28 Days of Connection: Sas Petherick

Welcome to Day Twenty-One of this series!

It is a delight to introduce you to Sas Petherick.

Here is an excerpt from Sas’s about page:

Staying still allowed me to breathe out. I began to feel all the scary feelings. It was like wearing a scratchy, woolly jumper 24/7. It felt epically crappy. But I knew it was real.

I opened myself up to the whole spectrum of emotion, and everything transformed.

Over time I was able to love all of my story; heart-shaking losses, and cringe-worthy mistakes included.

I know this will be a lifelong practice. And here I am: sober, amplified and thriving, without all of my shit together, mostly in the flow of an awakened life.

I have a conscious, loving relationship with my body, cherished friends whom I wouldn’t hesitate to call should I ever be arrested (and they wouldn’t be queuing for the payphone behind me). I share my life with Ash: Mr P – my best friend and co-conspirator – I don’t ever want our conversation to be over.

I started to tell my story on the interwebs in 2007, and found myself connecting to the most amazing peeps.

A magic alchemy of healing, teaching and learning came from sharing and it is no small truth to say that blogging changed my life.

I think I met Sas through her complimentary Body Stories ebook (available when you sign-up to join her community). My journey now is learning to bring my ethereal energy and practices into my body so I am fascinated with guidance that enhances my knowledge and inspires this growth.

Her tagline is *amplify your with curiosity and kindness* so you can see why her message resonates with me. I love her energy and style in each of her reflections. Sas recently offered a complimentary series “Let it Go” – set your story free and step into your brilliance (the list of authors and their links is available at the bottom of the linked page) that I thoroughly enjoyed. Let it Go is also a self-coaching journey (for more information, please click the title link).


Here are Sas’s answers:

1. What is your definition of love?

To me it feels like home – safety, warmth, generosity and kindness – as well as being fluid, dynamic and full of surprises. I kind of love that love a paradox – love is constant and ever-changing.

2. What does it feel like when you are connected with love?

These days I am always connected in love because of the relationship I have with myself. I have this core of peace within me – its unconditional acceptance and trust that I am absolutely me wherever I am and whomever I’m with. It feels awesome.

3. In your opinion, why would one choose to close to love? From that closed space, what is one practice or step a person could take to open to love again?

When we are hurt or feeling unloved, its so natural to want to protect ourselves from that vulnerability. When my mother died and my marriage ended within a year, I wasn’t able to feel very much of anything for a long time. I wish now that I had been a bit more gentle with myself – instead I tried to avoid standing still too long in case I had all the feelings, all at once.

My favourite practice for when life throws something icky at me, is to ask myself ‘what is the kindest thing I can do right now?’ I have learnt to trust that inner voice.

4. How do you choose to cultivate love?

By feeling grateful for all the tiny moments of love I experience during the day – just noticing how all of my senses are engaging with the world can bring a lot of joy. I love the golden yolks of my breakfast eggs and the scent of incense burning in my office. My bank accounts are named ‘The Love Nest’ for our household bills and ‘Lovely Treats’ for my personal account. These are token gestures that all add up to an experience of a love-filled life. And I try to be kind. I try to remember that most of us spend our days fighting epic battles and slaying dragons in our minds.

5. May you share an experience of receiving unconditional love?

When it comes to love, Badger is my guru. This cat purrs loudly whenever she sees me – she is utterly fearless and shares her love without any kind of condition. She is mates with all the cats in the neighbourhood and even our old grumpy boy Rex loves her (this is no small miracle). Whenever I am tired or sick, she will curl up in bed with me and won’t leave until I get up. The love with our furry companions is often unconditional – without language it’s all about how we feel.

6. What would you like us to know about love?

That we could do with broadening our definition of love! There are no rules: loves comes in so many shades. Love is in the ordinary moments – singing in the car with your child, scratching the chin of your neighbour’s dog, mastering the chords of a guitar, the welcome home hug from your lover at the end of a difficult day – this is expansive joyous love.

