Active Listening and Sharing Creative Expression


I am so excited to share with you a guest post, information on a fun blog hop and two new Facets of Joy offerings!

Active Listening

Have you ever had the experience of feeling like you had something truly meaningful and significant to share with a person but, as you spoke, you noticed that their attention was on something that wasn’t you? No matter how excited you originally were to speak, your energy deflates and you feel insignificant and small.

It’s likely that you feel neither loved nor appreciated. It’s also likely that you will be less enthusiastic about participating in future conversations with that person, even if they invite you to share.

Because I believe that what we focus upon grows, let’s flip the example around and explore a positive experience of connection. You have something really important to say and the person you wish to share it with looks you in the eye, is in a relaxed position ready to receive whatever it is you wish to say and you feel so comfortable you speak straight from your heart.

As you speak, the person encourages you to continue with gestures such as nodding in agreement and facial expressions that convey empathy. They don’t interrupt, they keep on listening. You talk on, often joyfully sharing far more than you intended to.

This is the power of presence to active listening. You feel peace, love, gratitude. Your bond is strengthened. Your heart is happy. And, you look forward to speaking together again. How refreshing!

This is an excerpt from “Active Listening is a Practice of Unconditional Love” a guest post that I am sharing on Shailaja’s blog “Diary of A Doting Parent”.  To read the rest of the article and to add your voice to the conversation in the comments, please click the article link. It would be *awesome* to have some Facets support and insight there!

Gratitude to Shailaja for her invitation and the warm welcome on her site!!

On Writing

I am so excited about this invitation from Vidya Sury! I wish I had conceived of this concept and the questions – but I didn’t!!

The invitation is to participate in a blog hop on writing. Each blogger that is invited answers questions about their writing process (this fascinates me and I still cannot believe I have gone my entire career and hadn’t thought to ask interview guests about their writing process!!!).

The way it works is that one blogger writes about their process then tags three of their friends /peers to answer the questions on their site the following week. My ‘turn’ is coming up this Tuesday (oooh – see, a ‘teaser’).

If you would like to read about Vidya’s writing process, you may do so here: On Writing

If you would like to be one of the three people I tag in my article on Tuesday, please email me at

Gratitude to Vidya for tagging me!!!

New Facets Offerings

As you know, I practice presence to unfolding within organic growth.

I shared the above information so you can see ‘how’ I create organically for Facets.

I chose the theme of “active listening” for my guest article for Shailaja. After I wrote the article, I felt into how important it is to have someone to simply listen.

I will share that after my Fall experience (of the man who if you Google his name with ‘fraud’ or ‘scam’ next to it, items will come up – borrowed money and didn’t return it which then required a lot of centering into my practices to heal) it was *the most wonderful blessing* to have someone to simply listen to me!

There were many people who advised me to manifest something new, offered words of guidance; some who criticized or judged;  lots who listened halfway but really couldn’t (or didn’t want to) hear what I was sharing.

I have awareness and presence and I know ‘how’ it happened, but shoot I just wanted someone to listen.

Well, one day, I was sitting at a cafe with tears rolling down my cheeks and I asked Universe to please send me someone to just listen. I’m not kidding when I say about one minute later I received an email from a very close friend from my past saying “It’s odd but I had a nudge from Universe that you needed someone to listen so I’m emailing to offer you that.” I felt so relieved and refreshed after sharing everything that was in my heart. It was so healing! Probably one of the most effective tools I used to move through that experience.

So….remembering that, and feeling into the energy of the article I wrote for Shailaja, I created Here to Listen.

(You see, I wasn’t ‘planning’ on creating it; it simply arose as I said yes to creating in new spaces. And that is “how” Facets offerings happen – part of my process of creating and sharing in this space.)

For more information and to schedule a session, please click the photo link.

The second offering I created happened today as well. After facilitating a distance energy session with a client, I realized that all of my distance energy sessions were rolled into packages. What if you didn’t want *clarity or a reading* and you simply wanted a distance energy session?

So, I created a distance energy session offering including two options of personal sessions and monthly group sessions.

The first group distance energy session is June 8th – to coincide with the opening of the June Facets Energetic Intention circle. For more information and to register, please click the photo link.

To me, this is an affirmation of ‘you plant seeds and they blossom in delightful ways far beyond what you could have imagined’!

Dear Reader: I would love to know, when you are creating something, do you plan it all out first or do you allow for unfolding or a combination of both? 

Thank you for your presence!

Much peace and abundant love,


The deadline for my family’s GoFundMe campaign “Asking for Help in a Time of Need” is June 9th. We are blessed to have received in 68% of our goal!!  It is truly a miracle that I couldn’t have imagined! We appreciate all support (including prayers and money) in receiving in the last 32% by our deadline. Please share the link or click to donate – each donation amount matters and is part of this life-changing energy shift!

I had all sorts of barriers around asking and also judgment of myself for being in such a position (loaning out more money than I had to assist someone who asked) and trusting while I walked my heart path. This campaign experience has affirmed to me the power of prayer, of opening to receive in, and of community support. Thank you!

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