Jenny Griffin: Make Yourself at Home

For the month of January, the theme of this site is an exploration of the energy of home.

Home as a sacred container in which we feel comfortable resting, creating, connecting, experimenting, celebrating.

Home as a physical body that transports us throughout our day, host to our heart, mind and soul.

Home as Mother Earth…as Universe...this place where we live.

Home as a heart experience not specific to a physical location….a feeling of comfort, safety, security, bliss.

As we feel into this energy together, you may find yourself quite comfortable with the exploration, you may find yourself at an edge. It is my request that you share from the space that you are in with an understanding that your perspective and experience enriches the quality and feel of this exploration, for all whom read and walk these energetic steps together.

Today, I am delighted to share this Facets space with Jenny Griffin!


the sunset on my “half-birthday” a few days ago – Joy

Make Yourself at Home

By Jenny Griffin

Who would have thought those four simple words, ‘make yourself at home,’ could trigger such contemplation? They were said to me by the lovely couple who had just met me and were trusting me to care for their home and cats while they were on holiday.

We met through a website that introduces homeowners to housesitters. We’d spoken on Skype, and then I showed up, fresh from Portugal, having left behind my partner and the life we had together. I was given a lovely supper and we talked about all kinds of things under the sun, and when they left the next morning we felt like old friends.

And then they said it, ‘make yourself at home,’ and they really meant it. I was surprised by the response it triggered in me, and the journey of understanding it led to.

My first instinct was to feel confusion, because I didn’t know what it meant. Then suddenly I felt the understanding of it deep in my bones and soul, and realised how easy it could be.

I grew up in a home that was very definitely NOT mine, and I was constantly reminded of that fact. My space was not my own, my privacy was non-existent, home did not represent safety. It was like living on borrowed time, but I was living in borrowed space. At the same time, my body was not my own, it was an object of constant scrutiny, ridicule and massive shame.

So here I was, existing, yet not living a grounded existence in a home, either a bodily one or a bricks and mortar one. A soul without a safe place to anchor.

It was only in my mid-30s that I delved into the depths of my emotional pain and found the connection to my roots, my body and my soul. I felt connected to everything and nothing, all at once.

Home took on a whole new meaning. It wasn’t a geographical place I returned to for solace and comfort, it was a constantly shifting feeling of belonging in the world. In fact, the idea of defining one place as my understanding of home doesn’t resonate with me. It makes me feel stagnant and antsy.

I’m a nomad at heart. Nothing makes me feel alive like being in motion, exploring new places and learning through the act of adapting to whatever is happening around me. It keeps me feeling young and like a part of the divine fabric that weaves across space and time.

Then as I was contemplating this article, I happened upon a passage in Bruce Chatwin’s The Songlines (1987) that seemed to describe my soul-felt urges to wander:

“Psychiatrists, politicians, tyrants are forever assuring us that the wandering life is an aberrant form of behaviour; a neurosis; a form of unfulfilled sexual longing; a sickness, which in the interests of civilization, must be suppressed.

Yet, in the East, they still preserve the once universal concept: that wandering re-establishes the original harmony which once existed between man and the universe.’

It has only been in the past few years that I’ve really come to understand the saying ‘home is where the heart is,’ and it has taken on a very significant meaning for me. The heart space is the only home I’ll ever need, and as long as I can make a connection with that, I will feel safe, loved and free. And I can wander to the ends of the Earth and feel at home wherever I go, whether in a luxury home in the UK or on a remote mountain village in the Philippines.

My body is the home my soul has chosen this time around, and as a container, it’s pretty remarkably adaptable. Next time someone invites me to make myself at home, I can honestly answer, ‘I already am, thanks.’

Big Love,

~ Jenny


Also known as ‘The Catharsis Coach,’ Jenny is a high-level intuitive guide, empath and channel. Her journey through catharsis, a deep, deep letting go of ingrained patterns and beliefs, resulted in a feeling of connectedness, with the world around her and with that wise and wonderful voice within. Jenny has learned to engage with her life and experiences in ways that allow her to use the knowledge gained through them to serve others. She has lived in luxury homes in the UK and in a remote mountain village in The Philippines and has loved them all.

