View From the Sideview Mirror While Sitting in the Darkness


view of crescent moon and the beach

from my sideview mirror – January 2, 2014

Sometimes it happens that *because you are sitting in “darkness”* when you look behind you at the steps you have just taken, you may see and feel light, beauty, wonder, awe and hope that you couldn’t see or feel while you were in that experience or wouldn’t be able to see and feel if you were currently basking in light.

It’s okay to sit in the not try to change it but, to breathe it in and feel it…to look behind you for a moment to see where you have been and to use those lessons to inspire you to open your heart further…naturally, with ease.

This practice of presence is not about shining light into the darkness; it is about allowing light to naturally unfold, from the darkness.

“All we can do is our very best to move from, and toward love. To take the knowledge we have about ourselves, whatever we’ve learned from past experiences, and information we have about how we’ve landed where we are now, and just put one foot in front of the other. And have some faith that we’ll be able to evolve as things around us will also evolve.” – from Take It by Yogis Anonymous 

How do you feel about darkness? Do you feel comfortable sitting in it and observing it for awareness? (when you share, you inspire)

Much peace and abundant love,


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