Presence to Organic Growth; Garden of Magic


photo credit – Maryse

If this planter was a sacred container for heart whispers and dream tending, what would you choose to grow? (please answer in the comment section – I would really love to know!) 

I *love* this photo because it is overflowing with symbolism and energy!

Let’s look first at the colors: green heart chakra energy (lots of love) and earthy brown root chakra colors (an invitation to connect with and center into inner core energy).

We see a container full of energy and nutrients that support growth. Perhaps this is like a sacred container:  a space full of enlivening energy, where our hearts feel comfortable exploring and sharing connection and creative expression.

When we center into our energy and open with love, what are we able to create? Anything. Everything.

When we honor our boundaries and our roots are strong, what barrier is there to sharing? None.What is there to fear? Nothing.

I invite you to breathe that in. 

We can look at this container with the freshly tilled soil and know that something will grow here. Because we don’t know what exactly will grow, we can imagine infinite possibilities – beautiful blossoms, fresh herbs, vegetables  – *anything* is possible.

We can thank the gardener for their presence to these details – for preparing the container and the soil and planting the seeds.

Presence to Organic Growth: An Energetic Blessing

An energetic blessing that I use throughout each day (after each experience) is:

May you bless the seeds I have planted that are resonant with love, peace, possibility and abundance. May they root, sprout, grow and blossom in ways far beyond that which I can imagine or ask for. Thank you for this experience. 

Then I continue moving forward. Knowing that the energy I chose to share “mattered”, allows me the freedom and joy of being fully vested in the next experience.

Garden of Magic

Garden of Magic by Lynn Fang

In the garden of magic
Luminous butterflies flit
Away their charms

Flowers open to the love of light
Soul scents find their way to your nosetip
Slipping sweetly into your heart

Softening, opening, loving, nurturing,
Grounding you into infinite possibility.
Tend the soil with the hands of your soul

Enchant the seeds within
Invite them to rise from their ancient slumber
To carve out a new home in this new breath

Quietly you drift and softly you fall
Into the fairy arms of ephemeral dreams
When you wake you shall see

The seeds of your uncertainty and turmoil
Germinating into possibility, unfolding and blossoming
into the True Reality of your Dreams.

How deeply and dearly you are loved
The most precious gift of the Universe
Placed, with delicate purpose, into your heart.

Thank you, Maryse and Lynn, for allowing me to share your creative expressions here, in this space!

Maryse is a current participant in I Believe in Magic: 30-day Photo Journey. While there are many beautiful photos presented in the class, Maryse’s photo was one of my favorites because it feels to me like the essence of ‘magic’we plant seeds of love then we open, with ease and joy, as the energy is returned ten-fold in ways that enliven and delight.

Lynn is a current participant in the Facets Energetic Intention Circle Facebook forum. When Lynn chose to share her poem with us, Maryse (who participates in the forum as well) added her photo to the discussion thread. Seeing the photo with the poem  was so powerful, as I hope you have felt here.

Dear Reader: As you consider the idea of magic gardens and sacred containers for heart whispers and dream tending what would you choose to grow? (when you share, you inspire!)

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: What we place our attention upon grows. 

Please note that the new session of I Believe in Magic begins Sunday, June 1st and the Facets energetic intention circle opens June 1st as well. Registration is open now for both offerings; for more information, please click the links.

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  1. Jean Sampson said:

    Wow, Lynn and Maryse! The picture and poem express who you awesome women really ARE! Maryse, you ARE a sacred container full of so much creative potential that you are now tapping into and allowing to grow. And Lynn, right now, you seem to be on fire with creative energy, almost more than you can contain. It is so inspiring to be in the group with both of you! My sacred containers are many. The first is my body, of course, and the next one is my little house that I love. The studio in my old elementary school which is now an art center is a HUGE sacred container in which I paint and also write poems. Beyond that, each relationship is its own sacred container of seeds that grow and bloom when people share and create love together. I LOVE your blessing/affirmation/prayer, Joy! I will use that to bless anything that I do, especially my classes in which I scatter seeds and have no idea of when and where (of if) the are going to sprout and grow! <3 Love ALL YA'll

    • My heart is smiling as I read your words, Jean! May Maryse and Lynn both feel your love and appreciation!

      The body as a sacred container is something I have been working with only recently in the last few years – it has been life changing in wonderful ways! I am so glad you mentioned that! Thank you also, for sharing a few of the sacred containers in your world – as I read this, a feeling pops in that *life* is a sacred container.

      Love to *you*.!

  2. Esther Kim said:

    Wow! What a beautiful and powerful combination! Love it!! Thank you Maryse and Lynn! :) In my own magical garden I would choose to plant and grow seeds of self love in the sacred container of my heart, which would set the foundation for the blossoming and manifestation of my heart whispers and dreams. One big heart whisper that comes to mind is moving to the bay area and being able to explore more of life. Another is the cultivation and expansion of my creativity, whether it be with film, drawing, painting, or writing – I want to explore it all! I love the idea of the body as a sacred container. Having a lot of issues with my body, I would absolutely love to get some help in healing it and my relationship with it! One of my mega dreams is to really delve deep into tantra and to bring my body in alignment with my heart (which, at the moment seems to be a bit of a challenge)! It was a bit of a revelation to realize that the body is a part of the whole, and in the end, what it really follows is the heart. I love your blessing too, Joy. What a beautiful way to move from experience to experience! I will definitely use that as I cultivate my dreams. Thank you for a wonderful, insightful, and affirming post! It feels good to put these things into words.

    • Reading your words fills my heart with joy, Esther! Seeds of self-love are a wonderful choice. You have so many creative paths to explore – it is exciting to read about your dreams and future manifestations!

      I practice tantra as a way of life – it is important to remember it is a practice, one step of intention/opening to receive and celebrate after another. That can simultaneously be healing *and* enlivening. Which is *wonderful manifesting energy*.

      Thank you for the kind words about the blessing – I hope it brings peace and possibility to you as you use it. Thank *you* for sharing, Esther!!

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