You can find her at:The Power of Change
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I read Jenny’s insight and I have goosebumps – so much of how she lives and what she shares speaks straight to my heart. Several years ago, when I moved my children and I onto a sailboat – many people, including my ex, said ‘raising children aboard a boat’ is not the ‘best home’ for them. What we learned in our five years on the boat together is far more about presence and unfolding and infinite possibility than any class or book could tell us. We learned to live our heart- truth.

As many of you know, when my children are on their path, it is my dream to be a traveling yogi of sorts. I do understand the importance of having comfortable shelter to return to after a day of creating, connecting, exploring so I provide that for my children during their formative years now. But, I also know they both plan on traveling the world in the future on their own paths – because they know the feeling of *home* that Jenny shares in her message here. We are rooted in flow and can tap into that *anywhere*, when we choose to.

Thank you for sharing, Jenny!

May you share, dear reader, when you hear “make yourself at home” how does that feel for you and what does that look like in your life? (when you share, you inspire)

Thank you for your presence!

Much peace and abundant love,


As an intuitive guide, I offer personal manifesting and moving sessions. For more information, and to book your session, please click the title link.

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Comments on: "Jenny Griffin: Make Yourself at Home" (8)

  1. I used to do this exercise in orientation called, “what is your favourite place”. When students would answer home, my heart would hitch inside my chest. I didn’t understand. As a frantic single parent at the time, every home I entered was one I rented. I began to sit with that, what is home for me. I began to become more comfortable in my own skin. Then I got married again and have learned to share space with someone new and create our home together. Recently I am looking at what I put in the sacred container of myself as food, thought and heart experience. I am now seeing that the insecurity I held about home was also the insecurity I held about the sacred container of my body. This month’s I Believe in Magic course focused on home as helped me experience gratitude for where I live and also for my own body and I am slowly and finally feeling at home within myself.

    Thanks for this article, it has helped me “connect the dots”.

    Blessings xo Tanya

    • Thank you for your beautiful comment, Tanya!

      I think it’s too easy to become disconnected from the idea that our body is our true home, and anything else is icing on the cake. Our first ancestors walked the Earth naked and lived in caves – we are so adaptable!

      I’m glad some dots were connected for you :) That used to be one of my favourite games as a child…

      Big Love,

    • Thank you for sharing, Tanya – so much of what you have written here speaks directly to me. I had to breathe into it a bit.

      I hadn’t known the feeling of “home” until I energetically created it for the kids and I; now I am exploring the physical energies of home – thus, the theme on my site and in my I Believe in Magic class – I want to expand beyond my own understanding through the perspectives of others.

      There hadn’t been a great external response to either this series or the I Believe class – but my heart wishes for the exploration so I keep creating and connecting. Home for me is my sacred container and I want to now ground these ethereal energies into it – whether that is my physical shelter, heart space, body, connection, Facets….

      I love that we are walking and exploring together – I know your 2014 word was discover so it is a joy to receive the insights of what you are discovering as you walk this path. A lot of what you have shared here is true for me as well (except the “get married” part, but that is a dream that will come to fruition as I continue to explore my path). Thank *you* for who you are and how you choose to show up in world!

  2. Back in grade 4 we moved to a bigger house a couple of blocks away, but it always felt like a house rather than a home. The energy was terrible. Like you Jenny, there is no single place I call home but there are many places I feel at home – where the energy of the space welcomes me just as I am.

    • Thank you for sharing, Lorraine!

      I love this: *there are many places I feel at home – where the energy of the space welcomes me just as I am*; that sense of belonging is the space of infinite possibility. I appreciate the insight!

  3. Beautiful post, Jenny and Joy. It is amazing how we carry home in our hearts.

    Joy, that is a seriously gorgeous sunset photo. I could lose myself in that.

    • Thank you for your presence and the affirmation, Talon! I *do* lose myself in some of the sunsets – to share that beauty and wonder is an honor.

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