Six Word Saturday: Volume One


I invite you to play along with me every Saturday – shaping six words into phrases the enliven, enrich, inspire, encourage, delight. 

My collection of six word phrases comes from playing along on Twitter during the week with the hashtag #sixwords.

The photos are my originals, usually from the week, some from my personal collection.

Saturday Six Words: Volume One


morning stretch …. gently unfolding into joy

(photo is of a March sunrise taken right before driving the kids to school)


prolonging the end impedes the beginning

(photo taken in black and white at my daughter’s horse show last weekend)


…..savoring the moment / before everything changes …

(I found this while walking through a field – so surprised at the

detail because I took it with a droid phone camera!…make a wish!)


free falling …. while testing my wings

(I love sky gazing – this bird was flying above me at the beach –

reminding me to surrender to the “current” and soar!)


overflowing abundance is wonderful to experience

(one of my favorite photos –

the afterglow of sunset on the water)


…may you allow external to shift….

(my mantra for the week, hands wide open –

releasing and embracing…)

heart-shell re-connects where pain has disconnected..

(it might be a stretch, but I am calling this a heart-shaped shell..

an affirmation that love is everywhere we choose to see it).

Let’s Play Six Word Saturday Together!

I’m looking forward to each of you playing along – either by sharing your sixword phrase in the comment section below or, if you have a blog, by writing a post and linking to it here (if you write a post, we can see your photos as well!).

Think of this as word play that enlivens and enriches – your opportunity to showcase your talent along with views of your world! If you link up, please link back to this post. Thank you!


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Thank you for your presence!

Much peace and abundant love,

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Comments on: "Six Word Saturday: Volume One" (8)

  1. Jean Sampson said:

    I enjoyed this but it might be that I won’t have enough time on Saturday to participate very often. I will share a couple of the ones I got,

    #1 Reach up and touch an angel’s wing.

    #2 The end can hold the beginning.

    #3 Soar, held up by the Invisible.

    And for Tanya’s heart shells:

    Love—-at home in your heart.

    • Thank you for sharing, Jean! The comments will remain open, so you may play when you *do* have the time!

      Each phrase you have shared is so incredibly beautiful on its own – together they make a masterpiece!

      (and the photo is my heart shell – although, Tanya does inspire me to see hearts everywhere!)

      Love and gratitude to you!

  2. Jean Sampson said:

    Thanks, Joy! It is a lot like writing haiku :)
    And sorry about thinking the hearts were Tanya’s—–every time I see a heart, I just naturally think it is hers :) :)

    I will play when I can or maybe write a haiku or two! <3

  3. You being is God’s standard bearer

    Reaching my life like lovely branches

    I cannot wish anything more fair

    Than what I savoir in air

    Than what races in golden romances

    Teaching my strife Angel you dance

    Your being is God’s heart mirrored

    ~ Rand

  4. I truly believe Life is generous. #SixWords.

    • Oh, it is so wonderful to ‘see’ you here, Naike – thank you for the heart smile!

      And the powerful affirmation *I truly believe Life is generous*. (Me, too!!)

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