March: New Moon in Aries


my April 2014 vision board 

This is my April 2014 vision board that pretty quickly created itself yesterday. It looks nothing like what I would have thought it would yet it feels *perfect*.

Since high school (two decades ago) I have wanted to participate in a culinary tour in France and my heart is in Paris (though I hadn’t yet been, I love the energy of Paris and even took 7 years of French in high school/college). But I don’t know why Paris popped onto my board *now*…so that should be interesting…

I am working on untangling inner knots of conditioning, so that makes sense..

I love the word and feel of *sublime* ..

Yes to romance..

And, I am planning on volunteering at local (meaning So Ca) indie music festivals in April and May – along with untangling knots, creating new Facets programs for the year…and romance…*lose yourself* feels pretty spot-on…

*Bliss* tends to be what I feel almost each moment…

Yes, to *cherish each moment* – I realize I have been caught up in *doing* and sometimes rushing through, instead of cherishing. It’s nice to be aware of and understand because I love the quality of life when I *cherish* this moment, as it is, as I am.

Any input or feeling about what is on the board? And if you set New Moon intentions or have a vision board, I would love if you would share them/it. 

March New Moon Energy

I wasn’t going to share this month’s New Moon energy; then I read the title of Chris Zydel’s recent article “The Sky is Not Falling Even Though it Feels That Way” and I was nudged to write. (An excerpt from the article and the link is provided below.)

Just in case you feel the ‘sky is falling’, I thought I would jump in with some guidance and open this up for discussion.

(The reason I wasn’t going to share had everything to do with logistics – my internet connection was down this weekend, the internet at my favorite cafe was down and then my phone couldn’t pick up the signal either….so I finally realized I wasn’t meant to be online – ha! Talk about resisting a bit! Which meant I “missed”  New Moon with you yesterday….but it’s still New Moon energy today, Chris’ title drew me in and here I am.)

Okay, let’s talk about this New Moon energy. 

Guidance on Readings

I believe and practice that we don’t “need” readings to move energy. We know that New Moon energy invites us to manifest, so we may simply set intentions and work with what resonates for us right now.

However, we may consider readings to act as signs and direction markers, if we wish.

In my personal practice, I vary my use of external readings. 

For example, this month because I was unable to get online, I chose to simply create a vision board, write out a few energetic intentions to bring to my beach ritual and leave it at that.

However, this morning I kept hearing about potential intense energy and I wanted to know that that was about, so I pulled readings from my favorite sites. My intention for gathering this information was not for me personally but to be prepared for questions from clients and those in my Facets energetic intention circle.

If I am going to use a reading, I do so from one of these sites only because I find the material thorough, accurate and I trust the guides. There are many guides and quite a lot of materials one may tap into; I personally find it most effective to keep the incoming information simple by intentionally not reading tons of stuff.

I also believe that sometimes instead of relying upon our intuition and inner voice, we can lean on external sources, looking for affirmation and guidance instead of trusting what we feel. So, I ask you to remember when practicing presence and energy movement to turn all of that external information inward, exploring and integrating that which resonates and releasing that which doesn’t.

In my practice, when I use a reading, I will feel into the meaning, turn the reflections inward and journal or meditate to see if anything arises within. I tend to use readings to gather information as guidance for clients (as I shared above) or if I am working on an unraveling an inner knot for myself; otherwise I don’t consider the readings at all, I simply celebrate Moon’s energy.

March New Moon Readings

I open each week with a weekly forecast video reading by Kate at Daily Tarot

Here is the link for this week’s reading: Weekly Tarot Card Reading March 31-April 6.

Kate pulled:

The Judgment Card – about “releasing potentially heavy energy, which opens doors and feels like a ‘re-birth’ “.

The Hermit Card – about “meditation, going within, being introspective and getting some wonderful, pure insights into your life and life path”.

The Three of Swords – about “looking at an issue with clarity, which might feel heart-breaking as you process the experience; look at facts of a situation but you don’t have to personalize it” – will help you release negative emotion as you move forward”

While I included a bit of Kate’s explanations for you to feel into, her full reading is much more thorough and I find it to be very accurate. 

Excerpt from Soulstice Rising Ascension Notes:

Currently we are in the Void; the Dark Moon; the place of pure potentiality.

As you tap into this energy of the Black Madonna, know that it is empowered by intense solar activity that literally is turning Earth’s magnetic field into a kind of shifting consciousness. This is truly wonderful as when there is such fluidity, we can shift so much. In a few weeks we will have a Lunar Eclipse that will further help us rise in consciousness, so suffice it to say we are in an intense cycle of energy…all designed to help us rise in more Love, Power and Clarity.

