28 Days of Connection: Lindsay Hinton

Welcome to Day Twenty-Six of this series!

It is a delight to introduce you to Lindsay Hinton.

Here is an excerpt from Lindsay’s about page:

I am a living, breathing embodiment of our Soul Inspired Wellness practices and teachings, taking myself from a debilitating diagnosis of depression, a marriage on the rocks, and a modest income as a Social Worker, to a thriving, alive, and powerfully successful business owner in just two years.

It is now one of my greatest pleasures in life to serve others in engaging the deepest parts of themselves.  The Soul Inspired Wellness journeys exists to support YOU in stepping into the fullest expression of  LIFE that has been waiting for you.

Native to Oklahoma, I currently live in Salt Lake City, Utah (by way of Colorado and Maine) with my two soulful little dudes- Cooper and Brayden, and our amazing pups, Guinness and Macy.

I wake up every day in this incredible place with a heart full of gratitude and grace, silently confirming my commitment to do all I can to contribute to the healing and health of our beautiful world, which I know must begin within each and everyone one of us.  It is because of your courage, I am most inspired!  Thank you for emerging.

You can see why I love Lindsay! We met when Lindsay was first beginning her blogging journey – her energy, message and spirit touched me greatly and I reached right out to say hello (literally, by Skype).  Lindsay lives a heart journey with passion, gratitude and awe. All that she reflects and shares reminds me to be “me” – and if I forget what I am “made of” something she writes or says inspires me to re-member.

It is with great joy that I share Lindsay’s message with you!


photo of sunrise in Ojai – Joy

Here are Lindsay’s answers:

1. What is your definition of love?

Can you define something that transcends words? (: Love is presence, full-bodied breath, acceptance, joy, service, nourishment of self, others and the world at large. It is all things pure, and good, and wise and wonderful. Love is an energy given freely and without expectation.

2.  What does it feel like when you are connected with love?

When you are in the energy of love, you breathe more deeply, feel safe, supported, and open. I can literally feel my heart expand when I am in the energy of love- either friendship, partnership, or when connecting formally with myself. But love never hurts. It really doesn’t. If it feeds your soul, move toward it. If it does not, walk away.

3. In your opinion, why would one choose to close to love? From that closed space, what is one practice or step a person could take to open to love again?

The unfortunate truth is that many of us were not equipped with the best models and storytellers in our lives, and as a result we were not taught how to gracefully move through experiences of pain, trauma, jealousy, depression, anxiety, fear and more. Quite the opposite, in fact, as most people I encounter, myself included at one time, have had to learn almost entirely through their own exploration, how to move through life without “struggle”. Because of our perceived inability to move through old pain and poisons, many us have chosen to instead hide. To shrink away from love, connection, our purpose.

So if you find yourself here on occasion, often, or every day, I challenge you to give yourself permission to feel what exists within you, especially as you think of the word or energy of “love”. Write it all down, go sit by a river and scream about all of it. Do a creative project to let it move, but give yourself PERMISSION to feel it, whatever “it” may be.

Learn to fall in love with your funk, for it is the pathway to moving through it, and opening to greater love in your life. As you can clear space within you to receive it, you will slowly start opening to new things, people, and energy in your life.

4. How do you choose to cultivate love?

I have given myself to the world in love and service in this lifetime. I offer myself daily to Life, myself, my kiddos, my friends, family, and my various communities, and more.

Every day this declaration supports me into sinking deeply into myself so that I can be a clear channel for this love and service. Every day I make sure I nourish myself as much as possible through foods, movement, words, connections I make, creations I birth, actions I take, and walks with my dog, Macy. Every. Day. I love to practice loving and sharing myself as completely, vulnerably, and presently as I possibly can. It in turn opens me up to the whole world.

5. May you share an experience of receiving unconditional love?

I recently divorced my former partner, and that process though so worth it, was at times, one of the most frightening and painful. The very abbreviated version is that I needed a place to live and quickly, and that would not be another mortgage payment while we still owned our house.

