Satya Colombo: Fire of Love


Today I am delighted to share energetic space with Satya Colombo.

I love Satya’s energy, message and guidance (and I trust him as one of my personal guides).

I have also participated in the Fire of Love experience. It was interesting because a few years ago, I was wishing to meet ‘fire dancers’ – although what I think I meant was ‘people who literally dance with fire’ (as in hoops and poi).  My mind said this was an impossible wish but my heart said ‘yes, please’. It might even have been the day of my wish, that Satya extended an invitation to listen to a call about the initial Fire of Love project. Because of the synchronicity, I joined right in.

Everything about the experience resonated with me! What I learned and experienced through participating was life-changing – from the connections I made to the insights and heart-openings that expanded my entire world, including my business. What I absolutely loved about my experience was the sense of community that I felt (Satya’s platform and energy makes this possible – it’s wonderful to feel!) as well as the abundant materials that were shared.

Registration for the current Fire of Love Experience is open through Friday, August 1, 2014. Because this experience meant a lot to me, I want to introduce you to Satya and share a bit of his message and intention with you, here. (If you have any questions about my experience, feel free to email me and/or ask in the comment section below.)

Satya hosted a Launch Celebration call (and I was delighted to speak in it). To receive the replay and a few special goodies, please click the link.


Satya Colombo is a writer, artist, healer and consultant for creative rebels and inspired entrepreneurs. Sought after for his unconventional Fierce Wisdom approach, he works with leading visionaries to help awaken their Soul Power and Flow, and develop life-changing online ventures, creative projects and brands.

Author of FLOW, creator of the Soul-Fire Code and the Fire of Love Experience, Satya loves playing the ukulele, swimming in the sea, exploring new worlds and bringing Magic to Life! He’s been traveling the world while working and searching for paradise since 2012, and can be found online at his site, Fierce Wisdom.

J:  Because I want to focus on the Fire of Love Experience, my questions are specific to that.

You say the Fire of Love Experience is for ‘rebel souls’. May you share with us, what is your definition of rebel soul and what do you feel the energy is of a rebel soul?

Satya: Oh I love this question! Rebel souls are people who love to go against the grain. True nonconformists.

We were the ones who were told constantly to be quiet in school, and forced to do things we didn’t want to do. And we hated that more than anything. And we ended up growing up with a chip on our shoulders, because everybody and anybody tried to get us to do bullsh*t that we knew in our heart of hearts was meaningless, or we just didn’t want to do.

So we learned to cope, we tried to fit in, we even got normal haircuts and normal jobs maybe.

And then one day, if we’re lucky, we wake up and we realize — f*ck this, I’m doing it my own way, and that’s the best way, because I feel it in my heart and Soul! And that’s when the real magic begins. :)

(And please pardon my French! ;))

J: On the Fire of Love information page, you begin with “you know the feeling of being totally alive and awake?”

May you share with us a recent experience from our own life of feeling this way?

Satya: Speaking on the phone with you the other day, when you gave me the invitation to lighten up and, “Let the universe love on you…” (I love that!) I had a huge shift from that conversation, and started to really dance through my work this week.

That was the energy I called in that allowed me to be silly and record that totally impromptu and unscripted video under the bridge here in Edinburgh!

(Note from Joy: I love the energy of this video – when I watched it, I was nudged to create and share this interview on my site! So, of course, I am sharing the video with you, too!)

J: You speak about Fierce Presence. What does this mean to you? May you share an example of how Fierce Presence might look and feel in daily life?

Satya: Fierce presence means embodying Love in Action. For me, it’s about centering into my core strength, my soul power, and stepping into the world directly from there. Fierce presence looks like: as soon as I hit up against something that rubs me the wrong way, or some person who’s being obnoxious or inconsiderate, instead of reacting or being angry, I can look at them, and I can just feel this sense of joy and love! :)

It makes everything so much easier, because I’ve already decided how I’m approaching my life that day, and how I’m stepping in the world, and how I want to see the world. But most importantly, I’ve made a decision about how I want to show up today, and I can just come back to it any time I need a reminder.

