Sandi Davis: My Home. My Comfort. My Imperfect Beauty.

For the month of January, the theme of this site is an exploration of the energy of home.

Home as a sacred container in which we feel comfortable resting, creating, connecting, experimenting, celebrating.

Home as a physical body that transports us throughout our day, host to our heart, mind and soul.

Home as Mother Earth…as Universe...this place where we live.

Home as a heart experience not specific to a physical location….a feeling of comfort, safety, security, bliss.

As we feel into this energy together, you may find yourself quite comfortable with the exploration, you may find yourself at an edge. It is my request that you share from the space that you are in with an understanding that your perspective and experience enriches the quality and feel of this exploration, for all whom read and walk these energetic steps together.

Today, I am delighted to share this Facets space with Sandi Davis, CPCC!


I don’t make my bed everyday.

Dishes often pile up in the sink.

My favorite mixing bowl belonged to my husband’s grandmother and is chipped.

My windows need cleaning and my silverware doesn’t match.

If you come visit there will probably be rooms that are off limits because I have stashed my day to day messes behind their doors.

But I will have baked you bread that will have risen in my favorite mixing bowl. I will brew you a good cup of loose leaf tea in which you will use a mismatched silver spoon to stir in sugar.

Then we will settle in and talk for hours about life and love, dreams and visions, beauty and pleasure, secret wishes and magic.

Your soul will be touched for having visited. Mine expanded for having shared space with you.

Perfection is not my home. Comfort that evokes life’s truths is.

I stopped shaming myself into trying to be the perfect housekeeper, started trusting my desire for comfort, then the place I lived became home. Once at home I could relax into who I am.

My home is imperfect, often messy, with chips, scratches, and worn places from loving use. While I fantasize about living in magazine style perfection, I am nourished by the imperfect beauty in my home as it is. It holds the imperfect beauty of me.

Someday I may master the art of housekeeping. I may have perfectly organized closets and not have messes to hide behind closed doors. But that is not today. Today I trust comfort to lead me home and home to give me courage to find truth- mine and yours.

Imperfect and beautiful, chips and all.


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Thank you for sharing, Sandi!

As I read Sandi’s words, I think of how “imperfect” my home is if one looks into it – stacks of books to read and lots of magazines and cut-out images for vision boards and candles and stones and trinkets…but, our home is one that others love to visit and return to because it is full of love, laughter and peace.  We have an open door (literally and energetically) along with a boundary that says *only love enters and leaves*. In that sense, then, it is quite *perfect*, indeed.

May you share, what energies fill your home? What energies would you like to fill your home? And, what is one of your favorite material possessions within your home?

Thank you for your presence!

Much peace and abundant love,


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  1. Jean Sampson said:

    I have lived in my house since I was 2 years old and, although it is very small and old, it feels like my nest, the place that is woven with strands of my life since infancy. There are some who would imagine that a lifetime lived in the same house would be boring and limiting—–but I don’t find that to be the case at all. I live a deep inward life in which poetry and art are important. My yard is used by everyone in the neighborhood as a community garden space. When I walk in the yard, it is almost as if I am the child that I was, able to access all the goodness of my childhood and growing-up years (I had a good childhood full of love, thankfully). If my childhood had NOT been a happy one, maybe I would feel very differently about my home. But, right now, I feel so blessed to be able to see the same houses and trees that I enjoyed seeing as a child. It has given me a different perspective on life than someone who has lived in many different houses and cities.

    • Thank you for sharing, Jean – I always love when you share about your experience of having spent your entire life in your childhood home. My experience is so different from that – having moved many times as a child, then as an adult – the feel of a “nest”, woven with strands since infancy sounds wondrous. Like the trees that establish strong roots and grow tall with branches reaching wide *because* they have that root system. Thank you for sharing the reflection of the blessings of your home!

  2. Just reading Sandi’s words is like a visit to that comfortable space of acceptance and deliciousness. I totally agree; when we accept all the imperfection in our lives, we get to rest in the comfort of our humanness.

    Oh, and I LOVE that bowl.

    • Thank you for sharing, Deb! Such a powerful affirmation *when we accept all the imperfection in our lives, we get to rest in the comfort of our humanness.*

      I love that Sandi chose a bowl in her photo affirmation – something that is “chipped” yet still incredibly beautiful and used in ‘service’.

  3. “There is no place like home.”

    …the most popular quote from The Wizard of Oz.

    …a few thoughts regards ‘Home’:

    At this moment I am listening to the latest addition to my home which is Big Band music being played on a Hamilton record player from the 1950’s.

    My home (I have said this before) is like ‘Geppetto’s Cottage’ one fish in a tank (Jaws)…cat (Minnie the Moocher) that comes to visit…clocks ticking away (many Coo Coo Clocks)…curiosities and antiques from around the world…’chipped’ Bauer mixing bowl…colorful stain glass window that spews “a clavilux of color poems” upon my table top…fishing poles staked in a corner…there is not one spot that the eye can stop and rest for long in my small cottage.

    My sea chest from the 1860’s – 70’s with the name of the original owner and destination “San Diego California” painting in black on top of old grey milk paint is one of my favorite positions…seeing it’s worn down paint and wood…knowing it came around “The Horn” in the hold of a Tall Ship…
    I have colorful neighbors that greet me when I come home…

    This home and community has given me the most productivity for writing poetry…kinda like Steinbeck’s ‘Tortilla Flats’.

    I don’t like The San Diego Reader’s ‘Unreal Estate’ weekly feature (pretentious).

    I have been the most happy living in small places and I like *well worn* places…

    When I work at The Hotel Del Coronado feeling and seeing her worn down passages below where employee’s roam gives me comfort of home.

    Frank Baum wrote many of his Wizard of Oz series at ‘The Del’…

    The other day mid-way between my barefoot beach run I stood underneath Crystal Pier and stroked her smooth old pilings…she use to be twice as long and had a ballroom on the end that was lost in a storm…they danced to a ‘Big Band’ orchestra there back in the 194o’s (I just flipped my record)…

    I have been in so many homes talking up front and personal over my life…Mayor…City Planning Commissioner…The Down and Out.

    Knew an little old blind lady bent over from osteoporosis…living with no lighting fixtures on…living in the old Victorian house that she was born in…living with all the Victorian furnishings that belonged to her mother and father…living and feeling her way about this home…she was a happy little old lady…

    Home truly is “Where the Heart Is”.

    Your mixing bowl is: ‘Pyrex’ — ‘Cinderella’ shape — ‘Amish’ pattern… they generally came in a stacking set…nice to know that you are using and enjoying it.

    Thanks Sandi and Joy!

    • Thank you for the affirmation, Rand, and for sharing!

      The children and I love the Wizard of Oz – all of the variations we can see and read! And, we truly believe and live that home is where the heart is.

      Thank you for the description of your home space as well as the feel of home. It is wonderful to “take a peek inside”.

  4. Joy, thank you for sharing your space with me for the day. I love the theme of home and all it holds. You spread love and depth and for that I am grateful.

  5. There is nothing like feeling at home…and it’s definitely not a physical space, but a heart space.

    Thank you, Joy, and thank you, Sandi, for a delightful post.

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