Align yourself with this beautiful energy and focus on what you want more of. Do not waste your energy on wishing things would go back to the way they were, for that is like saying, “Bring back the old;” and that ship has sailed. Our job; what we volunteered for; is to bring forth the New. Know that we are simultaneously releasing the old and anchoring the New within us and on Earth. Leylines of the New Earth Grid are being cleared and imbued with Crystalline Light.

Excerpt from Chris Zydel – The Sky is Not Falling Even Though it Feels That Way:

The thing that makes this transit even more intense is that the planets Jupiter and Mars are also joining the party in April, forming something called a Grand Cross. What this means to non-astrologers is that all four planets are facing each other off in a geometric alignment that creates an incredible amount of tension and pressure.

In this formation, Pluto is demanding that something to be brought to it’s knees, Uranus insists on liberation at any cost, Mars is pissed off and looking for a fight and Jupiter expands everything it touches.

So the worst case scenario is three bullies in a stand-off with Jupiter egging them on.

But these forces can also be harnessed for positive change. The power in this configuration is immense.

There is so MUCH tension that something HAS to give.

What that can look like for you is the possibility of whatever isn’tworking in your life suddenly devolving into some level of chaos and unbearable stress, leaving you feeling powerless and trapped. But if you end up in that position, there is also the opportunity to use the planetary friction to break through whatever you find yourself mired in, to a place of MUCH greater freedom, increased passionate energy, deep and profound meaning and expansive, optimistic faith.

Excerpt from Dipali Desai Mamma Mystic New Moon in Aries March 30, 2014 report

Be straightforward and ask for what you need and what you will accept in your life. This is a time to embrace your individual life path and it’s uniqueness. Provide plenty of breathing room within relationships this week until after the New Moon in Aries. Smothering or being overly clinging is not a viable option.

In fact, if this potent energy is not grounded or directed into healthy outlets people may act over hyper, lash out, be super hyper and even agitated or angry. It is raw energy seeking for healthy use but you have to do this consciously otherwise it may become destructive and hurt others.

What is evident is that there is huge emphasis on big changes in lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, addressing old issues and healthy empowering emotional expression. This is not going away, rather only increasing its symbolic or literal pressure to ensure that each person takes this seriously and makes the necessary adjustments in a realistic way.

Thoughts To Consider

As you read through these excerpts, please turn the pieces that resonate inward to reflect upon and please release the rest

Please remember to be gentle and kind with yourself, looking at patterns and ways of movement for understanding and awareness, not judgment.

The heart-path journey consists of one step, one heart whisper at a time. When your mind scans out to the far future, simply re-focus it’s attention to the present moment. If you engage your mind in learning and creating, heart is free to expand and celebrate, naturally – and you feel balanced and empowered even if external is shifting around you.

May you allow external to shift. 

Please celebrate each step as you take it. The energy of joy is wonderful healing and manifesting energy.

You have the choice to tap into the energy of a moment to create and to allow it to move through you or you may choose to react / resist/ deflect. That is your choice. If you don’t like the way a choice feels, you may choose again

Dear Reader: After considering the above, what arises within for you? May you share, when I ask you to allow external to shift, what is one practice/affirmation/action step that you use to allow this? (when you share, you inspire).

Happy New Moon! Thank you for your presence!

Much peace and abundant love,


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Comments on: "March: New Moon in Aries" (10)

  1. Jean Sampson said:

    I love the simplicity of the vision board, Joy! I wish for you all of the delightful things that you placed there, and in a timely manner, too :)
    It inspires me to at least think about a new vision board (mine was totally crammed full of stuff, some of which has come true and some of which I really don’t want anymore. All of my things have to do with health and connection with people and the earth and myself :) I keep it in the studio to remind me—–but it IS time to re-make/re-think. The discussion about my husband taking care of himself helped me a lot, so I will continue to release that concern. I do hope that Paris trip comes at exactly the right time and that you get all of the other “goodies” on the board!

    Dang, I wrote a whole thing that just disappeared somewhere —–guess the Universe is telling me to be more concise! :) Anyway, I mostly wished you to receive in a timely manner all of the goodies on your board and I also love the direct and simple way you created it! Mine is usually crammed full with stuff running over the sides :)

    • Thank you for your kind words and affirmation, Jean!

      I love that you bring this idea into the discussion of vision boards *some of which I really don’t want anymore*. It is so powerful to clearly see what we no longer wish for and to release that as we continue creating. I learned a lot of this from the experiences you have shared about painting, to hold a vision and allow it to evolve.

