5 Powerful Gifts of Presence from the Experience of the Academy Awards


photo  from the 2014 Academy Awards

via Ellen DeGeneres Twitter feed

Do you view (or attend) “big” award shows? Whenever one of the “big shows” is promoted it generates lots of buzz – whether people love or hate them, they are well-known as conversation starters.

Lots of people in the spiritual realm (in all realms) bash the shows for the extravagance and staging; I *love* them… all of them: the Academy Awards, Grammy’s, American Music Awards, Country Music Awards, Golden Globes.

I love the energy of the celebration and I love the gifts of presence I receive from watching them.

(I know, right? Now you are intrigued – gifts of presence and *Academy Awards* don’t seem to belong together….hear me out, ‘k?)

As I watch, I am reminded of passion and purpose; of hours of dedication to one’s craft; of the power of infinite possibility. I tear up at many of the acceptance speeches, even if they are pre-written, because in that moment someone is sharing a celebration of a dream with me (us).

I *love* the magnificent attire and the attention to detail that together creates “perfection”.

I unplug from the hype as I plug into the gifts of presence being reflected.

1. The Power of Intention: Let’s address the photo above. During last night’s Academy Awards show, Ellen set a goal of reaching the highest number of re-tweets for a photo, ever. Right after she posted this photo, Twitter crashed. Say whatever you would like about the idea, and about who is in this shot….she reached her goal. *That* is the power of intention. *That* is the power of voice.

2. The Power of Passion: In general, we want to feel…be moved…be inspired....so we “tune in” to the movies, music, arts. When we are “moved”, we attune to passion – naturally, with ease and joy…creative expression flows, we want to experiment with process and we don’t care if we “make mistakes” or “what people will think” we truly want the experience of feeling alive and “on fire”. 

The awards shows amplify and celebrate the energy of passion that for many of us remains elusive in our daily lives.

Whether you love or hate the show, your emotions are stirred and *that* is the power of passion.

Please note: Sometimes people who are unfamiliar with passion become angry when it is stirred – if that is you, I invite you to look within and ask your self, what is one step that you might take, right now, as you are, to connect with passion. Passion may be scary because it feels vulnerable and leads to new spaces….you can ease into it, you know…it doesn’t have to be a full-on *orgasm*, although it can be if you allow it to!

3. The Power of Elegance: Within the energy of elegance we find: grace, sophistication, style.  There is a standard of excellence that each person involved with the show is expected to meet – a specific feel that is intended to be shared through the experience of the show. This intention is met through awareness and attention to detail – each element matters, immensely. 

We can accept the invitation *to care* about the energy– and the physical manifestations with that energy–that we bring into our own environment, in our daily experience of life.

When we choose to cultivate, celebrate and amplify “elegant energy” (energy that enriches and enlivens our beings), we are choosing to experience infinite possibility, as we move through our daily lives.

4. The Power of Purpose and Dedication to Craft: Although we might have a voice, feel passionate and intentionally draw in elegant energy – unless we choose to practice our craft, whatever that might be, we won’t have an “expression” to share and we will always be “beginning”. 

There comes a moment when one has a choice to continue to vest presence to a task, to accomplishing a goal, to perfecting an action or a speech or an expression or to quit. Lots and lots of people quit. 

When we choose to persevere beyond doubt, exhaustion, discomfort – because we know what our purpose is and we wish with all of our being to fulfill that purpose – we often live the reality of our dreams coming true. 

While you might look at the stage and think “the winners are the ones with the trophy”, the truth is the “winners” are the ones who choose not to quit. The “winners” are each and every person in that room, there because they chose to take a chance – to  keep their hearts open, ask for what they wanted,  and to study and practice to become “better” than they were the day before.

May you turn that reflection inward and allow it to inspire you as you *create this moment* in your life.

5. The Power of Freedom of Speech and Expression: I can share my thoughts via these words and you can share your response via your own words and that is possible because we have the ability to speak freely and share – even if we disagree.

Each person involved in these shows on any level of participation from production to “star” to audience member is there because they heard their heart whisper, they chose to listen and to honor it with creative expression.

When I watch these shows I remember that it is an honor – a privilege – to have the skills and the platform (and the ability) to share my voice, practices and expressions. People have died for us to experience this honor; many people still now, worldwide, do not have this honor. May you allow yourself to fully feel the reality of these gifts and to be inspired to use them, instead of hide them or allow doubt to shadow them.

