28 Days of Connection: Vidya Sury

Welcome to Day Nine of this series!

It is a delight to introduce you to Vidya Sury.

Here is an excerpt from Vidya’s about page:

“I believe that Happiness is a DIY project. I even have a recipe for happiness.

I believe that we continue to learn as long as we live. I am a work in progress, just like everyone else.

I believe everything is possible.

I enjoy being Mother to a teenage son who helps me grow and inspires my parenting posts.

I have one husband who is a mathematician with a great sense of humor who keeps me sane. Most of the time.

I am non-judgmental and never quick to jump to conclusions. I am Libra after all, and a very nice one, I am told. No, my knees are not dimpled.  They might have been, but these days they only get dented when I rest my elbows on them.

My Mom was a single parent but seemed like an entire family rolled into one. She’s my hero and my best friend.”

I love Vidya’s energy! About two years ago, Vidya was in a haiku challenge; I absolutely *love* haiku so I would read her words daily – looking forward to whatever she would choose to share that day. Vidya is so incredibly kind and generous she wrote a haiku for me for my about page.

Actually, Vidya is so incredibly kind and generous, she immediately agrees to anything I ask her that is work-related; she has participated in quite a few of my collaborative ebook projects and series. I love her style of writing and the message that she shares “collecting smiles”. Even though we hadn’t yet met, we know we will; that will be a happy day, indeed!

Here are Vidya’s answers: 

1. What is your definition of love?

Love is life, the reason for my existence. My family, my friends, virtual and real, my relationships and my actions.

Love doesn’t make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.


2.  What does it feel like when you are connected with love?

It makes life worth living. It makes me wake up joyfully every morning, delighted with a brand new day and eager to make each moment count. I love my time in the kitchen because I am doing things for those I love and this makes me happy. I enjoy worrying about those I love, praying for them and wishing them all good things. I love it when they call me in panic and we end the call with laughter. I enjoy saying I love you and hearing it, too.  Love is the foundation of my life – I see it in everything.

3. In your opinion, why would one choose to close to love? From that closed space, what is one practice or step a person could take to open to love again?

An experience, a past hurt, a breach of trust often close us to love. No matter how many times we hear it, unless we are convinced in our minds and hearts that it is okay to give or take love, we find it difficult to do so.

To open to love again, one only has to look around and appreciate what IS. A prime example is the sun which shines every morning, selflessly and impartially bestowing the gift of life on the entire world.

I grew up without a father – and what I knew about mine was enough to color my opinion about all men. But I had wonderful men in my life – my Uncles, my friends and all I had to do was open up and reciprocate their love.  I’ve learned that just because one person did something wrong, does not mean everyone will. I developed open-mindedness thanks to my Mom, who had the right to hold grudges, but didn’t.

4. How do you choose to cultivate love?

By doing things without expecting a return.

By not having expectations – this one is hard because we humans are hard-wired to expect.

But I’ve learned to accept that everyone is an individual in her own right and we must live and let love. Yes! Tolerance is a big part of living a happy life. I have the Serenity prayer tattooed in my head. If you are wondering about those cracks – I’ve filled them with love.


5. May you share an experience of receiving unconditional love?

The other name for unconditional love has to be “Devi”, my Mom, whose love and trust in me only grew as I grew. On Feb 8, it will be four years since she left us but she fills my heart with love and encouragement.

(I love you, Vidya – thank you for sharing this with us! – Joy)

She taught me never to bear grudges and always forgive and showed by example. In spite of a painfully tough life, she always smiled and insisted on seeing the good side of everything. When in doubt, I only have to think of her. I admit I’ve gotten mad at her sometimes for being so “nice” but over the years, I’ve begun to understand her point. I am blessed to have had her as my Mom. Today, my son is quite like her in many ways – the serenity, the “let’s move on for our own good” attitude – are all living lessons for me.

I am also lucky to have close friendships that have endured through decades – and if that is not unconditional love, I don’t know what is! We often laugh at how we have the privilege of taking each other for granted!

6.  What would you like us to know about love?

 Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy to a friend – Martin Luther King Jr.

No matter what the question, love is the answer. It may take a little time for some of us to accept and practice love, depending on our individual circumstances. But I know one thing for sure, love transforms lives.

I’ve found that one of the things we absolutely have to do to keep love is to let go – of grudges, of sadness, of feelings that do not serve us, of the past. We must practice gratitude. And when we begin to rejoice in what we have rather than what we yearn for, life looks a lot brighter.

I am not advocating running away from things. God knows I have plenty of skeletons of my own – but I’ve learned to deal with them. I write a lot and I’ve found journaling is a great way to get stuff out on paper. And on paper, out of our heads, everything looks diminished and easier to face.

And? Never think you are not enough. You are. That’s the constant brain food my Mom fed me.

My mantra?

Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one come to you without leaving happier.

So, what I’ve learned is this:

  • If you love someone, don’t wait for the perfect moment to tell them
  • Say your “I love You”s every day. I do. Tomorrow may be too late
  • Take every opportunity to tell your friends and family how much you appreciate them.
  • Live mindfully. When we’re conscious about every moment, it becomes precious. Because we can never get it back.