And love is also in the messy flawed human moments of feeling crazy and broken and misunderstood. When you are tired and your child is ill, when your lover is being completely bloody unreasonable, when you step in your neighbour’s dogs’ pooh. Love is in the sweat and tears and blood of life. Because YOU are in it. You are alive. And you hurt, you feel, you cry crawling around on the floor for a bit and then you reach out to someone. And eventually you stand up and you can see that you made it through that moment. You had enough love to just keep breathing. And sometimes that’s the perfect amount of love.


Sas Petherick is a Certified Coach and writer who works coaches women just like you – smart, funny, gorgeous – to get clarity, uncover your awesome, unblock resisty thoughts, shift perspective and allow your dreams to unfold. She’s been described as ‘equal parts laughing buddha and fiery femme, salty sailor and foxy minx’. Find out how to amplify your life with curiosity and kindness at www.saspetherick.com and check out Sas’ new offering – the Let it Go Self-coaching Journey – its the operating manual for releasing not-enoughness.

Thank you, Sas!

Dear Reader, Sas shares this practice of asking ‘what is the kindest thing I can do right now?’ As you consider this practice, what is one kind action/thought you may share with your self today? (when you share, you inspire)

Thank you for your presence!  

Much peace and abundant love,

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Comments on: "28 Days of Connection: Sas Petherick" (8)

  1. There are two things that usually come up when I ask myself that question: 1) rest 2) trust. It’s always kind to slow down and take a breath or two and it’s always kind to move away from fear. Another question I ask myself is, “what do I really want, in love and peace?”

    • Thank you for sharing, Maryse!

      If you combine the practices you have mentioned – taking a moment, a full cleansing breath while moving away from fear and centering into love and peace – there is potential for quite an energetic shift – simply with awareness and intention!

  2. Jean Sampson said:

    An awesome post about being loving to yourself! Thanks Joy and Sas! We are ALL still working on this one, aren’t we? :)

    • Thank *you* for your presence and affirmation, Jean!

      For me, turning love and gratitude inward, to share with “self” has been incredibly life changing in wonderful ways! It’s a practice that is quite new for me so I can feel the difference and the ‘results’ instantaneously.

  3. Jean Sampson said:

    I agree, Joy. I have learned to “go easy” on myself, to find ways to make life gentle for myself. I discovered that what was really at the bottom of bad feelings (and I used to have a bunch) was how I was treating myself and talking to myself. I now treat myself like I would treat a precious friend——and I don’t feel all beaten up and beaten down now because I don’t do those things to myself. And I am very careful to filter things that come in from the outside that are meant to hurt and, like a good parent, not let them “get” me. Gratitude covers everything, as well! :) I am so glad that you are turning love and gratitude inward, as well.

    • So much wisdom in your comment, Jean – thank you! Each line speaks directly to my heart!

      I hadn’t known unconditional love, so I didn’t know how to give it to my self either – I simply mirrored the words and actions of the adults from my childhood, which typically were harsh and disciplinatory (for example, I remember being punished because I was ill).

      I chose to give my children a different experience; however, it never occurred to me to turn that inward for my “inner child” until very recently. I was telling my daughter how much I love her *spirit* and sense of adventure and realized I have the same “spirit and sense of adventure” and had never thanked myself for it. That was the beginning of this new practice.

  4. Me being simple:

    (Love and Gratitude are equal partners bound together)

    I looked at my two hard boiled eggs yesterday as I prepared them for making a sandwich…thought how nice the yellow yokes looked… :-)

    The neighborhood cat ‘Minnie The Moocher’ has been featured on one of our *Magical 30 Day Photo Journey’s…

    Yes, I crawled around on the floor and cried. It was the deepest prayer I have ever made to God that raised me to my feet standing as an alive person like all the rest of us.

    I have thanks for being here in the Facet’s Community not as a man, but as just another human being.

    Thank you Joy

    Cheers Sas

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