28 Days of Connection: Mia Saenz

Welcome to Day Ten of this series!

It is a delight to introduce you to Mia Saenz.

Here is an excerpt from Mia’s about page:

I am a self love and spiritual teacher, healer, intuitive, and empath.

I aid people in moving from insecurities and into divine core confidence. I am here for you.

My journey began at birth when I was born at six months and entered a life as the youngest with a family of dysfunction. Although there was this chaos I was very much connected to God. I was raised in a metaphysical religion and thus relied on God for everything, especially in my darkest hours.

I look at my path as a journey not of darkness, but beauty. Without darkness, I could not see the light. It was evident that I was here to serve others in their needs, from the beginning as a Nurse doing Hospice, to being a mother and a volunteer. Until I discovered that my path would lead me into doing work almost hands on.

I am an energy healer and reiki practioner. I take these gifts along with my other gifts as an asset to assist in my healing process with clients.

I teach self love. I’ve worked for years as a relationship counselor and have discovered that the only way to have that confident, happy relationship is to create it within yourself. Once that is accomplished you can love unconditionally and see the beauty that is life.

I connected with Mia a few months ago when she was hosting a Self-Love Summit. She interviewed a few of my peers and many people whom I was familiar with; however, the way in which she asked the questions and related with her guests drew from them stories and insights I hadn’t heard before. I tend to listen to interviews in the background but Mia’s summit was so fascinating I gave my full attention to each interview.

When I asked Mia to participate in this series, it was a stretch for me, because she didn’t personally know my work. However, she immediately agreed – which shows her passion for sharing energy and connection.


Here are Mia’s answers:

1. What is your definition of love?

To me love is that sense of calm, peace, and bliss with a spark of wow.

2. What does it feel like when you are connected with love?

The state of being I honor is Love.  I am happy, cheerful, giving, receiving, blissful, serene and completely in a space of seeing more than what the human picture shows us.  I see people as beautiful no matter what size, shape, color, or belief system they have.  Even the space around me where I see nature turns more vibrant.

3. In your opinion, why would one choose to close to love? From that closed space, what is one practice or step a person could take to open to love again?

People choose knowingly and unknowingly to close off from love.  This is generally caused by hurt, they do not want to be hurt, or hurt again.  There is much fear, and they are not trusting in themselves to reach for love.

A step or tool to open to love is these:  Choose Love.  Decide this is what I want without hurt, abandonment, or what it is that scares that person.  Realize first what the issue is and then release it through forgiveness. 

There are many techniques of forgiveness.  One that works for me is a mental processing of what happened to cause this closed feeling. Rework it and try and see the other person’s side.

Another tool is writing a letter of love to the person who injured you, even if it is yourself.  For example:  I love you because you made me laugh. It can be simple but sincere.  There is great healing in letter writing of Love.  Send it or do not send it that is up to you.

The third step that brings great calmness and clarity is go into a meditative prayer state, ask the Divine what you need to learn to release your fear, anger, and distrust of another person.  Do not be surprised at what you receive back as information, it will always lead you to what you need to know.

4. How do you choose to cultivate love?

I choose to cultivate love by being love and expressing the qualities that I want to see in my friends, mates, partners, etc.  I give without fear and I love to bless not just one person but the entire planet and beyond.

5. May you share an experience of receiving unconditional love?

I love this question as I often speak on Spiritual relationships.  My husband of nearly eight months is a perfect example towards me.  He came into our relationship already spending many years on his own personal spiritual growth and ready to give and receive with and as a partner.  I was the one to capture his heart.  Although in turn I have never been out of a relationship for very long. I was once married my entire life until five years ago and then in other relationships.

As we have grown together in the past two and half years, he has always been there for support, non judgment and allowing me without jealousy to live my life as I see fit.  I have friendships with my past mates and he is supportive of allowing me to be a friend to whomever I choose including past mates. That is the purest example aside from a parent and child that I have experienced.

Another clear example is one’s relationship to God, which is pure unconditional love when we allow ourselves to tap into our direct channel to the Divine.

6. What would you like us to know about love?

Love is the most important feeling, characteristic to allow in to our very being and to express.  Our soul is here to love; it is how it expresses itself in full completeness.

Mia Business Pose


My website is miasaenz.com.  Please feel free to sign up for the blog/newsletter, that is where you will receive information on amazing Free Summit with Experts who are known in the field.

My radio show is on Healthylife.net  you can check out the archives at http://healthylife.net/RadioShow/archivePM.htm, If you are interested in viewing past shows on the video Summits or other interviews please enjoy them at https://www.youtube.com/user/ThePassionMuse

Mini bio:  Mia Saenz is a native to Los Angeles, California and lives there with her husband and two sons. I am a self love and spiritual teacher, healer, intuitive, and empath. I aid people in moving from insecurities and into divine core confidence. I am here for you.

Through my media host show on radio, webTV and Summits I bring people amazing content to learn and grow.  Come join in on the fun and many blessings to you all.

Thank you, Mia!

Dear Reader, Mia shares three tools to center into the energy of forgiveness. May you share an experience from your life in which you made the choice to forgive? What technique or practice of presence did you use and how did you feel after? (when you share, you inspire)

Thank you for your presence!  

Much peace and abundant love,

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Comments on: "28 Days of Connection: Mia Saenz" (2)

  1. Jean Sampson said:

    Beautiful post! I love the idea of writing the letter of forgiveness, even if I do not send it. I think forgiveness is one of the most loving things you can do for yourself and for another. I had a huge thing to forgive and, although it took me a long time, I finally did forgive a person who hurt me terribly. I am always very grateful when I am able to forgive because it is a terrible thing to carry around hurt and anger ——not good for you at all! Thanks, Joy and Mia!

    • Thank *you*, Jean for your presence and your wise words!

      What I hear from you is this: *I had a huge thing to forgive, although it took me a long time* – a reminder that forgiveness is a practice, a series of steps, an intentional choice.

      I often write letters of forgiveness to myself – in the form of a love and gratitude letter – as in “thank you for choosing to open to love, thank you for choosing to explore, thank you for choosing (whatever the experience was that drew pain into my life). I find that within love and gratitude, forgiveness naturally arises.

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