You May Absolutely Wear ‘Your Heart on Your Sleeve’; Your Energy is a Gift


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You may absolutely wear ‘your heart on your sleeve’.

I only ask that you remember that the energy you share is a gift for all whom choose to receive it.

You see, when you remember that your energy is a gift, you naturally choose to share it in spaces where is it well-received and appreciated. And, when you share in such spaces, what you receive in return is uplifting, fulfilling, delightful; even if what you feel is vulnerable and a bit afraid.

When you remember that your energy is a gift, you tend to be very intentional about the quality of energy that you share. Meaning, that you clearly understand the type of energy you are choosing to be and you understand that energy absolutely affects your connections and creative expressions.

When you wear your heart on your sleeve, you don’t shut yourself away because what you are feeling is “less than lovely or peaceful”. Instead, you clearly say, this is how I feel and what I am sharing right now.

Being love does not mean you don’t feel anything other than love.  Being love does mean that you allow yourself the experience of a full range and depth of feeling and you do the inner work to remove barriers to increase that range and depth.

(You also know that you can transmute or shift the energy if you wish; but you know that you don’t have to.)

Let’s talk about *gushing* – when you are so in love with life, world, the beauty you see and feel…that you walk around with your heart smile lighting up your face and your words are full of light and joy and all of that energy infuses your creative expressions, which tend to *gush forth*. << see, that sentence is one overflowing expression.

That is the stuff of tantra, mystics, sufis; inner core passion and fire and the remembrance of your divine origin. Yet, so many heart-centered people attempt to turn it off.

Can you see how that goes against your very essence? You are choosing a heart-path, practicing heart-opening techniques, yet attempting to curb the flow as heart opens. 

You may absolutely gush!  Please, share your joy about, and with, love -whatever is currently lighting your heart, your recent accomplishments, the beauty that you noticed, the tenderness that touched your heart, your latest manifesting story. For every person who ‘doesn’t want to hear it’ there are many of us who do (I don’t have statistics but within this Facets community there are hundreds who do want to hear it and there are many communities like this one with hundreds who want to hear it!!)

Exploring Naivete and Scam Energy

If you are walking a heart-path – choosing to experience life with your heart wide-open to World – I have two really important things to tell you. (If you are not walking a heart path or your heart is temporarily closed, you can listen, too; however you might not be in a position to receive or understand these words).

People (meaning mainstream world) tend to caution us ‘heart wide-open’ people about two things:

1. Naviete

2. Scammers/being taken advantage of

Please understand that this is solely my opinion. I live with my heart-wide open (and have for my entire life) *and* I have been criticized for being “too loving, peaceful, trusting” (naive) *and* I have recently experienced the energy of a man labeled as a scammer.

So, this is from my heart to yours. 

Here is the thing about people who intentionally cause pain. They are in pain. That doesn’t excuse their behavior. That doesn’t make them exempt from moral and ethical values.

Can you feel into this with me? It is not about you!!  It is about them.

You have choices they do not have!

And, it is not your job to heal them. << As a heart healer, this is something we all really need to understand. 

It is your job to center into your heart-truth, connect from it and create with it. 

Naive by definition doesn’t apply to you. 

Because you choose to love fully and celebrate life, you have depth of wisdom and experience that many simply do not. You have not only read about life in books, but you have experienced much of what you have read. You live what others merely read about!!  

“Scams”. A person can borrow your money, peace , love and joy and not return it and it might hurt as you wonder ‘why’. However, all of that is infinite energy that you can ‘replace’ *because* you are heart-centered and walk this path.  The love in your heart is far more potent and powerful than any energy they attempt to take from you.  

Look, we can make more money, but the person who ‘stole it’ cannot make love, until they allow themselves to feel it. And they cannot feel it while they are in pain.

Heart Sensitivity

The challenge can be that because you live with your heart wide-open, your heart space is a bit sensitive.  (Okay this is a criticism that many of us hear; I am not using it in that way at all! As heart-centered people, we do the inner work to keep heart open; as a result of that inner work, we are consistently in new heart-space and that newness is very sensitive.)

So, you feel things to a depth and range that many people do not. This feeling is a gift. (I know, sometimes your mind says it is curse; but, look, so many people in world *wish they could feel* – this is the foundation of many self-help programs and here you are *feeling*! It truly is a gift!).

