Six Word Saturday: Volume Five


I invite you to play along with me every Saturday – shaping six words into phrases the enliven, enrich, inspire, encourage, delight.

My collection of six word phrases comes from playing along on Twitter during the week with the hashtag #sixwords.

The photos are my originals, usually from the week, some from my personal collection.


gratitude amplifies peace while illuminating abundance

I took this photo, with my hands over my heart, to illustrate a practice of presence with love and gratitude. When you choose to center into love and gratitude and run that energy through your entire being, first before sharing it with others and world, it is healing, empowering and naturally expansive.

To get the photo, I took a short video and clipped this frame from it.


silence invites heart whispers to sing

This is from one of my many afternoon beach walks. I love the way sun glistens upon the water and I invite it into my heart to do the same!


…be who you want to be…

While the kids and I were piling ourselves and our stuff into the car, I looked up and saw this wonderful sunburst. I took a few moments to breathe it in…and I hope you do the same (breathe in the energy here *and* look up to see and celebrate the light reflection of all that you are).


often, answers naturally arise in silence

I love the vibrant green heart energy in this photo. Because I spend so much time at the beach, most of the colors I see are browns, blues and sunset colors…so vibrant green feels lush and exotic to me. It feels to me that one could create, dream, imagine, manifest some wonderful things while sitting in this space!


…may you enjoy resonance with love..

 Yes…may you! One of the more subdued sunsets this month….One doesn’t need to be ‘bold’ to be beautiful….


‘softening’ allows for fullness of presence

I had fifteen minutes in between appointments because the timing of my second commitment was unexpectedly pushed back. I decided that instead of being frustrated at something so clearly out of my control, I would take a quick walk around the neighborhood I was waiting in. I turned my face up to sun, reveling in the blue skies…and I saw this flower.

What you don’t see or feel in this photo is that the tree is next to a busy, main road with the energy and noise of cars and lots of children walking home. What you do see and feel is my choice to celebrate peace, beauty, light and joy in the moment.


I’m looking forward to each of you playing along – either by sharing your sixword phrase in the comment section below or, if you have a blog, by writing a post and sharing the link here (if you write a post, we can see your photos as well!).

Think of this as word play that enlivens and enriches – your opportunity to showcase your talent along with views of your world! If you link up, please link back to this post. Thank you!


Dear Reader: My last ‘six-word Saturday’ article was volume four on 6-27-2014. As you know, I practice presence to unfolding; that last date was the first full week of summer break for my children and this week was the beginning of the new school year for them. Each of my Summer Experiences added to my creative flow, even if the physical expressions were temporarily suspended. Can you relate? Do you find that your creative expressions follow a specific cycle or season in life? (please share your experience in the comment section below, along with your six-word phrase)

Much peace and abundant love,


I am so excited! The Fall Session of Facets: I Believe in Magic – Celebrating Peace, Joy, Beauty and Life in Every Day Life begins Sept 3rd. If you enjoy playing with the essence of energy via photography and connecting through sharing your creative expressions, this 30-day photo journey is for you. Something new this session: each daily prompt will include a few lines of poetry to inspire our exploration.



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Comments on: "Six Word Saturday: Volume Five" (12)

  1. Filling up as I pack suitcase.

    Visiting Mom takes grace and presence.

  2. I’m Thankful for all I Have! #SixwordSaturday

  3. Jean Sampson said:

    Yes, I do find that my creativity is, not so much seasonal, but comes in waves. When I finish one art project, such as painting for a show, which is a really intense endeavor, I need to have a break from painting, at least the kind of painting I was doing for the show. I love your photos and word, by the way, especially the pink sunset—-took my breath. How wonderful that you can see those beautiful things in person! :)

    1—On my walks, I see mountains.

    2—-Simple things are best—breakfast peaches!

    3—-My small house gives me hugs.

    4—-One more day to be grateful! :)

    5—-I love hot green jasmine tea!

    6—-Love my rainy day at home!

    7—-Nothing to do but be myself :)

    • Wow…Jean – I *love* peaches and house hugs and jasmine green tea! And, we really need rain here in So Ca…we are in serious drought – but I used to love rainy days when we lived on the boat, I would sit in the cockpit under the canvas as rain came down all around me, I loved the smell and feel.

      Thank you for sharing!!

  4. Wonderful to see you looking so radiant and your children so clear and vibrant. Much love to you….

    May peace be yours each moment.

    • How beautiful, Sandra, thank you for your six word phrase!

      Thank you also for your kind words – it had been an incredibly long six months but the children and I have healed (are still healing, but the bulk is behind us) as individuals and a family unit. We are so ready to live a new chapter!! Much love to you!!

  5. 54

    My ass feels like day’s end
    Refuting the morsel this body consumed.
    Tan thick hide strip away and send
    Floating higher than a stodgy moon…
    And yet even now love is
    All so more inviting a turn…
    Sitting here moving towards the bend…
    Standing set believing how love is
    Taller, so more frightening to burn…

    ~ Rand

  6. …actually ’55’ as I forgot ‘thick’ was later added

    …or remove ‘thick’ to make ’54’

    …or remove ‘Tan’ to make ’54’

    …or just leave alone ‘as is’

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