The Fault in Our Stars, Sparkly Blue Nail Polish and Sky Gazing


I just read the book “The Fault in Our Stars” in two days. Riveted. I had a long to-do list but my heart asked me to read the book (and my children gave it to me) so I read.

I cried. Well, actually, I wept. I wept and wept and wept. I felt my heart break open and I wept some more.

(I believe tears mean that a barrier around my heart has dissolved and it’s my body’s way of releasing that residual. I also know that there came a point where I was releasing tears pent-up since Fall…I let them flow!).

I had two major health experiences in the past ten years and, when I lived through them, I remember feeling utter gratitude. It was ultra-easy to listen to my heart whispers and allow them to lead because I felt I was ‘kept here’ for a reason so I best use my time to celebrate the gift of this moment fully and to love with all that I am.

I must have become a bit lazy about celebrating and perhaps a bit cautious about loving….because as I read this book, my first thought was “I bought sparkly blue nail polish two months ago and hadn’t put it on yet.” I love sparkly blue nail polish!!!  Had my life become so busy that I didn’t have thirty minutes to apply polish?

If my life truly was *that busy* how could I possibly be celebrating and loving fully?! (as an observation, not a judgment)

Where was my attention?!

So, I applied the polish. I finished the book. I wept. Cathartic.

That day, the kids and I had a long list of errands that truly had to be done because we had put them off for a week. (As in, if we didn’t do laundry, we would be wearing dish towels that might have been used already!) It was a very full day.

I don’t want us to feel ‘bogged down’ by ‘chores’ I want us to feel joy and wonder and awe as we prepare our space for a wonderful week. I want us to laugh and play and enjoy our time together. So, in the middle of driving around town, I stopped at a park that had rings for my son to practice aerial on, a grassy area for my daughter and I to walk around and a perfect spot for sky gazing.

When we arrived at the park, there was a man laying on a slide, looking up towards the sky. Since we are in June gloom (the heavy marine layer season) there were plenty of clouds to watch. My heart said ‘yes, please’!

I watched my son on the rings. I was standing in a children’s play place and I happened to notice my freshly painted sparkly blue toes through an opening (which energetically feels like ‘ready’ to move into new space) and I loved the feel of framing, so I took a photo (the photo above).

(Yes, I am barefoot, because I prefer to be barefoot – I want to feel the elements as I move through my day.)

And, then, I laid back upon the slide. I chose a spiral slide so it felt like being in a comfortable cocoon. I looked up to sky and spent time watching the clouds (something I did daily when we lived on the boat but hadn’t done since then!).

My heart was so happy (there was *lots* of room for bliss because all of my tears had opened new heart space!)

I took this photo….do you see the heart leaves?


And, that is how ‘magic’ works in my daily life.  We won’t remember the day as ‘the one in which we did chores’, we will remember it as the time we stopped at the park, Kev showed us his aerial skills, Kaitlyn walked and talked with mom and Mom found heart leaves.

Dear Reader: Have you read “The Fault in Our Stars” or seen the movie? And, is there something you love doing that you hadn’t done in a while, but would allow yourself to experience again, today (okay, or maybe tomorrow!)? Sparkly blue nail polish might seem simple, is there something as ‘easy as that’ that lights *your heart*? (when you share, you inspire)

Please note: I used blue for throat chakra energy and indigo for third-eye chakra energy along with orange for second chakra energy. This is one way that I weave energetic intention through each article, but I don’t always explain that – it felt right to share it today.

Much peace and abundant love,


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Comments on: "The Fault in Our Stars, Sparkly Blue Nail Polish and Sky Gazing" (6)

  1. “Stars” keeping coming in my life as a natural tool that can guide me. So I will probably be reading this book and weeping a lot too.

    I love this glimpse of your playful interlude on chore day. I’ve been putting off spending more time in nature. It’s coming soon!

    Thanks for the inspiration and here’s a big hug.

    • If you read the book, Sandra, I would love to hear of your experience with it! When I read your comment, I think of celestial navigation – which used to fascinate me when I lived on the boat.

      I called the experience ‘chore day’ because I know people can identify with that – in life I call it ‘set the energy of our home’ day, shifts the energy from heavy to light/obligation to a creative choice.

      I am glad you will be spending more time in nature – I know your being loves it! Thank you for the hug – here is one in return ((( hug full of love and gratitude ))) .

  2. I just found my way here, from Sandra Paula, and I have absolutely loved reading your blog! I have sailed with my husband and daughter during the summers, and we are going to be living aboard full time on our new (to us!) 1967 Ericson 35-1. Looking forward to MANY barefoot days!

    • Hi Bethany, I am *so excited* you found me via Sandra! I went right to your site and was reading- congratulations on your new boat! The kids and I spent five years living aboard a sailboat – we are at a point where we agree we would like to do it again. So, it’s going to be a lot of fun to connect with you and read about your adventures!

      Yes to barefoot days!

  3. Joy: I am about to abandon my chores on this vacation day and go garden and walk – thank you so much xo

    • After you garden and walk, Tanya, your chores will no longer feel like ‘chores’; they will just be ways to shift and open energy in your space! Happy Day to you!

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