International Women’s Day: An Invitation to Claim Your Divine Birthright and Center Into Feminine Power


If you are a man and you have read past the title; I applaud you! If you are a woman and you have read past the title; I thank you!

And, if the concept of *claim your divine birthright* didn’t scare you away, then shoot…you are in the right place *grin*. (If it did scare you, I invite you to continue reading – it scared me at first, too, so I look forward to exploring this together. Thank you!).

Perhaps you might agree that there are many different facets to feminine energy (thus, “facets of joy” in my site name).

Within practices of presence, our goal is to observe our thoughts about a concept and then feel into the energy within it; hopefully without judgment, simply for awareness and understanding.

There are two phrases to consider here today:

Feminine Energy


Divine Birthright

I invite you to think about and feel into what you hold to be true regarding the phrase ‘divine birthright’.

I invite you to think about and feel into what you hold to be true regarding the phrase ‘feminine energy’.

What about your current meaning and feeling of each phrase belongs to conditioning or patterning and what is yours? 

Feminine Energy

I have some pretty strong conditioning around feminine energy. I was raised in a patriarchal family and also in a patriarchal religion and my birth mother left when I was young (the story I heard was that she was a feminist and children didn’t fit in with that).  So my original feeling about feminine energy was that it was: subservient, sacrificial and very conditional.

I thought that to center into feminine energy was a form of weakness, of declaring oneself “less than” and “not worthy” of that which masculine energy could draw into the world. 

I could not relate to the term feminine power unless it was something along the lines of seduction.

Can you relate to any of this conditioning?


Because I did not have a mother in my life and I craved feminine energy, I looked to Divine to fill in the gaps. 

Because I felt weak, I became fascinated with the idea of *the source of your power*…an unconditional, sustainable force that was ever-flowing, infinite. 


Moon over my “backyard” ocean

I learned about Moon and her cycles. I was captivated with the natural elements of earth, water, air, fire. I was intrigued with the seasons and natural cycles of earth.  I practiced moving energy as I vested presence to unfolding.

I was attuned with my heart whispers (although I didn’t use that term) and would often paint, write poetry, make music and dance to express what was in my heart. I would create things and nurture them through each stage of growth.

I was passionate about what I held to be true for me. I knew the importance of being present in the room with others – of not only listening to their words but feeling into the meaning behind the words. I connected through my heart space – sharing whatever I had that would suit whomever had the need. I loved unabashedly…people, world, nature. I saw the light in everything and I learned to reflect that light.

I could naturally feel into what others were feeling and know intuitively ‘what hurt’ (physically and emotionally) and say the words or present a gift “that brought healing”.

If you told me I had powerful feminine energy I would have told you how wrong you were. The word feminine pissed me off and I wanted nothing to do with *that*.

However, as I continued learning presence and energy movement, I saw quite clearly the power of feminine energy.

I highlighted the characteristics of feminine energy in orange – symbolic of sacral chakra energy.  As you review them, I invite you to feel them within – to become aware of the space inside yourself where you create and connect in similar ways.

Whether feminine energy is something that you are familiar and comfortable with or you had previously been unfamiliar and uncomfortable with, you can see how we have the choice to center into or ignore it. 

Feminine power is not reserved for “goddesses” and people with special powers – it is an energy available to each of us,  a connector energy that we may simply breathe into and create with.

Divine Birthright

You have been brought to Earth through birth parents (or medical technology that simulates birth parents). Even if those parents were kind and loving and generous – humans have conditioning and patterns that they pass on to their children.

We are made of more than that conditioning and patterning – some say we are made of stardust.

What I know from study and experience is that when we choose to center into *our divine birthright*, associations, limitations and judgments fall away and we are left standing in infinite possibility.

From this space we can birth anything!

You see, feminine power is not restricted to gender or anything external that can be manipulated. It is the energy in the natural elements,  available in abundance to each one of us, as we are, right here in the moment.

It is the complement to masculine energy and is vital to each one of us to learn about, integrate, and celebrate.

When we recognize our divine birthright – feminine energy naturally overflows, manifesting as creative expression and connection in all areas of life.

We feel powerful because we have an abundance of elements at our fingertips and we trust the process of life implicitly. We open to love, with gratitude, and find that is the space of miracles and synchronicity, in this moment, as we are, as it is.

That, my friends is *feminine power*!

Notice, as you read these words, that you can feel that power, right now…without having changed external. There is a surplus of joy, hope, peace because you can feel your heart-beat and as long as your heart is beating, those expressions can surge forward if you allow them to.

And, it’s okay if it’s all too unfamiliar and a bit scary right now – let’s be real, lots of people find that infinite possibility sounds wonderful on paper, but feels incredibly vulnerable in life….

Here is my disclaimer:


Gifts for You

I have two free gifts, no sign-up required. 

For International Women’s Day 2012,  I created this collaborative eBook Cultivating Your Voice.

In 2013, the Facets of Joy community worked together to create this collaborative eBook The Power Prism.

(Simply click the title links for more information and to download your copy).

Dear Reader: I would love to hear what are your associations with the idea of feminine power and energy? And, may you share your current experience with feminine power and how it looks in your daily life – if you cultivate and connect with it, or you choose not to. (when you share, you inspire!)

Thank you for your presence!

This article is a contribution to Mommy Mystic’s: Feminine Power – A Celebration! –a weaving together of different expressions of feminine power”. There is an abundance of material to read – simply skimming the article and reviewing the photos invites a centering into feminine power; reading each one, you can’t help but feel the joy and peace and possibility of collaboration within community and the amplification of energy through sharing one’s unique voice. I hope you take the time to read it!

Much peace and abundant love,


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  2. Love your message! Although we come from different circumstances I do believe we both are feeling and doing similar things. Thank you!!!

    • Thank you for your presence and affirmation, Bonnie! I love connecting with heart-centered people and learning through the creative expressions and tools they share – thank you for connecting!

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