Good Things, Universal Signs and “You Can Manifest Your Dreams”


I read a quote on social media about ‘bad things’ and I thought about how common it is to get together to commiserate/complain about ‘the prevalence of bad things’ and how that energy is not helpful to our personal health, our heart connections or this planet.

One super simple way to cultivate and amplify peace in our personal space and world is to focus our thoughts upon, and celebrate, *good things*. (Well, if you want a stretch, it’s best not to judge or label, but if we are going to judge and label let’s give our attention to all that is ‘right’ in our space/World.)

After reading the quote, I wrote the above affirmation.

I am finding it takes a bit of courage to be ‘the light in the room’ – the one who saysYes, less than lovely may be presented but we have the choice to react or create. And, knowing that what I focus on grows, I prefer to focus on – and celebrate – that which nourishes, enlivens, enriches.”

“Good Things”

A “real-time’ example of *good things* happening (otherwise known as the ‘way Universal Energy/*magic* works in my life’):

(As you read, I invite you to think about a space in which you might feel disheartened/discouraged and invite into that space a bit of grace and trust to open it up to possibility.)

As I am sharing the offering of “Walk Your Heart Path with Joy: 3-mo Intensive” which opens July 18th, enrollment is very low. I find that incredibly interesting because this Facets community and forums facilitated by others that I participate in online are full of heart-centered people walking a heart-path, experimenting with different ways to bring heart energy into daily life and connections. 

I ask Universe for clarity. What is going on with this offering? And what does it mean overall (in my career and life in general)?

I share this with you because sometimes we hold a belief that ‘peaceful’ = easy. I love the Eagles song, ‘Peaceful Easy Feeling‘ – it’s what I aspire to feel each moment – but, there are still some moments that I wouldn’t call ‘easy’ until I release my expectations and center into delight and joy.

Can you relate to creating through uncertainty?  What is one practice/technique that you use to move through that space? 

Sign One: Free Blog Tour Series

One of my practices is to ask Universe for signs. So, I asked Universe for a sign.

Today I came across this brilliant, free, blog tour series by Allison Braun “Busting the Overnight Success Myth“.

An excerpt from the information page:

“I’ve rounded up 21 women, in a variety of different niches, who have made their dream businesses a reality.  All for the purpose of bringing you behind the curtains to reveal what they really experienced and learned (and not just the pretty stuff) in the process of building a successful business they love.

So YOU can trust your own unique path and gain clarity on what’s next for you.”

Love it!!  Speaks right to me. So I spent a bit of time reading through these stories. I find them inspiring and I understand why the series was placed and am *grateful* that I had plenty of time and space to notice the sign and to follow it.

(That’s the thing about signs – they only ‘work’ if we notice them and process the meaning!).

Sign Two: Radio Interview 

Talking about signs: I had a very spontaneous (meaning unplanned) radio interview with Jennifer Hillman of Abstract Illusions Media. A few days ago, Jennifer direct messaged me on Facebook after reading something I posted in a forum I participate in. I like her energy and style and I agreed to an interview for the next day.

The ease and joy of it blows me away – in this day of contracts and media promotion and ‘numbers’ none of that mattered – we exchanged phone numbers and spoke. T entire experience was refreshingly all about heart energy and intention: sharing practices of presence and experiences of manifesting and living ‘magic’ each and every day.

I know your time is valuable and this interview is 60 minutes long; I hope you take the time to listen in; if you have any questions for me about anything I mentioned, please feel free to email me. Because none of this is about *me* – it’s about us choosing to explore and experience infinite possibility as we listen to our heart whispers, creating and connecting from and with them which ultimately equals peace, joy, gratitude, abundance regardless of external.

Here is the link to the interview: Abstract Illusions Media: With the Facets of Joy You Can Manifest Your Dreams.

In the interview, I speak about:

  • synchronicity
  • unfolding
  • a bit about living aboard the sailboat with the kids
  • bringing elemental energy into daily life
  • walking a heart path
  • the energy of joy – including fear of, and unfamiliarity with, it
  • gratitude and presence
  • allowing sadness
  • point of creation in every situation

If you do listen, I would love to know what arises within..your thoughts and/or questions – either here in this space or via email.

Dear Reader: When you are in a space that feels ‘less than easy’ what is one practice/technique that you use to move through it? May you share ‘a good thing’ from your life (something current)? 

Much peace and abundant love,


Walk Your Heart Path with Joy: Exploring and Experiencing Peace and Possibility in Daily Life opens July 18th (my birthday – yes!! – a perfect way to celebrate ‘heart-path walking’). Registration is open now – there are 16 spaces left: is one of them yours

I Believe in Magic: *Free Summer Sampler* will run from July 13 – July 26, 2014. The theme of this free photo journey is organic growth and blossoming. Registration is open now – come join in the fun!

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