S’mores, Walk Your Heart Path with Joy and Fun *Free* Offerings


Just because you can’t *see it* or perhaps you don’t understand *how it will work*, doesn’t make “it” (whatever ‘it’ is) not possible…

The short explanation of the photo and the affirmation is that – to celebrate the first day of summer break – I wanted to share s’mores and a beach afternoon with my children.

We had experienced quite a lot of transition in one week and I wanted to literally put us directly into flow (at least wading in the water if we didn’t feel like body surfing).

*grin* We had an ‘epic fail‘ beach day – gusty winds, a pseudo sand storm, surging seas. It was so cold we were wrapped in everything we brought! And, so windy that lighting a fire for s’mores was impossible.

I just knew that s’mores symbolized summer; my heart said ‘yes, please’!

Upon our return home, the three of us worked together to make these: delicious, “impossible” s’mores.

I cherished each bite! 

Perhaps that doesn’t seem ‘big’ to you; I understand. We had a week of huge transition for all three of us; I knew that if I could just ‘make it’ to beach day, we would celebrate in a simple way and open this summer with *joy* (and chocolate!). My heart wouldn’t accept an epic fail and somehow those s’mores were absolutely *perfect*, despite less than optimal conditions.

(I’m not going to share the long version – because it is long; I found myself releasing super quickly and stretching into new space, almost consistently and I’m going to leave it all in Spring as I celebrate each moment of Summer!)

Walk Your Heart Path with Joy Intensive

Speaking of new beginnings and celebrating…. I am so excited to share this Facets offering with you!

Straight from my heart to yours:


Walk Your Heart Path with Joy is a three-month intensive in which we explore practices of presence and energy movement and how to customize them to *you* and bring them into your daily life so you may feel peace and possibility each day.

There are numerous teachings on how to feel divine and empowered while removed from ‘mainstream‘ – let’s explore how to create and connect from center while moving through daily life, with hearts wide-open, celebrating the gift of this moment, as it is, as we are, while *in mainstream*. 

The intensive runs from July 18-October 18, 2014. For more information, and to register, please follow this link: Walk Your Heart Path with Joy registration information. Please note: space is limited to 18 participants.

Free Gifts: Create Radiant Love Midsummer Madness

I am thrilled to be participating in this free gift-a-thon! I am offering Facets: Illuminate Your Heart Whispers as a free gift.

The gift-a-thon runs through the 21st. There are many gifts to choose from so I suggest you pour some tea (or your favorite beverage) and make a bit of time to browse through to choose what feels right to you.

Here is the link to view the free gifts: Midsummer Madness. (It is not an affiliate link; it’s just fun to share). 

Free Video Summit: Supreme Feminine Essence

I am so excited to be participating in this free video summit!  I love Mia Saenz energy (the facilitator) and there are so many names I recognize as well as many women whom I admire and learn from.

And, each participant is offering a free gift with their video link.

My talk is on the idea of honoring your body as a sacred container and bringing your practices of presence into daily life.

Here is the link to sign up: Supreme Feminine Essence Summit. (It is not an affiliate link either; it’s just fun to share). 

Dear Reader: How are you choosing to open this new season? And, what do you enjoy/lights your heart in this season? (when you share, you inspire) 

Much peace and abundant love,


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