I had an angel, (a friend of a friend who did not know me), offer me and my two boys her 2-bedroom basement apartment for $500 a month, all utilities and internet included, plus she gave me the whole first month for free. It was such a gift of grace and rescue for me as I was going through that experience. I have not stopped calling her my angel. She just opened her whole personal world up to me, and said, “Come in and rest here.” It will be a significant piece of my story for all of my days.

6.  What would you like us to know about love?

Nobody will ever be able to love you more than you love yourself, no matter how much they have to offer you. Your capacity to give and receive love are directly linked to one another. Reach inside, fall in love, come home to yourself, and the whole world will soon open up to you. I promise that.


Lindsay Hinton is the CEO + Founder of Soul Inspired Wellness. She and her tribe of business and wellness consultants have created a series of integrative, holistic wellness paths that honor the whole person and/or business. They work with individuals, partners, and businesses to bring their world into alignment so that they can maximize creativity, passion, and purpose in their lives.

She is also the Co-Creator of Whole Woman Retreats and Wild Women Workshops, and Soul Inspired Wellness’s forthcoming Wild Community and Whole Family retreats. Lindsay has dedicated her life to love, liberation and service and lights up as she watches this passion and joy spread like wild-fire around the globe.

Lindsay’s website: http://soulinspiredwellness.com/

Please note: Lindsay is facilitating a group program beginning in March called “Red, Hot Love Affair”, along with the forthcoming, “Radical Self Love” book she is hoping to launch by mid-March.  To receive information about these offerings, please sign up to receive Lindsay’s newsletter (by following her website link).

Thank you, Lindsay!

Dear Reader, Lindsay shares an experience of unconditional love in which she received assistance from “an angel”. Have you had a similar experience where something felt impossible/improbable yet someone stepped forward and offered you a *miracle* (solution you didn’t know existed)? (when you share, you inspire)

Thank you for your presence!  

Much peace and abundant love,

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  1. I’ll never forget this. I was traveling to Brussels alone with my two very young children. Picture this: one 3 1/2 yr old holding my hand, a stroller with a baby, a heavy bag on my shoulder, and a cart to push with all our luggage. I had not thought of requesting help when I booked our tickets so we had to manage on our own. I asked my daughter to push the stroller but she was struggling, being so little. No one paid any attention to us. Until…this guy came out of nowhere with a tiny carry on bag and said, ‘you take care of the children, I will push your cart to wherever you need to go.’ I could have cried I was so grateful. He picked up our suitcases and pushed to cart through customs all the way where my parents were waiting. Then he disappeared in the crowd. He was my angel that day. I felt so loved. Thanks for reminding me of this story today; it warms my heart.

    On another note, I understand why we choose to close to love, but I wonder why we refuse to believe in its power? It’s working wonders in our lives and yet so many choose to believe it’s “luck” or “wishful thinking”, even when they are told about the miraculous nature of love.

    • What a beautiful story, Maryse – thank *you* for sharing! Wow.

      This question (*I wonder why we refuse to believe in its power?*) is one that I have as well – it’s why I ask it, often, on my site and in conversation – I want to know, why do we choose to close to love and why are we afraid of fully opening to it?

      • But I think it goes deeper than closing, Joy. We refuse to embrace its power. It’s not like we know water can quench our thirst and we refuse to drink it, it’s as if, for me at least, we do not even know or recognize that water is a thirst quencher. Or it may be for some people, but “not for me who lives in a harsh reality”. Maybe we need proof first, that’s possible. I’m not sure.

        • I hear you, Maryse. One reason I am sharing this series (and all of the Facets work I do) is to share “proof” for those whom might desire that. When we are born, we are completely open to love – we have an experience (or experiences) which either creates a barrier or a “disconnect”. We had “proof”, we lived it…then something external dissolved our trust…all of this that I do now is to restore that trust…to remind us all of who we are and what we are made of and what is available for us to tap into as we continue to “remember”.

          I don’t refuse to embrace it’s power; I choose to center into it and create and connect from that space.

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