How Do You Open a Gift?


photo of two birds walking at ocean’s edge pre-dawn on New Year’s Day 2014

When you are given a gift, how do you open it?

Do you put it aside, waiting for a specific time and/or place to open it or do you open it right away?

If the gift is wrapped, do you gently untie the bow, then peel back the layers of paper or do you excitedly tear it all open?

Do you smile with delight or nervously twitch?

Are you able to joyfully receive the gift or do you push it away not wanting to feel obligated to reciprocate or bound to the gift giver?

As you explore how you physically open a gift, may you also consider the idea of opening a container of time – this moment, day, week, lunar cycle, month, year.

The way that you physically open a gift mirrors the energetic way you open a container of time. Understanding how you open a gift also gives you understanding about how you open a container of time.

When we hold space for understanding, we are not judging – we are simply observing.  

If we notice a pattern that feels as though it might be a barrier to flow, we can choose to continue with the pattern or experiment with new ways of thinking and acting that amplify ease and joy

If we notice a pattern that feels as though it resonates with peace and possibility, we may thank self for creating in such a way and celebrate the feel.

We have just been given the gift of a new year which coincided with the gift of New Moon – potent, powerful manifesting energy.

There is quite a lot of material about visioning, setting intentions, making resolutions, using theme words/phrases – wonderful tools that we can choose to use to “get more” out of this new year.

However, before we ask “for more”, may we take the time and make the space to share genuine appreciation for all that is currently in our life.  

May we remember to savor the gift we have been given. To relish this moment, as it is, as we are.

To breathe it all in…naturally opening our hearts to the feel of overflowing abundance; vesting full presence to trusting in the process of presence to unfolding…

What if you don’t wish to “breathe it all in” – because your space does not currently feel enlivening or your heart hurts or ….. (insert your reason here)?

I understand! I have two resources to share with you to inspire you to open to the gift of this moment:

Each morning, I listen to the complimentary downloads “Morning” and “Rain” from .

I tend to keep inspirational music on in the background while I work; when I listen to Thirty Three’s music, I stop everything. It feels sacred. I literally place my hands over my heart…and I listen. From the first second on, it is as if anything not resonant with love falls away; it feels like a divine dance of soul, spirit, heart, being. This music reminds me of who I am and what I am made of…stardust.

As you may know, I take almost daily strolls at ocean’s edge at sunset.  I took a short video of today’s sunset to share with you here:

If you are unable to view the video in this space, you may follow this link: Oxnard Shores Sunset.

May you share in the comment section below:

1. What is your experience with receiving gifts and how do you choose to open them?

2. Do you have a special space that you enjoy being, and breathing, in?

Thank you for your presence!

Much peace and abundant love,


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Comments on: "How Do You Open a Gift?" (10)

  1. Hi Joy,
    So true – I open gifts slowly and deliberately and this is how I’ve approached a new year! I haven’t thought of it in terms of the smaller packages of time but I am trying to be aware of my day and “mentally rehearse” a bit before getting out of bed!
    I want to wish you all the best for this new year!

    • I love the idea and feel of “mentally rehearsing” before getting out of bed, Lori. I realized that I tend to ask a lot of Source, and I don’t want to spend my time “only” petitioning, so before I get out of bed, I say good morning and thank you to the energies I center into, using all of the names dear to my heart. I intentionally open containers of time with love and gratitude.

      However, when I receive a gift, I tear into it *grin* so when I read your words *slowly and deliberately*, this is what I am learning to do…thank you for sharing a “different way” for me to feel into!

      I wish for you the *best* in this day and year!

  2. Jean Sampson said:

    Oh, my goodness, Joy, I am one who just tears into a gift as fast as I can and usually with great excitement. Always have! And I think this is my natural way of living—-just opening everything with great excitement, not wanting to miss a thing! As I grew up, however, I found that there are times not to do that. But, my own natural self just tears into everything as fast as I can! I think this new year is going to be like that, at least for the first month—-requiring that I just let go of perfection and go for whatever I can. I am really hoping to slow things down a lot as the year goes on, however, as that is a pace that can really crush creativity and I do not want to do that! Happy New Year, Joy! And thank you for the lovely ocean visit! :)

    • Jean, I can feel your enthusiasm in your reply – I *love* that!

      I love the feel of this “my own natural self just tears into everything as fast as I can” … and I understand how perfection must naturally slough away/not even be an issue in the midst of such space. How fun!

      I also understand this *that is a pace that can really crush creativity* – I would open each day with utter joy and bliss, then each moment, then by mid-day be so burnt out. So for me, it is an exploration of choosing the foundation of the container (gift) to open, and doing so open-hearted, no-holds barred, then keeping my energy enlivened and enriched in all ways – through spiritual practices, foods I eat, connections I am vested in, etc….so that I may open each subsequent gift throughout the day with full presence.

      Happy New Year, Jean. Thank you for walking a few energetic steps with me “on my beach”.

  3. Thank you for sharing your walk, Joy. What a glorious place you live in! Wishing you and your family a beautiful and abundant new year.

    • Thank you for your presence and affirmation, Talon!

      So few people take the time to visit the beach, bask in this beauty, so we are fortunate to have the awareness and love to do so (and to share it!). Love and gratitude to you…and Happy New Year!

  4. My life seems to of have for the most part a ‘balance’ of reserve (serenity) and passion (intensity) on a given day.

    A simple example of this can be found in my reply’s to Joy’s ‘Gift of Presence: Musings at Sunset’.

    One day planed then interrupted… but… my impulsion to gift my talent for repairing slowed down the time container to do good. As a result I tore through the rest of the afternoon to eventually come short of ocean’s edge, but the photograph I took was serene and a wonderful gift from God. I followed this with a quiet one hour barefoot run along the ocean in the fog. I followed this with the gift of a hot shower. I followed this with the gift of food, an outdoor fire pit, a gift of some home made wine, and the gift of celebrating New Year’s Eve with my neighbors.

    Yesterday’s photographs at ocean’s edge came relaxed as I buried myself within the boulders of the jetty and took some images of the sunset looking out the channel out towards the horizon. I followed this by my barefoot run where one mile in I decided to revel in the power of my body (thank you God) and run 1/2 mile in a short container of time…leaving the person who wanted to keep up with me…just because I can. I followed this with a slow meditative return run periodically looking at the crescent New Moon and planet up over the Pacific.

    Gifts given and received are balanced in this fashion…

    Thank you Joy for your gifts bestowed upon us.

    Thank you for the 30 Day Magical Photo Journey classes the past year…its been fun creating images with passion outdoors and images well planed in a studio setting….both containers of time.

    “Yet we must not
    Diabolize time, Right?
    We must not curse the passage of time.”

    ~ Jennifer Michael Hecht

    ‘On the Strength of All Conviction and the Stamina of Love’

  5. …oh yes!

    Everyone be sure to check out the image in Joy’s

    ‘Magical Moments’ to the right…the one with the car side view mirror…WOW!

    Reminds me of a shot that Man Ray would take!

    • The images on my sidebar change as I continue to take photos…so in the future, the sideview mirror shot might not be there…I do appreciate your kind words…it is one of my favorite images in quite some time!

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