28 Days of Connection: Becky Lyter McCleery

Welcome to Day Twelve of this series!

It is a delight to introduce you to Becky Lyter McCleery.

Here is an excerpt from Becky’s about page:

I’m Becky and I am…

…a seeker of kindred spirits.  As a quiet but observant introvert, I’ve spent much of my life feeling different and alone.  I love meeting beautiful, heart-centered souls who are passionate about living life to the fullest and making a difference along the way.  While I struggle with small talk, I am a present and engaged listener, and I do care deeply.

… a believer in possibilities and potential.  I love to look for the good in everyone I meet.  I believe in you and your beautiful dreams.  I believe that you (yes, you!) matter, that you have inherent value and worth beyond measure, that you are here for a reason and that the world needs you and your magnificent gifts right now. 

…committed to making a difference.  I believe that we (the whole of humanity) belong to one another.  I believe that we need one another and that we are stronger and better together.  I believe in the power and wonder of connection, compassion and community.  In this gathering space, I seek to connect and join together with other inspired mamas to bring out the very best in ourselves, our children and one another, in order to cultivate a more compassionate world.

I met Becky through a Facebook business forum Authentic Connecting. Becky’s energy is amazing – her generosity of heart and spirit; her wisdom and insight; she is genuine and full of light and love and gratitude. I immediately signed up for her complimentary Self-Compassion101 ecourse. The materials for her course are thorough, well-organized and overflowing with insight and affirmation.

I don’t have lots of extra time for online courses, but I love her style and message, so I then signed up to receive her complimentary Inspired Every Day morning email; participated in a week-long online retreat that she hosted; and am in her Written Anew ecourse. I could spend all day perusing her website. Because somehow the way she presents the information is refreshing and enlivening – so my mind processes the information without fear even though I am journeying to new space/unraveling an inner knot.

It is an honor and a delight to share Becky’s energy and message with you!


Here are Becky’s answers:

1. What is your definition of love?

Love is expansion and connection. Love is who we are.

2.  What does it feel like when you are connected with love?

When I am connected with love, I feel full and satisfied, but light and energized. I am present and I am grateful, realizing that I am blessed beyond measure. My life might not be “perfect,” but I am able to trust and appreciate that I am who I need to be, where I need to be, and doing what I need to do, in this very moment.

3. In your opinion, why would one choose to close to love? From that closed space, what is one practice or step a person could take to open to love again?

I’m not sure how much it is a choice and how much it is a fear-based reaction. Every day, we are surrounded by messages of fear. It’s easy to be swept away by this fear and to pull back, in an attempt to stay safe.

In any situation, I think we have the choice to pause and to recognize what we are feeling. We can observe our feelings, without being swept away. In any moment, we have the power to pause and ask, “What would love do now?” We begin to move out of fear, when we listen to and follow the answers we receive, consciously choosing the path of love.

4. How do you choose to cultivate love?

I believe that love is who we are, and I find myself always looking for the loveliness within those around me. I look for ways to let others know that they matter, that I appreciate them and am so grateful they are here. I look for ways to help others, to inspire others, and to let others know they are never truly alone. It’s amazing the difference that a kind word or a smile can make in the day or life of another.

5. May you share an experience of receiving unconditional love?

My kids amaze me. True, they are still young, but they love me exactly as I am.

I try to be loving and supportive, but I am human and sometimes I mess up. Sometimes I run out of patience, sometimes I yell. I always feel horrible afterwards and have a bad tendency of beating myself up with my thoughts, but my kids don’t hold onto my mistakes.

While I always make a point of apologizing for my behavior and stressing how much I love them, my kids have usually let it go by that point. I am amazed, and so very grateful, for how they embrace me, remind me that we all make mistakes, and tell me that they love me. They are young, but they have so much to teach me.

6.  What would you like us to know about love?

I believe that our world needs more love and I believe our world needs your love. Right now, in this very moment, there is someone who needs the love that only you can share.

Please know that you matter, so much more than you will ever know. How can you be love in action today? How many lives will you illuminate, with the love that only you can share?


Becky Lyter McCleery is passionate about helping you step into the life you’ve imagined, by remembering and celebrating your inherent loveliness – what makes you sparkle and shine as only you can.

Through her site, Raising Loveliness, and offerings, she is dedicated to helping women come together to “bring out the best in ourselves, our children, and one another, in order to cultivate a more compassionate world.”

Becky is so generously offering a complimentary copy of this month’s Live True magazine.

Live True magazine is based on the idea that we are already whole and complete and valuable beyond measure. There is nothing we need to change or do in order to be good enough.

Each issue of Live True is designed to be an expedition within, helping the reader to uncover, honor and celebrate her sacred self – her gifts, voice, dreams and the love only she has to share.

I invite you to sign up to receive your free copy at: http://www.raisingloveliness.com/live-true

Thank you, Becky!

Dear Reader, Becky asks: How can you be love in action today? (when you share, you inspire)

Thank you for your presence!  

Much peace and abundant love,

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Comments on: "28 Days of Connection: Becky Lyter McCleery" (4)

  1. …so this is pretty spontaneous with only reading the question that *Becky McCleery has asked:

    “How can you be love in action today?”

    …once in awhile I will do this because one could say ‘I am in the *action* of flow…

    There are things that have happened today that are linked by our human interaction and linked by something more than our human being on earth…

    The *action* of Divine is other than our human interaction as God loves himself threw us…

    I found myself after work in my favorite thrift shop where I found a very long well worn rosary (perhaps a priest’s rosary). When I went to buy it for cash I received all ‘dimes’ back in change. I told the young lady cashier about Luke who used to leave dimes for people…Joy knows the story about Luke who died tragically…a story told by Tanya. The cashier asked if I wanted a bag? Seeing the dimes I said “No…I think I should hold onto the rosary”. We both burst out in laughter…:) Once outside I left the dimes on the sidewalk where they would be found…

    I knew a Becky McCleery that went to high school with me. We also worked part time while going to school at the same fast food restaurant. Becky was a good size young lady that would give me a ride home from work at times. She drove a very small Metro classic automobile…some years later we ran into each other (she was now married) and I was told that she had a ‘huge crush on me’…:)

    There are friends that have known me for many years that have not seen me in awhile and want to catch up.
    I would say that is another way that I could be ‘love in action just about any old day…that is…not letting friendships go dormant for to long.

    You have a smile that inspires Becky!

    I will read your post now…

    • Thank you for sharing, Rand.

      Yes, Tanya told the story of Luke dying and leaving dimes as a reminder of angelic presence. That you remembered and honored the story by receiving dimes and leaving them for others to find is wonderful.

      *Not letting friendships go dormant* (I would add unless they have reached the end of their natural cycle) is a powerful practice of being love.

  2. Jean Sampson said:

    I love the question, “What would love do?”
    That is really the only question we need to ask. It isn’t always easy but it is a wonderful way to figure out how to “be” in any situation! Thank you, Becky and Joy!

    • Thank you for sharing, Jean!

      *What would love do* is such a powerful question … often reminding us to center and create, instead of simply reacting.

      I am learning this now, as my children are in their teens and I often wonder huh…what *would* love do? (not that they are doing anything “wrong” – they are wonderful children…just that the variables of teenage-hood seem so different from their earlier years…love is truly the only consistent mothering tool I have – well, and gratitude!)

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