Be Seen: A Circle of Celebration


On any given day, my inbox is overflowing with goodness – on Monday mornings, it seems like the entire Universe has written something ‘especially for me to see’. (Can you relate? For this reason, I don’t send emails on Monday – my small way of honoring peace in your inbox *grin*)

I have a few “go-to’s” , then I delete the rest. (By the way, I wouldn’t recommend my Monday morning inbox management system – I am sure that I miss many lovely messages and free gifts and I wouldn’t want you to have a similar experience!)

As I scanned titles (I wouldn’t recommend that practice either; sometimes the creativity is in the title, not the article; sometimes the most ‘boring’ title leads-in to a message that touches my heart and inspires me to open/celebrate/trust) I came across this:

*Be Seen: Why It’s Scary and How ‘Seen’ Means Taking Ownership of Your Life* by Dave Ursillo.

When Dave writes, I take the time to read. This title simultaneously intrigued and scared me. I wanted to read it, but I didn’t want to read it. (I read it. Loved it! I took the message to heart and then re-arranged my day to write this article to share with you!)

This speaks straight to my heart:

“Don’t be afraid. Don’t closet your truth. Don’t put off your dreams. Take ownership of what you say you desire. Stand tall. Be proud of who you are. Whatever you say, say it with conviction–not because you’re righteous or all-knowing, but because you believe in yourself.”

This is something my mind can engage with and understand:

“To be seen is the synthesis of desire.

Because you can’t hide from your desires if you really want them. You can’t sorta-dream and still see them happen. You cannot invest half of your heart and say it’s what you fully love. Being seen–fully, totally, for who you really are and what you really want, need and desire–is part of what it takes to prove to yourself and to the world that you are completely invested. Responsible. Committed.”

As I intentionally open my heart to expansion in all areas of my life; I understand that I want to be seen by those with resonant energy who encourage, support and appreciate what I am sharing and I don’t want to be seen by those who criticize, deride and scoff.

In my experience, though, I find that when I am sharing from heart-space and am centered into my practices of presence and ‘on-purpose/fire/full of passion’ – I naturally draw to me those who share similar beliefs and ways of moving through world. From such a space, if someone criticizes, I either don’t notice at all or I notice but the energy doesn’t touch me.

However, when I am sharing from heart space, but perhaps feeling doubt about my worth or creation (or both), I draw to me ‘doubters’. From this space, if someone criticizes, it goes straight to inner core and it hurts.

So, for me, the ‘work’ is in choosing to center and celebrate – especially when I am feeling most vulnerable – rather than attempting to manipulate external variables such as whom I will share with.

When we walk this heart path, we know with certainty we are going to connect and create and share. Knowing that, let’s open to *enjoying* the process, instead of resisting it!

As you know, we don’t get to choose who sees us and how they feel about what we are sharing – we only get to choose whether we listen to our heart whispers, create what we are nudged to and share it with World (or not).

It’s vulnerable stuff.

There are times that we choose not to create or share because we’d rather not step into vulnerable space but then, those heart whispers turn to screams, eventually evolving into physical pain to get our attention.

In our attempt to avoid perceived future pain, we instead experience tension and struggle, in our present day. (So many people follow this path – it’s quite common in our society. If this is the space you are currently in, please do not judge yourself; simply notice and remember that you may choose something different when you are ready.)

There are times that we listen carefully to our heart whispers, exploring creative expression and sharing in the spaces we feel compelled to – not knowing where any of it will lead, but feeling peace, joy and ease, even with that uncertainty. )

We choose to be seen. And it feels good. So we continue to choose it. Life presents us with synchronicity and magic; infinite possibility becomes our reality. (More people than you are probably aware of, follow this heart path but often aren’t quite as vocal about it as those who choose differently; another reason to *be seen* – fellow heart path walkers won’t know about each other if we hide!)

And, there are times when all of the above is jumbled together- you listen, you create, you hesitate then feel pain until eventually you  can’t stand it, so you share and then the world opens up….or you share and you feel like you hit a brick wall, so you take the time to heal and refresh and then you open to create and share again….

I think the pain happens when we judge ourselves for our desire to be seen and/or we judge ourselves for our choice to hide.

And, peace is experienced – regardless of external – when we understand that choosing to follow our heart whispers and step into the light is simply ‘honoring our birthright’.

While we are in Solstice energy this week, there is lots of guidance on how to move forward with that energy. One suggestion that resonates well with me is to take the time to review the previous six months to clearly see what you have created and where you have chosen to step.

As you review, may you take the time to thank your self for all that you have chosen to create. To appreciate your creative expressions and to physically celebrate (which supports your energetic practice by bringing those feelings into your physical space/daily life) in some way. Your celebration doesn’t have to be with a material gift (although it can be – how fun!!); perhaps you prefer to celebrate by spending time in your favorite spot in nature, or doing something you consider fun/play or eating a food that you tend to save for special occasions.

(An energetic thank you is powerful; bringing that energy into your physical realm of being is a step we often skip, yet ultra-empowering!)

