To be Aligned with (and in) Faith is Quite Powerful


To be aligned with (and in) faith is quite powerful; an experience of living infinite possibility, in this moment, as we are.

Whether you celebrate Easter Sunday or the essence of Spring; the energy at this time is of birth and re-birth.

Energetically, we had the Full Moon eclipse last week and will have the Cardinal Grand Cross this week.

So, whatever your personal beliefs, there is a high probability that this potentially intense energy is touching your life in some way.  Sometimes when we are touched by intense energy, we feel imbalanced, inexplicably tired, out of sorts and unable to find peace in practices and spaces that are usually peace-filled to us.

In this space, our previous wounds can cause us present pain; even wounds we thought we had healed remind us of their existence.  This does not mean that your inner work practices have “failed you” or that you are doing anything wrong; it simply means your attention is being called upon.

A Heart Stretch Beyond Judgment

Personally, I am in a big heart-stretch. I feel like I am living on heart whispers and prayers – each moment unfolding to the next,  the quality of which is completely dependent upon my willingness to continue to open my heart.

There are moments that opening my heart is a joy; it feels natural and easy and joyful.

There are some moments that I would rather eat dog poop than open my heart, but I realize that fear stems from judgment (either internal from my self or external from another) so I breathe into it and I take one step and then another …. and I find I have stepped through an entire day that at first felt impossible but was quite do-able indeed.

And, in such a way, I find myself living infinite possibility. One breath, one step at a time.

Look, it sucked to create a Go Fund Me campaign for the children and I. I felt embarrassed, not enough, full of shame for the past choices I made to support another. Look at all of that judgment!

I am learning much about the energy of judgment – self judgment and judgment from external sources. I don’t know how to center into love and gratitude and then judge ( I don’t think love and judgment can co-exist together, do you?).

Does this resonate with you? Is there a place in your life where you are judging your self for a choice you have made while simultaneously attempting to open your heart? (or I am solo in this?!)

I choose to center deeper into love and gratitude, and internal judgment (or the caring about judgment from others) falls away.  

(It’s a miracle actually. I hadn’t known how free I could feel, without the energy of judgment in my life!)

What is judgment anyway? Simply fear pointing a finger at a space that could really use some love.

In a very physical way, then, I am learning that the energetic processes of healing and growing; exploring and experimenting; connecting and creating are simply expressions of love, with gratitude.

We can read books, take classes, invest in retreats and resources but, in each moment, overall peace is experienced (regardless of external) when we feel wonderful about our answer to this question:

Did you choose to experience love today? 

In other words, did you choose to center into your beliefs and take one step, then another – and, in such a way, move through your day creating and connecting in ways that enliven your spirit and enrich your energy? 

Did you choose to live your faith?

And, if the answer is ‘no’ – the question then is:

In this moment, can you release judgment and choose to live your faith here, right now, as you are. To open your heart to experience love?

It’s not at all about releasing your story or even healing your pain.

It is absolutely about opening your heart to love – when you do, the rest will align accordingly. (And in that, will be plenty of opportunities to create new stories and live them, while healing pain from your past.)

*That* is the energy of *forgiveness, love and re-birth*. A gift we may give to ourselves, each moment that we choose.

Dear Reader: As you consider the energy of the week, how are you feeling? If you celebrate the message of Easter — or the seasonal energy of re-birth —  may you share a bit of what you are experiencing and how you choose to celebrate?  If you are creating something new, may you share a bit about that with us? (and if something is “dying” may you share that as well?)

I love (and am greatly inspired by) the diversity that we each bring to these experiences! 

Thank you for your presence!

Much peace and abundant love,


I mentioned our Go Fund Me campaign – if you are interested in donating, you may do so by clicking the title link. As  I write this we have received in 26% of our goal. We are very grateful!!!  And we still have a way to go; every donation helps; as does sharing the link to our campaign page.

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Comments on: "To be Aligned with (and in) Faith is Quite Powerful" (8)

  1. Jean Sampson said:

    I have always judged myself for not being able to make enough money to say I am making a living. I have tried various things and, although everything taught me something that I needed to know in order to have the art business I have now, I either did not make enough money or lost money :( I have made some peace with that, but I still would like to make enough to live on without any help. It is not something I “need” to do (although it would make life easier) but it is something I want to do, just for me, sort of a lifetime achievement, a breaking of old patterns.

    • Thank you for sharing, Jean! Many of the people within this Facets community are artists and creators (in many different mediums) so I know many can identify with what you are sharing. I appreciate your reflection! I am excited to see as this unfolds for you! (And I am standing with you, looking at my own patterns, while unraveling knots that bind).

  2. Jean Sampson said:

    Thank you, Joy! And I am standing with YOU as you unravel those old knots! It will be exciting to see how we both work all of our old knots out :) :)

  3. So true, Joy, about the Spring and the renewal…there is a hope for something bountiful to manifest. A time of growth and beauty. A time of reawakening. I hope you and your family had a beautiful Easter.

    • Thank you, Talon, for your presence and beautiful reflection.

      This *hope for something bountiful to manifest* is something I wish for each one of us to experience – the joy and delight of receiving into our lives that which our hearts desire.

      I had a very interesting Easter! My daughter’s birthday is this week so the theme of *birth* lasts all week long!

  4. I’m done judging myself or others or Life (for now anyway) as I can see that it all led me to become who I am today. And I like who I am today, so I tend to look at my choices, even the “wrong” ones, as ok in the perfect unfolding of things. One day you will look at this experience and you may see it as a key step in your growth. It’s all well, all well, really. ?

    • I see this experience as a key step in my growth now, Maryse; I asked to unravel inner knots, although I do like to affirm that learning is fun and delightful (and this Fall experience was neither) I knew even when I was in it that my faith would be strengthened and doors would be opened. It was surreal to know and feel that blessing, even in the most confusing, pain-filled moments.

      I love the insight you are sharing here – thank you!!! *I like who I am today, so I tend to look at my choices, even the “wrong” ones, as ok in the perfect unfolding of things.* If we take this affirmation and can add to it *I celebrate who I am today* – love and forgiveness are naturally interwoven and applied through that celebration! (And judgment is released!).

      Yes, to it all being well (for each one of us!)

      Lots of gratitude to you!

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