      I actually have a vision board book – I find it fun to look back at what I have visioned and to see what and how energies and experienced have been placed. When I feel the board is “done” I release it.

  2. Jean Sampson said:

    Well, there are both of the comments together —–computers! You just NEVER know what they will do. :) :)

  3. Hi Joy:

    Thanks for sharing all these resources. I feel myself connecting with my own heart and my own story with gentleness. I am learning that moving forward with my heart whispers does not need to be a pushing and a forcing, in fact, it is a blossoming, a becoming and a blooming.

    • Thank you for sharing, Tanya!

      I love that you are affirming the energy of *gentleness*. So much in world is about pushing through – yet, blossoming, becoming and blooming feel peaceful, abundant, “easy”, joyful – all energies that enliven and enrich our being (physically/energetically) and also our *state of being*.

  4. *Spring time in Paris* / *Romance*

    My one and only time in Paris was during October and I had a romance with The Mona Lisa at The Louvre… :-) …she was behind glass so I could not kiss her… :-)

    I really like your board Joy… let’s say that my composition photographs that I upload to the 30 Day Magical Photo Journey classes serve as my boards…yes I know…some of them are way out there…

    One really never knows where a romance may…to use one of Tanya’s words…*blossom*. You could eventually make your trip to France and experience a romance there. Chances might be a bit better that in preparing for your trip to France that you could find romance. Often when one is in the midst of preparation the unexpectant does occur. When I met my ‘biggest romance’ I was sitting in church just relaxing ‘preparing’ myself for the couple’s wedding service. Little did I know that the person sitting in front of me would lead to a story book tale romance in New York City and later that our romance would grow in West Clare. Ireland and Dublin.

    To prepare for your eventual trip to France why don’t you find someone to practice speaking french with at some favorite cafe. You might even find a traveling companion in this way…two of you speaking french surely would be better than one + you would be sharing some of the cost of the trip!

    I truly wish all that your board displays comes to fruition.

    Your friend,

    • Thank you for sharing, Rand!

      It’s interesting that you honed in on Paris and romance – two of the most improbable energies on this board. (Saying that is not closing to them, neither are my focus right now- they truly just snuck in). What I feel, when I don’t take it literal, is to bring passion back into my life – which was “buried” a bit as I moved my children and I through our Fall experience (of losing money and receiving intentional less than lovely energy from a person passing through). To remember to smell the roses and go to the local French Cafe that I love and take time to be a tourist in my city. And to be open to whatever might truly bring me to Paris.

      One really never knows where romance will blossom. I don’t “look for romance” – my three significant loves simply walked through a literal door and I knew a new chapter opened. (Since you knew me through my previous site, you experienced one as I wrote about it.)

      I love traveling alone, as much as I love traveling with another. My daily life is full of people and connection; traveling alone is sometimes an opportunity to fully feel the moment and live through my senses in a way I can’t quite do with another. Each moment is full of possibility!

      Thank you for sharing about your biggest romance – how interesting that you met at a wedding! That is quite a sign! And you experienced some very beautiful places together – also quite lovely!

      Some of the photos that you share in I Believe in Magic inspire me to explore different techniques and to think about and feel into overall composition…what you might consider “way out there” are probably some of my favorites of yours.

  5. …I take that back about wanting to ‘kiss The Mona Lisa’.

    …if I did kiss her, then everyone else would want to kiss her.

    …she might lose her smile…. :-(

    The year that I looked upon her in Paris I was traveling by myself via the Eurorail Pass. Back then one could go all throughout western europe on the one individual pass…it’s a bit different now. I kept no schedule…just went where I wanted to. If I missed a train I just slept on a bench at the station. I ended up meeting people all over. We would go site seeing and dining in some of the cities together, then be off on our own adventure again…

    …yes, I remember your ‘unfolding’ romance.

    I think my train of thought in the first comment was that…yes…we can have some ‘intent’ like ‘preparation’ with a bit of an idea of ‘romance’ being part of the package on ‘The Board’, but romance may actually come when one’s thought of it is completely not related to one’s self…me viewing and being present in spirit for the wedding of two other’s romance.

    Thank you Joy for liking my ‘way out there’ stuff. You are a great facilitator of these compositions… :-)

    Much peace and (romance)


    • Thank you for your reply and clarification, Rand!

      Your description of traveling Europe sounds delightful and is very similar to the feel of each day as I practice unfolding. The only *set* time is the children’s school pick up and drop off and their sports on specific days, the rest of our life unfolds, usually quite peacefully.

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