Powerful Question From @AmyOscar ‘s Sunday Morning Twitter #soulcall chat


Your heart contains the energy of the world, which is love.

You can breathe in this love and everything that is resonant

is naturally drawn into your space.

I love @AmyOscar ‘s Twitter #soulcall chat on Sunday mornings at 7a ET / 10a PT. I wrote the above quote during this morning’s soul call chat and I took the photo shortly after.

This morning, within this chat, Amy asked a question I feel is so powerful.

*Feel into the present. At this time in your life, what’s your heart searching for?*

My answer today is: At this time, my heart wants to explore & celebrate with ease and joy – everything…no judgment, just understanding & acceptance.

I would love to hear your answer – please share it in the comment section (or if you’d prefer, you may email me). 

Calls to action:

*Join Amy’s Twitter soulcall chat on Sunday morning.

*Think about and feel into your heart energy

*Share your answer in the comment section

* Give your heart a bit of the experience it’s asking for.

Thank you for your presence!

Much peace and abundant love,


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