28 Days of Connection: Facets I Believe in Magic Student Reflections

Welcome to Day Thirteen of this series!

It is a delight to introduce you to a few students from Facets: I Believe in Magic – 30-day Photo Journey.


Here is an excerpt from the I Believe in Magic class page:

When we choose to share creative expressions, we feel the energy of excitement and doubt.

Excitement: ideas come gushing to the surface and curiosity invites you to explore as your heart whispers “Yes, please!” to connection and creation. 

Doubt: mind says this is very new and unfamiliar,  I don’t know where this will lead or what it will feel like, I don’t have enough (insert material here), as your heart whispers “Yes, please!” to connection and creation. 

The truth is, I supply the parameters of the sacred space with energetic intention, daily prompts, and affirmation of your creative expressions…..

….however, the dynamics of the student energy, expressions, willingness to share depth and range…will determine the quality of this class. 

So, we really won’t know what shape the class will take, what it will feel like, what energetic doors will open.

While we focus on cultivating and sharing magic in the physical realm, wecannot predict how it might unfold in the energetic, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, heart-space realms.

We can say, what we focus on grows, so there is the possibility that doors you thought were closed, might open, and you might find yourself in new spaces.

May we learn to celebrate the resonance of magic as we cultivate, create, and share it. 

Here are a few students from the last session of I Believe in Magic. They each submitted their favorite photo from their personal photo set from this last session, followed by their answer and a short bio. 

Day 7 Gratitude

What does it feel like when you are connected with love?

When I am connected with love, the exterior world mirrors my inner experience; as above, so below. My heart, mind, and soul are aligned and resonating coherently.


photo credit and message: Elsie H. Chang


Elsie Chang is a professionally trained and credentialed executive and leadership coach working with Fortune 100 companies and senior executives in the public and non-profit sectors.

She serves as a trusted sounding board for leaders and change agents who are committed to fully expressing their life purpose. Her clients discover that authentic power is based in trust, not control. She guides them to lead from love in all aspects of their life.

Prior to coaching fulltime, she spent more than 20 years in key roles in the private sector and multilateral, non-profit, and non-governmental organizations. Her world view was shaped by childhood and formative years spent as a ‘Third Culture Kid’ traveling and living around the globe. As an adult she continued her immersion in other cultures whilst working in the Balkans and Caucasus and venturing to more than 50 countries on business assignments and personal jaunts.

Thank you, Elsie!


What does it feel like when you are connected with love?

That is definitely a multiple question within the question for one to consider…

When am I connected to love?

Answer could be when all is chaos or when I feel affliction.  During this chaos I also realize the calm of Divine Presence. It could also be during the pain of my affliction I bare my suffering because of my love for God.

Answer could be when I feel great joy and health.

Perhaps consider this:

Love of God is pure when joy and suffering inspire an equal degree of gratitude.”
Simone WeilGravity and Grace

Where am I connected to love?

The answer could be just about anywhere and just how the connection feels at any one place depends on my human flow of the day…

How do you perceive during your human flow of the day love connecting?

One way I believe is not to over-think + realize that your imagination accounts for the larger percentage of your human life so perhaps consider:

“Love is not consolation. It is light.”
~ Simone Weil

Back to your question of how it feels when connected to love?

The one thing that does hold throughout all my experiences of being connected to love is that of the feeling of gratitude for just being allowed to be here as a human. To have been allowed as a creature of God to experience all splendor…to not be any less or any more, but to be me as I was…as I am now…as by the grace of God I will be…

photo credit and message: Rand

About me?

I have lived in Southern California all but one year of my life. I grew up in a Scot-Protestant family of diligent work that left time for the outdoors and nature.

During my twenties…thirties…and forties I was an avid runner and did compete. My best event was ultra-distance running. I did a lot of cross training for the longer ultra distance… I was also a Triathlete. Today I mainly like to run barefoot along the ocean and kayak.