A “bonus gift”: The Power of Celebration: Look. We each share time, energy and emotion every single day.

Whether we are in a space that feels *amazing*, connecting with love and gratitude as we share our creative expressions with joy or we are focusing on putting one foot in front of the other, hoping to “survive yet another day”….we are *stepping* forward. 

When we take the time to celebrate that step, we invite peace and possibility into that space, as we are, as it is. If you feel weary and jaded or you feel hopeful and trusting or anything in between


May you take the time to thank your self…to celebrate…each step you have taken.

Dear Reader, as you think about and feel into the message I have presented to you, may you share, what creative expression lights your heart and how are you currently experimenting it that/sharing it with world? What inspires you to share your creative expression and what do you find challenging about sharing? (your voice matters…when you share, you inspire!)

Please note: tomorrow we will return to finish our 28 Days of Connection series.

Thank you for your presence!

Much peace and abundant love,


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Comments on: "5 Powerful Gifts of Presence from the Experience of the Academy Awards" (8)

  1. Jean Sampson said:

    Good for you for following your heart! That is BIG! Does not surprise me at all, though, even though it was a step away from the norm and the expected! I have gotten away from going to/seeing movies and so, when I have tried to watch the awards shows, I feel like an outsider (something I probably feel more than I realize) and find that I just can’t get interested. When I WAS watching lots of movies (and I do like movies a lot), I LOVED the awards shows and would not miss them for the world. Hummmmm…….
    Right now I am painting for the spring wholesale decorators’ show in High Point, NC and was told by the man who tries to sell my work there that I had to do black and white paintings if I wanted to sell them (and I am a totally- in- love- with- color -type of artist)! I resisted for as long as was safe, and then I tried a painting and WOW! I am so glad that he pushed me out of my norm because the paintings are so powerful and they are some of my favorites! I am going to do as many more as I can before the show! So that is what I am up to in the creativity department, Joy!

    • Thank you for your presence and affirmation, Jean! I received a few ‘unsubscribes’ and I’m okay with because I shared my heart-truth. I love that we each practice differently – I learn so much from our differences – and if someone would rather not be present to discuss them, I wrap the experience in love and gratitude. As an aside, I actually don’t watch many movies so I wasn’t familiar with that portion of the show.

      Thank you for sharing your current creative project! I love black and white – which surprises many because in general what I share with world is light and color filled. Within black and white photography, I find clarity and great beauty and it’s a huge stretch for me as far as skill. I love that stretch!

      This is what speaks straight to me: *I am so glad that he pushed me out of my norm because the paintings are so powerful and they are some of my favorites!* You discovered a “new favorite” through a stretch- how fun (and inspiring) is that!!!!

  2. Jean Sampson said:

    Oh, Joy, I forgot one thing that someone else might identify with—-I have a “stalling technique” that seems to kick in when I am not feeling like I can paint or that I know “how” to paint and that is, I write poems! While I was resisting the paintings, I was writing pretty good poems which were my “excuse” to not paint. :) Yes, I know that is weird, but I would love to hear other people’s “stalling” techniques if they have them.

    • My stalling technique is to clean. I clean everything – the house, my car, cupboards, surfaces, windows. Not obsessively (meaning not in a frenzy all at once), but in bits throughout the day or week. I understand that physically cleaning brings energetic clarity and I bet its akin to “setting my space”….but, that’s what I do when I am truly stalling. Clean.

  3. Thank you Joy for showing me these gifts of presence. I have been discouraged in meeting my own goals and now I see five ways to invest presence. xo

    • Thank *you*, Tanya for inspiring the article (by asking me what my fascination with the show was). I appreciate your presence!

  4. Jean Sampson said:

    Oh, my goodness, Joy! I ALSO clean when I am stalling! I used to do it a lot more than now (maybe that means I am stalling less?? :) My specialty is sweeping! Man, can I sweep! I also find that it is sort of mindless and meditative, so I think it is actually a fine activity. And I think you are right about the energetic cleansing! Sometimes I am really grateful for my broom! :)

    • My children are happy that I love cleaning, Jean – I think it sets the energy for our home space! I find that because I deep clean often, there typically tends to be “only surface” cleaning – which is kind of how I live energetically as well!

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