28 Days of Connection: Tanya Levy

Welcome to Day Eighteen of this series!

It is a delight to introduce you to Tanya Levy.

I met Tanya when she joined the Facets community a while back. I instantly loved her style of writing and her creativity and asked her to join in a collaborative project.  She graciously agreed.

Since then, I have asked Tanya to participate in many of my collaborative projects – her insight and her beautiful way of choosing to live with an open heart affirms, enriches and inspires.

I got to know Tanya very well because she has participated in each session of I Believe in Magic – the group shares a bond because we have the opportunity to look at World through each other’s eyes and after several sessions, our awareness of world expands through other’s vision. For example, Tanya has this ability to see hearts everywhere she goes; after receiving this daily through her photos in class, I, too, began to look for and see hearts.

We are also in several non-Facets forums together. And we connect via email and Skype. It is such fun to share Tanya’s energy and message with you!

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Here are Tanya’s answers:

1. What is your definition of love?

For me, love is a tangible and expansive force. Its presence magnifies joy and delight. Love is also a safe and sacred presence for people who are healing from grief, heartache or hurt to support them in their journey to wholeness.

2. What does it feel like when you are connected with love?

It feels like pure delight or bliss. I feel confident and trusting in what I am experiencing in that moment, “in the creative flow”.

To me love is an experience that helps me more clearly hear my purpose, my heart whispers and my dreams. I feel expansive, full of faith and ready to step forward into a happy and joy filled life. I feel more strongly connected to Source. It can also feel sad or poignant as love opens an area of my life I may need to work on and “holds space” for me while I accept and embrace that part of me. Love helps me “lean into” change or a situation that I may need to listen to for my own health or healing.

3. In your opinion, why would one choose to close to love? From that closed space, what is one practice or step a person could take to open to love again?

If we have hurt, pain or grief, it can be easier in the short term to close off our hearts, put up a barrier and throw away the key. In my work, I support clients to slowly put in windows to the barriers to their hearts. Slowly, as the light gets in, their wounds transform into places of understanding and acceptance.

A practice I often suggest is grounding. Imagine your feet fully planted in Mother Earth and rooted deeply in the ground. Let anything troubling or upsetting trickle down into your feet into the embrace of Mother Earth. Then imagine a grounding cord coming up from Mother Earth in a colour that is soothing or comforting to you to connect you to that groundedness. Taking deep breaths in and out during grounding can help too. Grounding helps us be connected to ourselves and to be fully present in each moment.

4. How do you choose to cultivate love?

Writing is the way I usually cultivate love. I like to write the things that bother me so they can get out and “gone”. I write about things of grace and gratitude. I write poems about what I experience. I also find my photos of clouds, nature and light help me cultivate love.

Connection is another way I cultivate love. When I walk through the door after work, I do not start right away with my to do list; I start my asking my husband and son “how was your day?”

5. May you share an experience of receiving unconditional love?

I remember a day when my son was really young and I was a single parent that I was having a meltdown. My son came to me and said, “Mom, don’t be sad, let’s go on a safari instead”. So we became lion tamers and tamed lions, we chased giraffes and hunted alligators. We traipsed through the imaginary jungle, looking at plants and animals. Soon, my sadness lifted and I was caught up in playing with my son. Even now if I am stressed I will remember that moment and go on a safari in my mind.

6. What would you like us to know about love?


 Love is…an expansive boundary

For as we allow our wounds

To open up the sun

They bloom and blossom

With joy and delight

As if they were actually

Seeds hibernating and waiting

For spring rain, summer sun

or fall’s crisp promise of harvest.

Let your wounds out for all seasons

For they cycle into being and awakening.

As in all things, what no longer serves us becomes

More of what we need as we release it.

Love can be messy, it can leave us vulnerable and it is still the most expansive, delight-fulled and wonderful force for healing, happiness and light. Each day, each moment, the choice is up to you.

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Tanya Levy is a Counsellor in a Community College in Cape Breton, Novia Scotia. Her favourite past-time is creating inspirational postcards for her Facebook page as Heartlady. She is known for her optimism, wisdom and sense of humour. Her hobbies include: writing, Tai Chi, spending time in nature, and art journaling. You can reach her at caperpoet@gmail.com

Thank you, Tanya!

Dear Reader, Tanya shares a practice of grounding. (Mine is walking barefoot in the sand at ocean’s edge almost daily and barefoot all day almost everywhere else – except places where shoes are required). Is grounding familiar to you? May you share your grounding practice with us? (when you share, you inspire)

Thank you for your presence!  

Much peace and abundant love,

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Comments on: "28 Days of Connection: Tanya Levy" (12)

  1. Jean Sampson said:

    Hi Joy and Tanya! What a wonderful surprise to find that Tanya is sharing today! I love your grounding exercise and will use it during the day when I get a little “off” :)
    I really like the simplicity of it!
    And it is so good to get to know you a little better, Tanya. I’ll bet the people who are fortunate enough to have you as a counselor really love and appreciate you because you are so wise and loving! That is so obvious with everything you post on Facets! What a nice way to start my day! Love you, Heart Lady!

  2. Hello again, Tanya! “slowly put in windows to the barriers to their hearts”, yes, it’s exactly right. Love does that, doesn’t it? Thank you for your words of wisdom.

