An Easy, Short Energetic Movement Practice to Welcome in Spring Energy


I found this flower blossoming in a tree

by the beach – someone told me it is called a mimosa

As we tap into the energy of Spring, we are invited to clear away residual of that which no longer fits or resonates as we receive into our beings fresh air and sunlight that refreshes and rejuvenates.  – from a Facets archive article “Spring is Rebirth.”

As heart says “yes, please” to this refreshing season, mind might still be in hibernation mode, reluctant to embrace this newness.  That is okay. There is no need to rush, push, struggle, insist upon….

Simply stretch your arms out as you take one full, deep breath while affirming “I am ready to celebrate the gift of this day.” – from a Facets archive article “The Energy of Spring 

 An Easy, Short Energetic Movement Practice to Welcome in Spring Energies

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I invite you to feel the natural sloughing off of Winter
and the refreshment of Spring.

To welcome in Spring energy, may you take a few moments outside.

With your feet firmly planted on the ground,
May you look around you, observing all that Mother Nature is presenting you with…..

Wherever it is that you are in World,
there is air to breathe and light to feel.

May you thank Source for that air and that light.

May you take a moment to breathe in fresh air, running it down to your toes…and throughout your being.
If you wish, you may envision your cells spinning, joyfully,
As they receive in this refreshment.
(and then gently set your cells back into place)

As you exhale, all that is not “fresh” naturally sloughs away.

You may do this as many times as you wish.

May you then turn your face to Sun,
Feeling the presence of light and warmth.

May you breathe in that light and warmth….
to the crown of your head, down your spine, into your arms and hands and fingers…
your heart, stomach, legs, feet and toes.
Naturally amplifying faith and dissolving doubt.

May you feel your heart whispers begin to stir,
Trusting that each will blossom, naturally, with ease
As they are meant to….

May you thank Mother Nature for all that you see,
All that you are experiencing in this moment.
If you feel comfortable, may you touch the ground with your fingertips,
As you gaze up to the sky above…
For *these elements* are within, the essence of you.

[Ah, but Joy, you may say…
I live in the city, in the snow, and I don’t see blossoms
And I don’t have fresh air, and sun is covered by clouds…
And I haven’t felt my heart whispers ever….
Mmm, I hear you. Thank you for sharing.
I invite you to stand where you are, as you are,
and notice what Mother Nature is presenting to you.
Simply notice. You are safe.]

As you take these moments to refresh and enliven your energy,
You are simply tapping into Natural Elements –
Knowing that as your feet touch Earth,
Your body remembers, and is connected to…
Your roots.
And you may draw that energy into your life,
each moment that you wish.

You may use this simple energetic movement practice
each day that you choose – naturally refreshing and enlivening your energy.

My Recent Twitter #sixwords phrases:

dormant heart whispers awakening to Spring

…you may *believe it* into being …

gentle breeze / blue skies / day dreams….

Dear Reader: May I ask you to share: Do you have a practice, celebration, ritual, blessing to celebrate the energy of Spring? May you share a bit of it with us?

Happy Spring Equinox! Thank you for your presence!

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Please don’t compromise your boundaries for something that lights your heart; when you center and trust, it will be given in an enriching way.

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Comments on: "An Easy, Short Energetic Movement Practice to Welcome in Spring Energy" (3)

  1. Hi Joy!
    This is beautiful! I’m going to try it as soon as I can reach the ground ;-) [Read: when the snow is gone!] No, seriously, I feel restored each time I got into the woods for a walk. I will try this exercise next time I do.

    • Lori,

      It is so wonderful to see you here – what a delightful gift to open this day with!

      When I wrote this, I did recognize that it is not Spring for quite a few readers who are not in the States *and* although it is technically Spring here that many readers still had snow and would for another month. However, standing on the cleared sidewalk or driveway, or even in the snow, for a few moments still gives one the connection with the essence of the practice. Often simply the awareness of connection is refreshing.

      I am so glad you will be trying this – please let me know how it feels for you.

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