Six Word Saturday: Volume Two


I invite you to play along with me every Saturday – shaping six words into phrases the enliven, enrich, inspire, encourage, delight.

My collection of six word phrases comes from playing along on Twitter during the week with the hashtag #sixwords.

The photos are my originals, usually from the week, some from my personal collection.

Six Word Saturday: Volume Two


…soul language – heart whispers and prayers ….

(a selfie I took on Mother’s Day while waiting for the kids to ‘jump into’ a family photo)


 casting full moon wishes at sunset

(the afterglow of Full Moon sunset last week)


 trust your vision / live your dream

(I love the feel of these white rose petals)


radiant sunrise stokes my inner fire

(sunrise from this past week – the first one I have seen from the beach in quite some time)


trusting in flow, heart paths converge

(pre-dawn wave action – right as Full Moon was setting and Sun was rising – thus the tinge of pink)


ask clearly, receive graciously, celebrate joyfully

(photo is of a flower in my son’s aerial showcase celebration bouquet )


I’m looking forward to each of you playing along – either by sharing your sixword phrase in the comment section below or, if you have a blog, by writing a post and sharing the link here (if you write a post, we can see your photos as well!).

Think of this as word play that enlivens and enriches – your opportunity to showcase your talent along with views of your world! If you link up, please link back to this post. Thank you!

Thank you for your presence!

Much peace and abundant love,

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Comments on: "Six Word Saturday: Volume Two" (18)

  1. I accept myself for who I am. #SixwordSaturday

  2. Jean Sampson said:

    These are lovely, Joy, and you KNOW I love your photographs!

    Ok, here goes!

    Let joy arise within your heart.

    Count your blessings instead of fears.

    Listen—become the birds’ lovely songs.

    You may always find healing grace.

    Mysteries are afoot—-look, listen, open!

    Tears are gifts from your heart

    Thanks, Joy, I enjoyed doing that! Love to you!

    • I was going to pick my favorite, Jean, but each one speaks to me! I love *mysteries are afoot – look, listen, open! – because it is how I feel this week and month as I continue shifting energy and manifesting newness! Thank you for choosing to play!

  3. Celebrate all hearts on the rise

    Embrace the y of yes today

    Make a wish on wishbone sky

    • *Embrace the y of yes today* – what would life look and feel like if I (we each) did this? When I first met my NY friends a few years ago (Megan, Steve, Karen, Barbara, Mike, Vicki, Evita and her husband) I was in this *yes to everything stage* which I have begun centering back into this week. I love the affirmation (and synchronicity) of your words! Thank you for choosing to play!!

  4. Spread your soul wings- fly unbridled!

  5. Beauty and warmth are caressing me.

    • I am so glad you chose to visit Facets and to play, Heli!!

      I love the feel of your words – an invitation to bask, be held, celebrate. Thank you!

  6. There is a color not known.
    There is darkness before sun’s glow.
    What is life if not sown?
    What is death if not grown?
    No color new before the blow.
    What color hue is the soul?

    ~ Rand

    • Thank you for for playing along, Rand!

      I love the color before sun’s glow – although it currently coincides with school drop-off so I see it in passing! And I wonder if soul’s color hue changes or remains essentially the same with light variations – might that be similar to an aura?

  7. Genuine love flows freely. No Games! #SixwordSaturday

  8. Passion sets the soul on fire.

    Embrace unknowing, live in this loving.

    My soul sings with your touch.

    Choose love and nothing is wrong.

    Shine on, my wild sweet angel.

    Circles reunite what cannot be lost.

    Touch tenderly, heart whispers, dreams fly.

    Plumbing the depths in shadow light.

    Some silence speaks softly, some screams.

    Swing, rhythm, flow, swoop, soar, sway.

    Simmering passion ignites flaming torrential downpours.

    • My goodness, Molly, that last one touches my inner core!!! Each one is so beautiful – thank you for playing along and bringing *passion* front and center – I appreciate that immensely about you!

  9. Yes to everything, surrender feeds flow.

    • This is a very powerful affirmation, Molly – imagine what life would like and feel like if we each chose to live the energy in the words you have shared! Thank you.

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