May You Have the Courage to Allow Your Heart Whispers to Fully Blossom


Wherever it is that you are in World, there is air to breathe and light to feel. – from Facets: An Easy, Short Energetic Movement Practice to Welcome in Spring Energy

Perhaps you are currently in a space full of abundant resources; celebrating connections that enliven and enrich; with plenty of time to explore, dream and vision. The idea of heart whispers and blossoming feels fun, easy, natural.

Perhaps you are currently in a space that doesn’t feel full; feeling like you are lacking resources; wishing you had connections that felt good; stressed about time, money, energy. The idea of heart whispers and blossoming might feel very far away, whimsical, frivolous.

When you think about and feel into the space that you are in, it is not for judgment – it is for awareness and understanding.

If the feel of your space is wonderful, you may think about “how” you arrived in this space so that you may create ‘more’ of what you are in.

When energy resonates, I use this simple affirmation: ‘thank you, more please!’

If the feel of your space is less than wonderful, you may think about “how” you arrived in this space so that you may release patterns that are not working while exploring new/different ways of creating and connecting that may shift the feel of your space into something you enjoy and thrive in.

When energy does not resonate, I use this simple affirmation: ‘no thank you, something different and resonant please!’

Please note: it is *absolutely ‘okay’* to say: ‘thank you, more please’ or ‘no thank you I do not like this’.  We are often too polite to ask for more or to say no thank you; these affirmations show that we may remain thoughtful while we shift energy. (And, that thoughtfulness brings ease and joy into the shift, creating a natural opening where previously we didn’t feel one!)

Sometimes we stay where we are, accepting what we have, forgetting that we may shift the energy into peace and possibility and create *more* or *different*.

The challenge may be that shifting energy requires a bit of trust, faith, courage.

Intentionally shifting energy means that we will be stepping into new, unfamiliar space – even if that space is wonderful, abundant, healing, mind and body sometimes naturally reject entering it so those entrance steps often feel like they require far more courage than mind believes we have.

If we believe that what we focus on grows and we are focusing on heart whispers – that which our heart desires to create/experience/feel energetically and to manifest in physical world – we don’t even notice that we are in unfamiliar or different space because we are so intent upon creating.

When we focus on heart whispers, mind is thoroughly engaged in the creative process and “forgets” to be afraid. We find ourselves moving with ease and joy, feeling fulfilled with each step.  

(There is quite a lot in that sentence, you may wish to read it again.)

The courage, then, is not in stepping – which we innately, naturally know how to do – it is in opening and receiving all that is waiting patiently to be experienced.

If you believe in the energy of synchronicity and miracles (which you most likely do, since you are in this *magical* Facets space) then the courage is in clearing the space, receiving in graciously, and asking for more as you celebrate and share

The courage is in the belief that “it” (whatever your heart is whispering about) is possible, for you, as you are, in the space you are in. 

These words from The Anatomy of Brave by Hannah Brencher, speak right to my heart. I feel they will speak to yours as well: 

So no, you don’t get to stand here and tell someone that a hurdle that has taken them years to finally get over is something they should have learned to limbo under several yesterdays ago. That’s not kind. That’s not true. That’s just small.

 And that is exactly the problem with the culture we are standing inside of today: we are constantly dictated by people that tell us that bravery is Elsewhere. And beauty is Elsewhere. And life, or a life you can actually be proud of, is Elsewhere. And Elsewhere is just a flimsy little measure we never plan to reach but it does its justice in keeping us from showing up to the life we’ve been given for this moment. Elsewhere is just a defense mechanism that allows you to keep your fists clenched and your heart not open to what life could look like when you grant it the permission to take your heart and run with it.

And as long as someone is telling us that we still need to do this and that and the other thing before we finally arrive into a space of worth, we get content with wasting space. And we don’t show up. And we stay on the insides of ourselves, just trying to fix every little thing that other people have told us is wrong, hoping we will eventually fix enough that we become adequate to help someone else. And darling, that’s not gonna amount to bravery, it’s only going to look cowardly of us in the end.

The criticism won’t stop coming. Really, it won’t. It will show up in big boxes and tiny vessels. At your front door and at your back window. And it will invite in the doubt & the fear & the worries. You make the action plan that gets you out of the grips of these things but it will surely keep coming. I can’t make many promises but I can promise you that.

No matter how far you go, or whatever kind of success or failure meets you, or whatever you do that seems noble or good or quite the opposite, people will continue to try to kick you down. They will try to tell you you’re not good enough. They will try to convince you that you’re not brave. That is the way of life. You can call it insecurity. You can call it anger. You know what, don’t even waste your time trying to give it a name. Just please don’t let it be the thing that keeps you from starting. You’re not supposed to stay standing in that one spot for too long.

Ooh. Yes!

Dear Reader: May you please share: what does the energy of courage feel like to you? How does courage show up in your daily life? If you have a practice, technique or affirmation that you use to cultivate courage, may you also share that? (when you share, you inspire)

And, of course: what heart whispers are you currently hearing? (when you share, we may affirm them!)

Please note: The colors I chose today all relate to chakra colors – yellow for solar plexus energy, green for heart energy, brown for root chakra energy, orange for sacral chakra energy, blue for throat energy. I weave intention and energy through all that I share in this space – this is one way that I do so. If you have any questions about the energy I have shared in this article, please ask either in the comments or via personal email.

Thank you for your presence!

Much peace and abundant love,


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  1. *this* is what I needed today, joy. Thank you. I will be bookmarking it to re-read when I finish work today as well. There is much here to contemplate and relate to my own current situations. You, once again, simply by being you and sharing openly from your heart, have given me a gift of new perspective and re-framing my experience to allow more expansion, more opening…when I need it most.

    I will not retreat from this world of light, this world of unfolding more and more into my true self…that I have discovered, even with the shadow and uncertainty accompanying it… For the first time in my life I feel like it’s okay to be fully me and I will not let anyone or anything take that feeling away from me…

    I don’t know where I am headed from here, what tomorrow or even tonight will bring, but I do know I can take those steps into greater clarity, light, and love…not allow fear to descend me into sadness, confusion, and pain. I’ve lived too long in that world and I will learn a new way- will allow it to unfold without pushing it, and will not only embrace my shadows, but delve into them to find my newest and greatest source of light…!

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