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Last week, in her post “On Writing“, Vidya Sury tagged me  to participate in a blog hop.

Because I love Vidya (her energy, message and writing style) and I love the questions, I said *Yes!* right away.

Part of  the blog hop fun is to tag other participants to share their answers the following week. I received an enthusiastic, immediate “Yes!” from Peggy Nolan at Serendipity Smiles. Peggy is someone I have known since my earliest blogging days, quite a few years ago. Last year, Peggy wrote a prompt for one of my self-study courses Illuminate Your Heart Whispers: 30-Days of Love Prompts.  It is a delight to share her skill and message with you again!


Peggy’s Bio: Peggy Nolan is a self proclaimed vanquisher of fear, slayer of self-doubt and she’s determined to be courageously creative. She’s currently dusting off her poems and a flash fiction piece for publication on Kindle. You can keep tabs on her at her little corner of the Universe, Serendipity Smiles. Peggy lives in Derry, NH with her husband, Richard.

You can look for Peggy’s article sharing her answers to the following questions, next week on her site (I will share the link in this space and also my community newsletter).

Sharing My Writing Process

What I love about this project is that the focus is on the craft of writing.

I have been writing since I was a young child. I carry around a notebook or journal everywhere I go. I know the power of words and I enjoy putting them together in a way that brings a smile to someone’s heart and/or inspires them to create/connect/celebrate in delightful ways. And, I love sharing notecards and letters via snail mail!

Because my personal focus is on sharing enlivening energy that enriches and heals, I find that this ‘heart home on the web’ (Facets of Joy site) is a wonderful hub for a community that enjoys exploring ideas and practices together. Along with articles, I offer a variety of free collaborative ebooks,  guided classes and services – the most fun (for me) way to share energy via this hub is through written word.  

It is a delight to share my answers to these blog hop questions with you! (The same questions Vidya has answered and Peggy will be answering.)

1. What am I working on/writing?

When I facilitate ecourses, I don’t write the daily prompts ahead of time. Instead, I write intuitively each day, integrating information from conversations in the class forum into the prompt. This keeps the energy fresh and the guidance relevant to that specific session.  And it also means that there are some days that I write quite a lot (which I love)!

I am currently facilitating two classes Presence to Manifesting Money with Joy (registration is open through June 13, 2014) and I Believe in Magic 30-day Photo Journey (registration is open now for the September session). 

I am also very excited to participate as a speaker in the free video summit “Supreme Feminine Essence“; I am writing an ebook (to share as a free gift with viewers).I will be speaking about the idea of your body as a sacred container; bringing your energy into your body, then tapping into elemental energy and sharing with others from that empowered space. The ebook will be a companion resource to that talk. (And oh, my – Morgana Rae, Laura Eisenhower, Rebecka Eggers are also participants – along with many other powerful women – I am so so excited!!!)

2. How does my work/writing differ from others in its genre?

I love this question because I tend to find and celebrate the connector energies between us, so to think about *differences* is interesting!

I stream right from my heart space – I often invite readers to feel into my words and I hadn’t seen that specific request from many of my peers. Because I stream from heart space, my writing is not always grammatically correct but my words are full of love and gratitude; because your heart feels that, your mind passes right over the ‘mistakes’.

I use my own photos from my personal collection instead of using stock photography. Again, this is because I focus on the energy I am sharing and I want readers to feel the fresh energy from nature/sunset/ocean that I experience and reflect through my photos (and it gives the reader a glimpse into my physical day, which opens connection and conversation).

I also weave energetic intention through my work with the use of color. Knowing that many readers skim, I use color to guide their eyes to specific points. I also use color that corresponds with specific chakra centers to invite an opening to idea and energy.

While I am laid-back in life, I am a perfectionist with my work, so knowing that I sometimes share mistakes used to bother me until I realized that makes me feel very accessible (and ‘real’) to my readers.

3. Why do I write what I do?

I choose topics that reflect light, love and gratitude. I think these energies are powerful, potent healing (we all have wounded spaces) and connective (which we all desire) energies.

I write whatever it is that my heart asks me to: I share pieces of my personal story, answer questions, explain practices of presence and energy movement and speak to relevant current experiences in society.

I write to learn. I ask questions and I value the different perspectives, wisdom and experiences shared in the answers. I believe your voice matters so I write in way that encourages conversation.

I write to inspire movement. There are many people in situations that are painful beyond comprehension. I have been *there* and I write so that people will consider options, explore beyond the limitations they perceive and perhaps choose to move (energetically and physically) from chaos and pain to peace and possibility. It can be a difficult, heart-wrenching time and it helps to know you are not alone and to be reminded of who you are at base, beyond what you may feel while in pain.

4. How does my writing process work?

All of my work evolves naturally. I feel a nudge, I need to write and it flows effortlessly; if I don’t feel that nudge, I don’t write. I have not been successful while attempting to ignore that nudge – it is persistent and strong until I give it full expression.

I have a morning ‘routine’ which involves meditation, some sort of physical movement and streaming morning pages  – someplace in all of that a heart whisper arises, I feel into it and write. I never know ahead of time what it will be, yet,  it tends to flow with whatever I had previously written.

As a single mother of two children, most of my day is spent with them, so I write while they are in school. This means that I stream it all out to get the complete feeling in and I might return to the piece later to edit.  I don’t have large blocks of uninterrupted time – I have small blocks scattered throughout each day.

