Six Word Saturday: Volume Three


I invite you to play along with me every Saturday – shaping six words into phrases the enliven, enrich, inspire, encourage, delight.

My collection of six word phrases comes from playing along on Twitter during the week with the hashtag #sixwords.

The photos are my originals, usually from the week, some from my personal collection.

Six Word Saturday: Volume Two

ibim-class-collage-2vulnerability is the space of miracles

(Facets: I Believe in Magic class collage – photo credit from top left, clockwise:

Linda, Tanya, Joy, Rand)


mining heart treasures from mind’s rubble

(this truck was on the road by my son’s class – it looks as if it was set on fire, then someone attempted to live in it, as the cardboard boxes are strategically placed)


faith asks, love receives, joy celebrates

(my New Moon crystal grid – set with intention around the pink quartz heart. From top, clockwise = moonstone, carnelian, sunstone, pyrite, with jasper for protection)


intentionally being handed false hope sucks!

(steps by the beach – as long as I have the ability to breathe, I have the power to step again/still/with love and gratitude)


I am learning to love me.

(it’s a practice of presence –

this was a selfie on a day of newness this past week)


pivotal: the moment you choose forgiveness.

(New Moon sunset this week)


I’m looking forward to each of you playing along – either by sharing your sixword phrase in the comment section below or, if you have a blog, by writing a post and sharing the link here (if you write a post, we can see your photos as well!).

Think of this as word play that enlivens and enriches – your opportunity to showcase your talent along with views of your world! If you link up, please link back to this post. Thank you!

Thank you for your presence!

Much peace and abundant love,

If you enjoy photography, you might wish to join in the fun of  I Believe in Magic: 30-day Photo JourneyClass begins June 1st. Registration is open through June 3, 2014. I do hope you choose to play with us – it’s a lot of fun!

I am so excited to be offering a new session of this class: Presence to Manifesting Money with Joy. This session, I am including various practices of presence and energy movement (for example, color reading, animal messages, tarot readings). Registration is open through June 13, 2014 (please click the title link to register).

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Comments on: "Six Word Saturday: Volume Three" (9)

  1. I Am Blessed and a Blessing. #Sixword

    • Yes, Naike *you* (and we) are – thank you for this *powerful* affirmation – what a way to open this day!!!

      Thank you for playing along!

  2. All the love you give matters. #Sixword

    • This is beautiful, Naike. There are moments when I have shared love and I just don’t know if it made a difference externally (although internally love is a heart-opening and always matters) and then there is an affirmation, like yours, to remind me that yes – you might not always see the blossoms, but they happen in due time.

      I love this. If everyone truly felt and believed this to be true, can you imagine the peace and joy in connecting and creating? Wow.

      Thank you for playing along!!! Love and gratitude to you!

  3. Jean Sampson said:

    I love all the ones I have read so far! So, even though it is getting close to Sunday, here goes!

    Remember to be grateful for sunlight.

    A beautiful day is a treasure.

    A smile is always a gift.

    Miles can never separate good friends.

    Maybe money does grow on trees :)

    A word can open your heart.

    Tend your heart like a garden.

    There you go, Joy! <3 <3

  4. I was here, Love to you! :)

  5. Hi Joy,

    I incorporated these 6 words into my personal mission:

    Vanquisher of Fear; Slayer of Doubt

    I recently wrote about Vanquishing Fear,

    Next up will be Slaying Doubt ;-)

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