Dear Reader: I invite you to step into this circle of celebration and share what you are delighted to have created in the last six months. What creative expressions are you proud of? (and it’s perfectly okay to feel proud of yourself.) Are there spaces of connection you chose to step into? Have you accomplished a goal you set for yourself? Please, share away (gush, if you wish – the energy is amazing to experience – I love it!).

Please note: People often ask about my use of color in my writing, here. I intentionally weave energy through my articles – each color I use correlates to a specific chakra center. In such a way, I guide your eyes as you scan (engaging your mind) leaving heart free to open to celebrate the message.

Much peace and abundant love,


Walk Your Heart Path with Joy: Exploring and Experiencing Peace and Possibility in Daily Life opens July 18th (my birthday – yes!! – a perfect way to celebrate ‘heart-path walking’). Registration is open now – there are 16 spaces left: is one of them yours

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  1. Jean Sampson said:

    I am most proud of the poems I have written this spring. I am also proud that I did, after much fussing and resistance. do the black and white paintings for the decorator, especially the orbs! I have done a diptych and a painting that is similar to the diptych. I did one little gold and black canvas that I love and will take home with me if nobody buys it. So, although I feel no excitement when I look at the new paintings, I am hoping that they will be appealing to decorators. They are nice paintings, just not totally MY paintings. :) I also received a lovely postcard from a student who is now living and working in London—–it said ” Thank you for being the most inspiring teacher in my life.” And it came on the day classes were starting for the summer and I was feeling scared and vulnerable. The timing was perfect! <3

    • Oh, wow, Jean – the timing of that postcard feels *divine* – an affirmation as you open new classes. Perfect!

      May you bless your paintings and ask them to draw to them the buyer/s that are meant to be theirs. Your energy lifts when you describe the black and gold canvas – perhaps they are meant to be a *treat* for you (I know you are ultra-generous with gifting others, I bet you tend not to gift yourself, in general).

      What I love about the black and white process is that you opened to stretch – so, perhaps *that* opening is where the excitement can be experienced, instead of the finished project which to you holds that stretch energy. I love your poetry and am excited to see how you choose to share them with World!

  2. Jean Sampson said:

    Thank you, Joy! Yes, that WAS a divine message because lately I have been questioning whether I am supposed to teach or not—–well that settled that! :)
    I teach with love and humor and understanding of human wounds around creativity—-so, I guess it is meant for me to teach. I did enjoy the first classes. :)
    I guess how I gift myself is to get to walk and buy really good food and supplements. It feels like the gifts I give myself are for nourishment of body. mind and spirit :) And yes, I DO love that little gold painting—–I did it as a “reward” for doing the orbs! If nobody buys it, it is coming home with me because it makes me feel great to look at it! And yes, I have certainly stretched this summer! The interesting thing about the collage with the drawings and poems is, that in the long run I have to “sacrifice” the words (sort of disguise them) and also the drawings so the design of the entire surface works as a piece of art. And I am finally getting it! I really want to see if I can work some gold paint into this, but it is not ready for that yet :) Maybe soon though! :) I forgot how much I love collage—–it was the thing that taught me color when I lived for 30 years in a really small place with no real room to work. Who knew that I was learning color in the best way? I sure did not! Thanks for the good words about the poems—-I am going to find a way to get them out! <3 <3

    • Jean, I wonder why we (most everyone I know whom is in a teaching position) often question if we are meant to teach. Is this because we can’t see the internal shifts that happen as a result of our guidance – in most other professions there is an external result/measurement to see “how” or even if, the material and process being shared is ‘working’.

      Thank you for sharing your collage process. I love when you share!!! It feels like an invitation to return to our base practices/’roots’ as we stretch.

  3. …so I went into my flickr photostream and counted almost 200 images that I have posted with our 30 Day Magical Journey’s since the image I took of the morning sun rising on the day of the winter solstice from on top of Cowles Mountain.

    …not as much new poetry to go with some of the images, but the fire still burns in me and I will be looking forward to our next *Journey* come this September!

    …thanks fellow photographer’s and writers for what I have *seen* and *read*.

    …thanks Joy for all that you do for us.

    …thanks Joy for all the facets that we enjoy because of you!

    • Thank you for sharing, Rand! I appreciate your presence and the kind words. One of the things I love about the I Believe in Magic photo journey is what you have shared here: at the end of the session, there is a visual of the beauty and magic in one’s life – so heart can celebrate each step!

  4. Jean Sampson said:

    I think you are right—-we often do NOT see what is happening for the student—–until MUCH later when, perhaps, they return to show us what they are up to and how we started them off right. The parents of one teenager who I taught for several years told me several years later that they believed that I saved her life (they had been afraid of suicide, I think). I guess I showed her what a good artist she was, and of course, I love everyone (almost :) ) that I teach. So, I guess we never really know what the results of our teaching will be!
    OMG, did I EVER get out the gold paint for the collage! I am not sure if the gold is photographable but I might give it a shot so you can see it! I like it but it might not be finished still :)

    • Wow, Jean!!! What an amazing experience you are sharing here. Thank you! And, I am *laughing* because if you say there is lots of gold paint, there truly is (oh, yes – paint *everything golden*!!).

  5. Jean Sampson said:

    YES!!! :) :) gold it is! And it was not finished—-more gold!

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