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I wrote “Sometimes We Need A Mirror” about one year ago, after reading two articles about suicide and broken hearts.

In that article I asked:

What do we do with a broken heart?  then, I shared my ‘answer’.

I went on to say:

When we are not equipped to Love our essence and we are unable to tap into Universal Love, we need a mirror to reflect to us that which we have forgotten.  

And, it might be that still some people are unable to see the love and light that is reflected; that is okay…it is not our job (my job) to *make someone see*…it is simply for us to be as centered and consistent as possible in all that we reflect and share.

Listening to Heart Whispers

Because I practice presence – centering into love and gratitude before (and as I am) connecting and creating – when my heart whispers, I hear it loud and clear. I don’t always know what they mean or where they will lead, but I listen.  And I follow them.

It means that whether I feel confident or vulnerable (or, as is usually the case, somewhere in between) I find myself consistently in new space.

I find myself reaching out to others to tell them that they inspire me and specifically how they inspire me.

So, when I read in Amy Clover’s recent subscriber newsletter that she was again facilitating the Strong Inside Out Tour this year – with funding through an indiegogo campaign – I emailed her and asked her to share a message with my Facets community.

Amy responded right away! I am delighted to share this with you!


From Amy’s about page:

I’m here because I want to empower you to overcome whatever obstacles are keeping you from a thriving life.

I know what it’s like to look in the mirror and hate who’s looking back, to feel trapped in a relationship you shouldn’t be in. I know what it’s like to be clinically depressed, as it was that very problem that almost caused me to take my own life back in 2005.

I am here as living proof that you can overcome, and that’s what I want you to realize about yourself.

There is hope for a better life.

A personal message from Amy

(because I asked her to share with you)

I met Joy last year when I launched The 30×30 Project Tour to raise hope through fitness. Her light and support helped make it possible for me to raise over $18,000 so that I could tour North America to raise hope and strength in the struggling.

The way I aim to help the struggling is not your typical prescription. I show them the fight they have left inside.

Many people who feel hopeless think that there is no possibility of light. They don’t know that they are valuable and that they can make a difference in this world.

Every 40 seconds, one of those lights goes out due to suicide. My mission is to keep as many of those fires burning by helping them realize just how bright they are.

I need your help to continue this movement to empower the struggling to rediscover their strength.

I’m putting together this year’s Strong Inside Out Tour in which I’ll be teaching intention-driven fitness classes in major cities across The US to empower people out of any kind of struggle. By taking participants through the experience of fighting through a tough workout while incorporating strength-inspiring mantras, I believe that the strength they find in class will lead to a more resilient mindset in everyday life.

In addition to the classes and the ongoing membership program that each participant can use to stay accountable and motivated, I’m giving 50% of my proceeds from the events to suicide prevention charity, To Write Love On Her Arms.

Please consider donating to the campaign and sharing the movement with your friends (#siotour). Let’s make the world a better, stronger place.


Click here to donate and share the movement.

This isn’t about covering up your darkness with sunshine and rainbows so that you can pretend as well as the person next to you. This movement is about showing you that you’re strong enough to fight through the darkness and come out stronger. This movement is about dealing with the root of your struggle so that we can release its power over you.

We’re already scheduled in Portland, San FranciscoMilwaukeeDenver and Boston for full-scale fitness events. Read more about what we do here.

Stay strong,


Thank you, Amy!

I love Amy’s energy and message and the charity she is donating to holds meaning to me (these are issues that have touched my life and why heart healing is so important to me) Amy’s work addresses the physical component, which is essential to whole-body wellness; this is why I support her and opened my space to share with you.

Dear Reader: As you think about and feel into this message, what arises within for you? Is listening to your heart whispers something familiar and comfortable to you or is this new to you? And, have you had an experience where your passion for a cause led you to create or participate in something that was perhaps a stretch for you? (when you share, you inspire)

Thank you for your presence!

Much peace and abundant love,


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