When you receive a criticism or you feel you have been ‘scammed’, it hurts. That non-resonant energy touches your tender heart-space and you feel pain. In general, when we feel pain, our bodies naturally react and part of that reaction is to close heart to ‘protect’ it.

The thought of closing your heart often causes you more pain than that which you have experienced from the criticism or scam. And then you question your ‘heart on your sleeve’ choice and while you are questioning, others might add to your doubt with their comments.

You can see how this could cause a downward spiral.


So, I am here to walk a few energetic steps next to you and to remind you that your choice to walk this heart path, to wear your heart on your sleeve is a *good one*.

If this is your calling, and this is the path you choose to walk, you may use these criticisms (and yes, even a scam) as catalysts to open your heart further, if you wish. You may choose to re-commit to your heart-path and to remember to surround your entire being with love, light, joy.

And, I want you to know this. Please hear me.

If there are moments when you chose to close your heart, when you doubted your path, when you forgot your divine origin, that is okay. Sometimes in those moments, we feel shame and that shame causes a disconnect that causes more pain.

As we spoke of above, as heart-centered people, we allow ourselves the experience of feeling *everything*. Shame is no different from any other energy – simply allow it to arise, notice it, and give it ample space and time to unfold completely, and it will lead you back into connection. 

If you are feeling your way through this with me, you probably understand that the barrier on heart-path is judgment – from others and self. It’s common; but, once you notice it, you can work with different ways to process through, and eliminate, it from your space.

You see, you may absolutely wear ‘your heart on your sleeve’.  I respect, honor, and thank you for doing so!

Dear Reader: Do you wear your ‘heart on your sleeve’? If so, what is something that delights you about your way of life and what is something that challenges you on this path? If not, may you share a bit of the reasoning behind your choice?

Thank you for your presence!

Much peace and abundant love,


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You are worthy and deserving of living a life full of peace, joy, love, wonder, awe, delight, possibility.

I invite you to experience the feeling of inner peace and possibility, even in the midst of chaos. To celebrate with joy, even while heart continues to heal and grow.  Personal Sessions

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Comments on: "You May Absolutely Wear ‘Your Heart on Your Sleeve’; Your Energy is a Gift" (4)

  1. My biggest reservation to living with my heart open and out has been that those around me view me as “strange” and “not grounded in reality”. For some reason when we focus on hardship and blame, people get it right away. But when we shift into blessings and love, they cannot relate. As I move deeper and deeper into my own joy and purpose in life (to be a bright light and example of truth and kindness) it becomes less and less important to me that people “get” me or approve of me. I’m happy and living a wonderful life and that’s enough. Magically, as I detach myself from external approval I find that Life affirms my choice for light more and more often. And as I stand strong in my new way of being, people cannot help but notice. I choose to embrace this new way of being simply because IT FEELS GREAT. After years of struggle and anxiety, I’m finally feeling good. That’s enough to keep me going. ?

    • Thank you for sharing, Maryse! I know many people will identify with your words!

      What I am discovering on my path is that as I continue to center and open, I make new connections – that energy draws new people into my life in all areas, even in areas my mind didn’t think those connections could exist (for example, when I worked at the hospital). So, the people around me could think me ‘odd’ but that was balanced by 1. the feeling of my centeredness and 2. entire groups of people who live heart-centered lives who understand and inspire and uplift, naturally.

      I love that you detach your self from external approval. I understand that, and also it is quite refreshing to receive in external approval (not as a ‘reward’ but as a heart-nutrient, heart delights in love!).

      I am so glad you feel *great*!!!! Thank you for sharing!!

  2. Jean Sampson said:

    Yes, I am one of “those” people :) and people do tend to think that I am a Pollyanna and don’t know how “bad” things in the world are. I do know, but choose to focus on the goodness —–and believe me, when I read or hear of someone or some animal who has been hurt, I FEEL it! But I don’t stay there, I try to pray for all involved (and you are right, someone has to have been very badly hurt to mistreat a child, an animal or an old person). I mostly do keep my heart open except when, almost like a reflex, it closes when something shocks or really stings me. But I do not stay there very long because it does not feel good! :) Excellent post, Joy!

    • Thank you for sharing, Jean!

      I love this *I choose to focus on the goodness* – because what we focus on grows, and your focus elevates the energy in the space, which is healing for all whom wish to tap into it. And the idea that you *can* feel it all, and still focus on good is very powerful! Thank you for choosing to live a heart-centered life!!

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