A Manifesting Experience with @RixtonOfficial (Rixton) and @Live1055 (105.5 FM Ventura)

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Kaitlyn with Rixton at Live 105.5 VIP

concert at Watermark on Main

This is a fun manifesting story that is a delight to share with you.

My children (Kevin and Kaitlyn) and I listen to a radio station, Live 105.5, during our morning drive to school. The timing of our drive happens to coincide with the morning DJ’s giveaway, so we win passes and prizes quite often; about one or twice a month. There is an hour difference between my son’s school drop-off and my daughter’s so, about once a week, we hear where the Live 105.5 prize van will be and my daughter and I drive to wherever the van is (if it’s close enough in the city to still make it to school on time) and receive prizes and tickets.

It’s kind of magical – we are moving through our morning and then win a wonderful prize! These are experiences that we love very much as a family – the experience of calling and ‘winning’ (or showing up to the prize van and receiving prizes) *and* the fun at whatever event we won tickets for.

I share this with you so you understand it is a bit common for us to call in and to win. (And always *very exciting*!)

My children both love the band Rixton very much. The station was giving away tickets to a private VIP concert. They didn’t share details as to where or when – only that you would win two tickets to this concert. We would hear the contest and call and not be the “correct caller number”but the kids were so excited they would try again the next time they heard they contest.

On a night that my son had aerial class, I had a nudge to pick up my daughter from home on the way to pick up my son so we could all see the sunset at the beach together after class. This is not the norm for us. We usually all go to class, then my daughter and I spend time together during my son’s class, then we all come home. But, something within said let’s see the sunset together and, although my daughter was comfortable at home, she agreed.

(This is significant because we chose to ‘unfold’ and we all listened to our heart whispers. Step One of Manifesting: honor your heart’s desire – feel it!)

We were listening to the radio on the drive from aerial class to the beach and they played a Rixton song. My daughter looked to me and confidently said:

I am going to just call and see if they will give me tickets to the VIP concert.”

Me: “I don’t think it works that way, but you can try.”

(Inside my mind was saying *No way!!!!  Impossible!!!!* but my heart said, “you taught your kids to live infinite possibility, how proud I am of her boldness, let her try.”)

Kaitlyn called the DJ and asked for tickets. (Step Two of Manifesting – ask clearly for what you would like.) The DJ spoke to her about her love of Rixton and gave her a huge tip – saying if she called at this specific time at the beginning of this specific song, she would have a great chance of being caller number 10 to win the tickets.

Well, my mind said that was quite a long shot, but my daughter was fully trusting that she would win the tickets.

The timing was right around the same time that sun was about to set. We were at the beach, and instead of watching the sun set, we sat in the car, so that when the song came on, we were ready. (another example of unfolding.) We all three called in – we were callers #1, #2, #3 – each told to call back. At that time, I really thought we “lost” but I was so happy we had tried!  How fun to support my daughter in her dream!

(Step Three of Manifesting – hold that desire, trusting it will be placed as you do the physical work to ‘open doors’)

We all three called back…..and….

My daughter was caller #10 – you could hear the smile in the DJ’s voice when she said “is this Kaitlyn?”

Are you smiling? Can you believe it?!

Due to the logistics of the concert, my son was unable to attend, so I went along with my daughter. There were about 20 people total in attendance. The band interacted with the small audience – alternating between speaking with us and playing a few songs. At the end there was a photo opportunity/meet and greet.

Ecstatic would be an appropriate adjective to describe my daughter’s feelings about the experience. (Step Four of Manifesting: enjoy the experience of living infinite possibility!)

(Incredulous would aptly describe mine!)

Here is a snippet of “Me and My Broken Heart” you can tell how small the venue was and how close we were to the band. If you are unable to view the video in this space, you may simply click the title link to view it on Youtube.

Dear Reader: Do you have a manifesting experience you would like to share? And/or what is your heart wishing to manifest into your current realm of being? (when you share, you inspire!)

Thank you for your presence!

Much peace and abundant love,


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You are worthy and deserving of living a life full of peace, joy, love, wonder, awe, delight, possibility.