And it’s not just an idea, it’s a practice I’ve developed through daily writing and clear invocations. I set the tone for the day. And then I come back to my daily intention mantra or sacred statement if I need a boost or reminder. It’s very strengthening. That’s one example of the practical magic component of the Fire of Love. :)

J: On the information page, you mention *My favorite part of this program has always been having a sacred space to connect, explore and journey together with an amazing global Soul Rebel family.* That is absolutely my favorite part of the experience as well – you have created something unique and special.  

I love the feel of a sacred space – my home is one such space; to feel that online is quite magical. May you share a bit about your intention for the connection within community?

Satya: Well let me just say that I’m so happy to be able to share with you here in this online home of yours, it is a true pleasure! And having been with you in your (actual home) I can say that, indeed – you have a way of creating sacred space wherever you go!

And I think that’s the point. We all have that ability to bring the sacred into anything and everything that we do in our lives. And when a space is held to enable that, and to encourage those who enter to also come in from that heart space, it begins to emanate a certain magnetic healing vibration.

Community is scary for most people — especially for the rebel souls, who often have traumatic or difficult life histories. (And are especially often highly sensitive, empathic and intuitive people who pick up on the energy of those around us.)

Family is the original community we learn in, and school is the second one, and goodness knows neither of those were easy for any of us!! As creative souls we grew up being punished for expressing ourselves and being who we are, and that legacy is something that takes a lot of work to heal and unwind. To that end, Having a safe space for connecting and sharing is priceless.

J: What guidance do you give to someone who is ‘afraid of’ or not familiar with the element of fire?

Satya: I walked on fire – literally – this past New Year’s at my teacher David Elliott’s retreat in New Mexico. It’s all how you approach it. When we’re preparing for the fire walk we spend all day in sacred space. As the fire is lit, we hold sacred space around the fire, we make offerings to the fire, we consider what our intention is. (And the leader is doing his thing too– holding the space, communicating with Spirit and the wood and the fire energies, and helping us to prepare ourselves too.) And when we do the actual walk we look up at the sky, and we hold an intention word in our minds. Then the whole group holds hands and chants along with us as we walk on the burning hot coals.

And I can say in all truth that no matter how hot that fire path may have been, it felt like walking in heaven.

The point is, fire is powerful, but it’s also friendly. It can be soft, like the way life force energy can. Like the way a beautiful living flower emanates such precious pure sweetness. That is to me a form of Spirit Fire– the source of life that can be found at the root of all living things.

J: May you share an example of how facilitating Fire of Love affects your personal creative expressions and connections?

Satya: I can say that because this is deep Soul work and I’m always pushing the edges to go deeper and deeper into the question, “What is my spirit crying for now?” It definitely helps me produce stronger and more grounded work. It forces me to really wrap my head around some of the biggest questions, and turn them into actionable material.

But more than anything? I would say the fact that I’m willing to show up to do this work creates some kind of kinetic energy exchange with my spirit, and with what I would consider to be the Soul of the universe. So, that’s fun! (and sometimes I don’t get a lot of sleep ;))

J: May you share with us a little about your vision for the experience as far as what you feel is the potential ‘shift’ or ‘takeaway’ for someone who chooses to participate?

Satya: I was very goal oriented when we first launched into 2012. I wanted to teach a course in awakening, basically, and launching your greatest work into the world. (’cause that’s how I roll…I like to aim high and shoot for the stars when it comes to what really matters). And the energy was really good for a lot of people, and it definitely pushed us to some profound edges in our creative expression. But then I realized some time in the last 6 months, “Man, this is life! It’s not meant to be like that, it’s meant to be organic, it’s multilayered and fluid.”

I don’t want to be forcing people to have to stick to some agenda that I’ve set out for them. (And we don’t want to be told what to do anyway right?!) So I re-envisioned the whole delivery and structure of the program and it’s set up now in alignment with that vision. I’m approaching it more from the perspective of long term sustainable growth for all our members (myself included).

J: What is something that you personally are looking forward to in this Fire of Love experience?

Satya: Oh another great question! I’m looking forward to seeing what emerges for our members through the process. It’s always a special group of people that are ready and willing to jump into the Fire. I wouldn’t personally take credit for any of it, but the transformation and creative work that has come out of this experience for many of our members has been truly remarkable.

Thank you, Satya!

Dear Readers: As you listen to Satya’s message, what arises within for you – what speaks directly to you? And, what is your feeling about/experience with the element of fire?