Remember, you are loved. Happiness is a DIY project.


Collecting Smiles, Inspiring Happiness


Vidya Sury is a happy Mom, Blogger, Writer, Editor and social media explorer.

She views the world through pink colored spectacles, coated with compassion and believes in giving more than she takes. Love is her currency. She loves her work writing, her coffee, friends, family, DIY craft, books, music, cooking and photography. Her hobbies are collecting smiles and inspiring happiness.

She blogs at VidyaSury, Coffee WithMi and Your Medical Guide and tweets as @vidyasury

Vidya is so generously sharing a gift with us! (See, I told you she was kind and generous *grin*) When you click the photo link, it leads to a downloadable PDF “Inspiring Quotes on Letting Go”.

Thank you, Vidya!

Dear Reader, Vidya speaks about letting go of grudges? Have you an experience from your life where you held a grudge and chose to let it go? What practice or words or technique did you use to release that grudge? (when you share, you inspire)

Thank you for your presence!  

Much peace and abundant love,

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  1. Jean Sampson said:

    Joy, thank you for making a place for me to get to know Vidya better. What a wonderful person your mom was, Vidya, and it sounds as if her beautiful soul is reflected in you! I love to hear about people who are genuinely nice and kind and of those who let go of grudges before they even have a chance to put down one root! I have learned that being a forgiving person is essential to happiness and also being a person who lives in gratitude. It sounds like you are a REALLY happy person because of those things that you learned from your dear mom. Thank you for sharing yourself here.

    • I am so glad you are getting to know Vidya better, Jean – she is a wonderful person whom truly is kind and generous with time, energy, presence and resources.

      I love hearing about Vidya’s mother because our experiences are so completely different; I aspire to be like Vidya’s mother!

      The timing of not holding grudges is perfect – right when I start to feel discouraged/disheartened about my Fall shadow “scamming” experience, something external reminds me to center into grace, be thankful for all that I have and let it go. This series is a blessing for many reasons! I am so glad you are present for it!

      • Jean, thank you for your beautiful words. I owe what I am to my Mom, who always encouraged kindness.

        Joy, what an honor for me to be here today – you blew me away with your introduction of me! Holding you in my heart, always!



  2. […] Celebration of Love, I am featured on Joy of Facets of Joy’s 28 Days of Connection series today. I am so touched that she has scheduled me for Day 9 of the series, today, a day so […]

  3. Whatever is the question, love is the answer! I believe in this.

    Once again a lovely ‘Love’ Q/A. Loved reading it :)

  4. Thank you Vidya for sharing your wisdom and your energy of love!

    Yes, tolerance of our neighbor nations, religion, self, and nature does include being with love.

    The other day our prompt for ‘Day 26’ of Facet’s Magical Photo Journey was to capture in a photograph and words the meaning of ‘Wall’.

    This was my word description that accompanied my image:

    “This wall is located in the basement level of The Hotel Del Coronado. I find the wall and pipes very beautiful because I am in love with this old hotel. I respect her and feel honored to be there no matter what part of her that I encounter.

    I wonder if any treasure is on the other side of this wall?

    Should I… “chance my arm” ?

    ~ My photograph shows this very old basement wall with two very dark holes in it…check it out on our flickr photo group.


    “Chancing Your Arm”

    “Door of Reconciliation”


    Regards ‘Grudges’ sometimes one has to ‘take the chance’…to be completely vulnerable to open the doorway to *Love*…

    • Thank you for sharing, Rand! I like the feel of the name of *door of reconciliation* as well as *be completely vulnerable to open the doorway to Love*….

      (As a note, Facets I Believe in Magic Flickr forum is private, so only students enrolled in the class can view the forum; however, people can view personal photos of the students through their own galleries.)

      • Rand, thank you! I love your interpretation of the Wall. I regret I do not have permission to see the photo, but my mind brings up a vivid image.

        I always enjoy reading your insightful comments. I am honored you took the time to come by my post! Thank you so much!

      • …hmmm…my little brain wonders just how can we get Vidya to enroll in the next Photo Journey (she likes photography)

        …surely any new participant can view all our images from past journeys!

        The honor is also mine Vidya…

        I would love to see your world through the lens…

        • *grin* Vidya is a close friend and I love her Sundays in my City series, Rand – so she has had an open invitation, Rand.

          Yes, any new participant has access to the I Believe in Magic forum as do all past participants.

  5. This is a lovely series Joy, thank you for this! And Vidya this was as usual so warm, each and every word of hours so warm and inspiring! Love is definitely the answer to everything!

  6. You’ve made a great choice in having Vidya over to share on love, Joy.

    Vidya, I know every word you’ve shared is something you live out in your life on a daily basis. Thank you for your love, friendship and inspiration! You have shown me that love is the answer! ?

  7. I just had to read the post when two favourite bloggers of mine work together. Thank you, ladies! I enjoyed getting to know Vidya better through the questions asked. Great interview done!

    • Thank you for your presence and affirmation, Evelyn! I appreciate your kind words! Vidya is a gem – it is a joy to share here energy here, in this space. Love and gratitude to *you*!

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