My job as an IATSE stagehand keeps my real fit! For years I had an antique shop and also did the antique show circuit in California. I still like to search for a bit of treasure…also keeps my brain doing something else besides being an AV Tech and theater stagehand. I am also a watch/clockmaker. I like to work on antique timepieces only…have a watch bench, tools, etc.

I have been married twice…maybe I should say 1.2% as my first marriage only lasted 7 days. I have two lovely daughters from my second marriage. I have traveled my share, but not much the past 10 years…I think it has something to do with helping to put my daughters through college…the eldest… first daughter in college is still doing great in her studies…I am blessed.

My passion these recent years  has been writing poetry and the photography that I have done in Joy’s ‘I Believe in Magic 30 Day Journey’. I have been involved in all the *Journeys* so far!

Thank you my friends who have been on these journeys with me.

Thank you, Rand!

Day 22 How I feel when I am connected to love text

What does it feel like when you are connected with love?

When I am connected to love I feel absolute delight in the interconnectedness between the Universe and the whispers and dreams of my own shimmery heart.

self small

photo credit and message: Tanya

Tanya Levy is a Counsellor in a Community College in Cape Breton, Novia Scotia. Her favourite past-time is creating inspirational postcards for her Facebook page as Heartlady. She is known for her optimism, wisdom and sense of humour. Her hobbies include: writing, Tai Chi, spending time in nature, and art journaling. You can reach her at caperpoet@gmail.com

Thank you, Tanya!

11997305456_3aa1d3463e (1)

What does it feel like when you are connected with love?

When I am connected to love, I feel happy and warm.

I mean, why wouldn’t you? Being disconnected to love sounds lonely.


photo credit and message: Kevin Holland (who happens to be my son *grin*)

Bio: I’m a 15 year old aerialist in California.

Thank you, Kevin!

I would like to share this with you. Until approximately three years ago, I didn’t like the idea of taking photographs – of  *freezing the energy of that moment*. I was deep into practices of presence and didn’t understand why a person would wish to look back upon previous moments when this moment here, now, was a gift.

Then, while in a relationship with a nomadic traveler, I didn’t know how to stay connected with him as he traveled for weeks at a time, so I decided to explore the idea of energy within photography. Of feeling into a moment so deeply, with love and gratitude, that I could capture that essence in a photo to share. I began a project where I would take one photo per day and write about what I was feeling as I took that photo.  I posted that project on my personal Facebook page. In return, he would personally text to me a photo a day of his face and of whatever area he was in.

What I learned was that no matter what I was feeling, there was beauty in the moment and I could choose to celebrate that, even if Love wasn’t present in the way I wished for it to be. When I opened my heart through that, the “lesson was/still remains” I believe in magic – and it is not dependent upon external circumstances – it is simply a state of opening to infinite possibility, here, now.

When that relationship ended, I began a practice of walking each night at ocean’s edge. That practice has evolved into my Gift of Presence: Musings at Sunset ecourse.

I share this here because sometimes we feel pain within a relationship and we make the choice to close our hearts (or we react and close our hearts then realize we did so after much time has passed). Looking for *magical moments* even in the midst of pain, taught me the reality of infinite possibility – far more than any course or book or experience told to me by another. Sometimes my photos were through tears and the beauty I saw opened my heart through those tears into peace and grace in moments I didn’t think it possible to open my heart at all.

I know love can feel quite magical – and this is why I asked the students from I Believe in Magic who chose to participate in this article “how does it feel to be connected to love*.

I also know that often love is not present as we wish it to be and that pain may temporarily block us from creating. I encourage you to at least open to seeing the magic in the moment and to express that gratitude however your heart wishes. For me, it’s photographs and words and connection through the process. It is an honor to share a glimpse into that with you, today.

Dear Reader, What does it feel like when you are connected with love? (when you share, you inspire)

Thank you for your presence!  

Much peace and abundant love,

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