    I often ground myself in love by remembering what it feels like. I’ll look at something of beauty or recall a loving memory and breathe deeply while making the sensation mine. It takes only a few minutes but it works.

  3. From our 30 Day Magical Photo Journey lV

    You offered: loveisJan2921secrets

    I said: “We have to have the wounds in order to be able to release them…

    Thank you Tanya for this…”

    Your reply:

    “Thank you Rand and Joy. Sharing our wounds is a tender and gentle process for we can become *light-shy* <3"


    This is to say that we do listen and remember *Heart Lady*

    Thank you…

    • I understand your original reply to Tanya, Rand, and I gently disagree.

      We don’t *have to have* wounds…I love the quote the wound is where the light enters – yes…for if we do have a wound, may it be used as a portal to peace and grace and depth and range….so many allow the pain and tenderness of a wound to close them down….so if it is there, yes, please let’s heal it in ways that inspire heart to open…

      However, we may gently stretch and open heart space in joyful, blissful ways – that don’t hurt a bit, that feel so amazingly wonderful we keep opening heart, further, as we experience infinite possibility – centering into light and amplifying it as we do. The light reaches those spaces just as effectively and shines just as brilliantly.

      It’s just that as a heart healer, I am so less than happy with ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ – *no* what doesn’t kill you has potential to break your spirit, dishearten you, discourage you, and you might choose to close down and stop moving and simply exist – waiting patiently (sometimes impatiently) to die…unless you have tools and faith and trust that inspires you to choose to heal and grow. Some people then become permanently light-shy and choose darkness.

      Thus, my desire and passion to “teach” love and peace and possibility – because if we don’t have wounds to heal, if instead we focused our energy on creating and connecting and exploring – can you imagine the quality and feel of life? Wow.

      A lot of people agree with you, Rand…so I am presenting my view as another perspective…thank you!

      • …ok?

        I am responding only now because my internet connection suffered a ‘wound’ today that was not under my control, but I did not linger in some ‘dark’ world…did not blame…hold any ill will dark lord accountable. Just reset my iphone…ran smart scan…de-fraged, etc while I joyfully went through my day.

        Joy, you totally over-thought my first reply.

        I am not out there looking for something bad to happen to me or anyone else…there are some bad things out there (fear/evil) but this it is not for one to focus on.

        I was just saying…’Heh… there is a wound that so happened to come my way (world is full of them in all sorts of colors shapes and flavors)…I say…”Oh This”…*I release you*… :-)

        If my neighbor has a wound that shows up (A big one did) I do the best of my ability to help.

        When my brother suffered and died from cancer (he was in a state of unconditional love with God and the world) I did what was in my power to help and love him back unconditionally…

        When you had your own ‘wound’ of cancer did you not use similar practices to help your recovery? I know that you sought the comfort of being under a family quilt. You did not look for cancer to come into your life, but you did realize the affliction as something that you did have a choice on meeting head on and doing you best to come out on top in this world. No doubt a strong love in you and a strong love from others helped you to be here today.

        You focused to much on the word ‘have’. What I simply mean is if a wound is there than it is there to be released…

        Our wounds no longer become wounds when we acknowledge the love of God which is the light that flows through us…It is God loving himself through us.

        I feel no matter what the nature of the wound or no matter what the outcome… when there is love of life.. where there is love of light one can find Eternity’s balm.

        Thank you Joy…

        • Thank you for responding, Rand. Please note I absolutely did not say you were “out there looking for something bad to happen to you or anyone else”. I expanded upon a conversation you drew me into (through use of my name) and I shared what was very important for my heart to share, to clarify my view. I am glad you took the time to clarify yours.

          Much peace.

  4. Joy, I often wonder if human beings are programmed to grow through pain. I can certainly say that, in my case, the determination to find my way out of the dark pit was a powerful incentive. But,as you say, many people remain stuck in the darkness too. I tend to believe these days that it is a choice. We do not have to suffer to grow, but whatever is needed to make us grow will come our way, and sometimes, it’s pain. I too choose now to grow through joy. It’s a wonderful way to go about life.

    • I do hope that humans *are* programmed to grow through pain, Maryse. Because once the cycle of pain begins, it takes a conscious choice to break that cycle and to re-pattern it; unfortunately many people become accustomed to pain – and it seems to be the norm in many places to complain about it, instead of explore it to dissolve it.

      I absolutely agree with this *We do not have to suffer to grow, but whatever is needed to make us grow will come our way, and sometimes, it’s pain*. I know from my experience, I had been familiar with chaos and tension and only when I consciously chose (still make that choice daily) to step out of it, which was so unfamiliar that at first my entire being resisted it, did I learn to celebrate growing and stretching through peace, joy and the ease of honoring natural cycles. There might be times of discomfort, but it feels far different from pain.

      It *is* a ‘wonderful way to go about life’. Thank you for sharing – I appreciate it very much and I know many will identify with what you have shared!

  5. Thank you Rand, Jean, Maryse and Jean. I believe Love is expansive and waits to walk beside as a healing partner. The light can be scary and darkness can be familiar and comforting. As we sit with our wounds we can journey to wholeness for they understand our story. Little by little through our choice to put in a window or a door we can step together in our healing journey into the light. Our inner and outer journeys are communal journeys. Thanks for reading my words and for your comments <3

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