Remember, registration is only open through August 1, 2014 – so if you’re feeling a nudge in your heart, pop on over to Satya’s site to check out the Fire of Love Experience information page and to review and submit your application.

Thank you for your presence!

Much peace and abundant love,


Directly after experiencing the sense of community from Fire of Love, I created my Facets: Energetic Online Intention circle. The August circle is open now through August 7, 2014 to add your intention. There is a complimentary option as well as paid monthly and yearly subscription options.

Also, I Believe in Magic Free Summer Sampler begins August 10, 2014. It’s a 2-week taste of the full photo class offered in September with a theme of nourishment and refreshment.  To join in the fun, please click the title link.

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  1. Joy — this was absolutely the most fun I’ve ever had being interviewed! You are just brilliant, and never cease to amaze me with your natural wisdom and full Love Spinning. I’m grateful to be able to share this sacred space here with you and this community. And if anyone has a question, I’m happy to jump in and answer!


  2. Thank you Satya and Joy for a very inspiring post!

    Joy has managed to keep my presence to a minimum from commenting pretty much because of the fantastic 30 Day Magical Photo Journeys that I have been consistently involved with…no doubt a good thing for the ‘Blog World’… :-)

    This is a comment that I left at Zeenat’s ‘Embrace these 5 Attributes’ post. I added a bit more to it:

    From time to time I will read ‘Seven Arrows’ by Hyemeyohsts Storm. The book (original 1st edition) was originally introduced to me in the early 1970’s by my college philosophy professor. The class was an very extraordinary experience. The very first evening the professor hung outside the classroom as just another student but after my conversation with him and his telling me that my response to his question was very uncommon with his curious wise smile I realized who he was and that the semester was going to be one very interesting time of learning.The seating was in a boardroom arrangement. One night only I witnessed the man across from me turn into red/orange glow…he was not present next class because he had an heart attack. The person that sat next to him had previously graduated from high school with me…he also did not return to the next class because while flying over the Sonora Desert his plane ran out of gas…he died from heat exposure. I had some of the most far out dreams during the months of the class…also we performed a levitation during this class. Yes it was the early 70’s but no drugs were involved.
    please excuse the length of this excerpt:

    The Touching

    To Touch and Feel is to Experience. Many people live out their entire lives without really Touching or being Touched by anything. These people live within a world of mind and imagination that may move them sometimes to joy, tears, happiness or sorrow. But, these people never really Touch. They do not live and become one with Life.

    The Sun Dancer believes that each person is a unique Living Medicine Wheel, powerful beyond imagination, that has been limited and placed upon this Earth to Touch, Experience and Learn. The Six Grandfathers Taught me that each man, woman and child at one time was a Living Power and existed somewhere in time and space. These Powers were without form, but they were aware. They were alive.

    Each Power possessed boundless energy and beauty. These living Medicine Wheels were capable of nearly anything. They were beautiful and perfect in all ways except one. They had no understanding of limitation, no experience of substance. These beings were total energy of the Mind, without Body or Heart. They were placed upon Earth that they might Learn the things of the Heart through Touching.

    According to the Teachers, there is only one thing that all people possess equally. This is their loneliness. No two people on the face of this Earth are alike in any one thing except for their loneliness. This is the cause of our Growing, but it is also the cause of our wars.
    Love, hate, greed and generosity are all rooted within our loneliness, within our desire to be needed and loved.

    The only way that we can overcome our loneliness is through Touching. It is only in this way that we can learn to be Total Beings. God is a presence of this Total, Heamavihio, the Breath of Wisdom and Miaheyyum , Total Understanding are but two words in the Cheyenne language which express this Wholeness.




    This comment from Maryse was to my last photograph that I posted in ‘The Summer Sampler Magical Photo Journey’. These *Journeys* can be very deep and they can be very light hearted:

    “I know this might sound a bit crazy but, if life happened by chance as energy evolving where it may, it feels to me that the way we manage that energy, the way we steer it, is even more important. That our role is crucial in a universe where everything is left to chance, if that makes any sense for anyone. We act as good stewards/users of that universal energy.”


    After all is said and done I believe that we do need to be Good Stewards to our souls and use these ‘5 Attributes’ that Zeenat offered to make our souls healthier and to protect the souls health from those that would rather see another languish in an indefinite evil opposed to an eternity of goodness and beauty…

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