Thanks for sharing your energy here,

    • Thank you for your reply Megan.

      Your suggestions for Jean are very sound…and it does help if the caregiver is being good to their own health both mentally and physically My eldest sister took care of her diabetic husband for 40 years, but not her own health as much. She manifested a too early death…he has out-lived her 15 years now…

      I find this Simone Weil an interesting insight regards an “act” of “manifesting” and “control” iI is also a very timeless and seasonal quote:

      “Every act should be considered from the point of view not of its object but of its impulsion. The question is not ‘What is the aim?’ It is ‘What is the orgin?’

      ‘I was naked, and ye clothed me.’ This gift is simply an indication of the state of those who acted in this way. They were in a state which made it impossible for them not to feed the hungry and to clothe the naked; they did not in any way do it for Christ, they could not help doing it because the compassion of Christ was in them. It was the same with Saint Nicholas who, when going across the Russian Steppes with Saint Cassian to meet God, could not help being late for the appointed time of meeting because he had to help a poor peasant to move his cart which had stuck in the mud. Good which is done in this way, almost shamefacedly and apologetically, is pure. All absolutely pure goodness completely eludes the will. Goodness is transcendent. God is Goodness.

      ‘I was an hungred, and ye gave me meat.’ When was that, Lord? They did not know. We must not know when we do such acts.”

      ~ Simone Weil
      Gravity and Grace

  15. Joy and Megan, thanks for such a wonderful message filled with sincerity and love!

    Manifesting a lucrative income from home using my creativity, so I no longer have to be on disability is on the top of my wish list.

    • Hi Angela,

      Thank you for “stopping in” and for sharing!

      *Lucrative income* – so it is and so it shall be! May your creative expressions flow with ease and joy!

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