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Comments on: "A Manifesting Experience with @RixtonOfficial (Rixton) and @Live1055 (105.5 FM Ventura)" (8)

  1. Man, I wish I knew that band! Funny enough, a few of my new-to-me-and-now-favorite-songs were heard when I visited with you, Kaitlyn and Kevin last fall. I have fond memories of driving to Kaitlyn’s horse show, singing that one song… you know that song! By that guy! Uh huh. :)

    This is an AWESOME manifesting story! I love that Kaitlyn just confidently knew she’d win. It’s that boldness (great word to use for her, btw), and assuredness that magnetized the winning tickets to her.

    It seems I’ve heard many huge success stories where the person in question always believed they’d make it big. Even my boss told me that when he was a kid he knew he’d either be the CEO of a company, or a super successful entrepreneur. (He’s the latter)

    As for my manifesting stories, well, you know most of them! I just loved reading this one from you. Thanks so much!

    • I knew you would love this one, Megan! I have said numerous time in many different spaces that I taught my children to live infinite possibility – they have trust in places even my mind says ‘impossible’. This is why they are brilliant manifesters. What sets Kaitlyn ‘apart’ is that she doesn’t manifest daily – she says Kev and I do that, so she doesn’t have to – but when she does manifest it’s ‘big’ and it ‘super easy’ for her because she is very on-purpose. She has no doubt.

      As for the song you heard a gazillion times it was by One Republic (a very popular band) that I won tickets to their concert to from the Live 105.5 prize van. I asked what do I have to do to win the tickets and the ‘prize guy’ said you just say hello. We were so overjoyed after the concert, we played the CD over and over! Thank you for enjoying it with us!!

      I love your manifesting stories – you remind me (and so many others) to manifest whenever we wish. As the author of “The Pocket Guide to Manifesting” (available via amazon.com) your comment is like a stamp of approval from Universe << yep, that was a plug. Thank you for celebrating with us!!

  2. Jean Sampson said:

    What a wonderful way to begin the day! Yea, Kaitlyn! What a great manifesting story! I love hearing about how someone manifested something! I had a similar thing when I was 15 and playing one of a kazillion Native Americans in a city-wide pageant ( a small town then :) ). There was a drawing for $15 at the end of the week-long pageant. and I just “knew” I was going to win it out of the hundreds of children and adults there—-and I DID! Back in the day, $15 was a big deal! :) Thanks for sharing this story, Joy and Kaitlyn!

    • You know Kaitlyn’s spirits are over the moon, still, Jean!! Now I wonder how she will ‘top this’!

      Thank you for sharing your manifesting experience – you have so many! I especially love the one recently about your friend moving and donating canvas and supplies which then ‘just happened’ to match exactly what you needed for your next art commission.

      This experience that you share is so powerful. That you were around 15 (and Kaitlyn is 14) reminds me of the power of thinking like a child – that belief and trust is potent. I am so glad you won the $15!!!

      I love having people who enjoy manifesting in my life (that you and Megan both commented on this manifesting article makes my heart smile that much brighter – its *fun* to share manifesting stories!).

  3. This is absolutely fantastic! I also love the DJ’s kindness. He wanted her to win. She will never forget this and it will give her hope and strength when she needs it! ?

    • I think we were all so surprised and impressed by her boldness, Maryse! There is a quote that goes something like ‘when you say yes, the Universe conspires with you’- this experience was a living example! And, perfect timing for me, because my children often reflect to me what I have taught them (about presence and energy movement) right when *I* need it most!

  4. Wonderful for k-girl. So happy for her. She’s proved to herself many a time IT WORKS (ie: the sleepover, 9pm!) I have subconscious manifestations as I have had the wonderful opportunity to be the recipient guest with you and these tickets more times than I can count – and am so thankful. Most are evenings I didn’t know I needed it and when u get there I realize I needed it more than I really knew. Thank you, my friend, for sharing, reminding and sharing. Here’s to years of comedy in whatever form it takes! Xoxoxo

    • Yes, Gina, as I shared in the article, Kaitlyn can be a very ‘on-purpose, magnificent manifester’ when she chooses to be. She has no doubt and *that is the key*.

      I love manifesting comedy tickets – laughter is an energy that lights my heart and is wonderful manifesting energy as well. It is fun to share with you when you are available.

      When you say “I didn’t know I needed it […] then I realize I needed it more than I really knew” – this is the fun of receiving gifts from Universe/allowing ourselves to be delighted and surprised. Imagine *how much more* Source energy wants to share but we either aren’t yet aware or open!

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