Because I, in essence, ‘channel energy’ if I have left a piece for more than a day, it no longer feels the same and I don’t use it. When I am writing books, I have to write a complete chapter at a time or the feel becomes choppy and won’t resonate with readers.

While most writers focus on the words; I focus on the energy in the words. I believe that our creative expressions hold our energy so when I am writing, I intentionally center into peace, love, gratitude and joy. I have to be centered and open to the process or I can’t write.

If I am writing a collaborative piece or a guest article, I have to receive the theme a few weeks ahead of time so I can bring it to my heart space and feel into the energy. Because of that, I turn down lots of requests – the energy has to be completely resonant for words to naturally pour out. I can’t force my writing.

I wish they had asked, how do you move through writer’s block!  I would love to hear others processes!

Dear Reader, I am asking *you* when you are creatively blocked, how do you move through it? (when you share, you inspire)

Thank you for your presence!

Much peace and abundant love,


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Comments on: "Presence to Sharing My Writing Process" (8)

  1. Hello there beautiful Joy! I love how you “feel into” your writing. Me? Sometimes I have to leave a piece until the right words muddle together. I’m a firm believer in creating white magic with words. Words have meaning, impact, and so much power.

    You asked about writer’s block. If you read Steven Pressfield’s, “The War of Art,” you will come to know that there is no such thing as writer’s block. No matter what you want to call it, it’s all just resistance. And resistance comes in many shapes or sizes. When I *think* I’m blocked, I write the next word…even if it’s crap. ;-)


    • Thank you for sharing, Peggy! I look forward to your article!

      I absolutely agree with this *Words have meaning, impact, and so much power.* so I choose to center into love and gratitude first, before writing. This doesn’t mean that what I share will always be ‘positive’, but it does mean that even if I share something painful it will be wrapped in love and light as an invitation for each of us to open through if we wish.

      I understand writer’s block is resistance and there are so many reasons for its existence and ways to move through it – I love sharing experiences so we can each choose to explore different ways, if we wish. Writing the next word is powerful – it’s like my ‘just focus on the next step’ practice when moving through something challenging. For me, resistance happens if I fast forward to the big picture – so it’s bringing it all back to present that, for me, opens doors.

  2. Jean Sampson said:

    One of the things I love most about your writing, Joy, is that you allow yourself to be vulnerable and that invites vulnerability from your readers/ blog participants. And, yes, you are a wonderful conversation starter! :) I get unstuck by sometimes throwing a little fit (it DOES change the energy) in my studio and I usually just keep on painting. I don’t ever really experience writer’s block because I have a ritual of reading other poems until I feel something tugging at me and then I cannot get to the pencil and paper fast enough. Poems are like little birds that come to say Hi and, and it you don’t really pay attention to them, feed them, etc, they will go somewhere else and someone else will write the poem that you could have written :) I am a great believer in creativity rituals. I cannot paint or write without a cup of green jasmine tea, for example. It might be really cold when I get around to drinking it, but I have got to make it and have it near-by.

    • Oh, wow – thank you for the kind words, Jean!

      I love how you choose to get unstuck – perhaps throwing a fit releases and moves energy and that opens doors! I, too, believe in creativity rituals – it’s so interesting that I didn’t mention that. Whenever you mention jasmin green tea that reminds me how much I love it, too!

      The way you describe poems coming to you is absolutely beautiful!

  3. You describe your process wonderfully well, Joy. I’m always in awe of writers who know they are writers and love the craft. I don’t. I don’t know for sure I’m a writer. All I know is that I have this need for creating and being heard somehow and writing is the way I do it best right now. I don’t love it and often wonder why the Universe has opened this door for me. So…it’s super uplifting to read about you, how inspiration flows through you, and how “easy” it is for you to share your heart whispers. thank you! ?

    • Thank you for the kind words, Maryse.

      At this stage of my life, if I don’t love something I cannot do it. For me, the process of acceptance is about opening my own heart, and then the words (photos, paintings -whatever creative expression I share) draw into my space resonant energy. So, you can see why, then, it’s important for me to be creating and connecting from a space of love.

      I, too wonder why Universe opened this door for you. You have such a gift, but it seems to be a source of tension for you, instead of peace and joy. I know answers will arise. And I appreciate when you share your process of exploring this.

  4. I am so happy I tagged you for the bloghop Joy! You already know I am in love with your writing style, but your answers to the four questions are simply stunning. Now I wish I had answered the second question instead of opening it to the reader to comment on. Hmm. :D

    I love what you said about celebrating connector energies. One of the things I absolutely adore about you is how you spotlight collaboration and open your heart when you connect!

    Beautiful post.

    As for your question about writer’s block, I don’t have any. I don’t know what it is. I am struggling with too much to write about all the time and not enough time and space to do it in. So, like you, I too write (longhand, yes) in a thick spirally bound notebook. You know I also love photography, so there’s another unlimited source of inspiration for words. Each picture I click is a memory, an experience for me. As my son laughingly said yesterday after we returned from a day trip and I was looking for a particular photo – how can I remember each photo I clicked? Blessed just about sums up how I feel about writing.

    Hugs! And thank you so much for honoring the tag. I look forward to Peggy’s post!

    • Thank you, Vidya, for your kind words. I am delighted that you enjoy my writing.

      I bet we there aren’t many who still write in long-hand as you and I do.

      Thank you for sharing your process – it sounds so refreshing and fun! Blessed is something you convey through all that you share – and you seem to draw to you people who also feel blessed, which is one reason I enjoy reading your articles – the comments from your community are fun and insightful!

      Hugs to you, too!

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