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I invite you to consider giving yourself a gift:

the gift of experiencing connections that enliven, enrich, inspire, nourish, uplift, support and encourage your entire being – mind, heart, soul, spirit, essence energy and your physical body.

Let’s first consider the idea of a gift – so often we gift others (sometimes from a space of wishing to share delight, sometimes out of obligation), but we rarely gift ourselves. How often do you gift yourself from a space of love and gratitude?

With this gift of presence, I invite you to consider your entire beingmeaning these connections won’t only delight your mind, but also your heart, soul, spirit, essence energy and physical self. Do you currently have connections that fit into these parameters? If so, how does that feel?

Often, we bring into our lives people who perhaps engage our minds in wonderful ways, but aren’t in alignment with what our spirits ask for (for example). While it is absolutely wonderful to engage one facet of our being – how powerful and enlivening to engage our entire being in the connection.

To be clear, when I mention physical self, I am not at all suggesting that one fit a certain look or be intimate – I am inviting you to consider connections that enjoy the same physical movements and activities that you do as well as people that are physically in your space versus energetically or virtually.

I ask you to consider gifting yourself with this gift of presence in connection, consistently, daily, so that the experience of peace and possibility becomes your ‘norm’ instead of a rare treat.

The intention behind the gift is this:

When our bodies feel comfortable and safe, we are able to open to new spaces and to explore new paths, comfortably, with ease and joy. Feeling this connected-ness naturally amplifies that comfort and safety, our overall trust in opening and sharing, even when we feel vulnerable.

So often, we gift to others loving energy that is non-judgmental, accepting, un-conditional and we don’t include ourselves in that gift. So, we are left feeling energetically supported but physically alone or physically supported but energetically mis-understood.

Now what I practice and believe, when it comes to presence and energy movement, is that we draw into our space resonant energy.

Ideally, then, we would want to have a strong base of self-love, care and appreciation – trusting that we personally choose foods, spaces and practices that nourish our entire beings and that our choice of connections fit seamlessly into this foundation. However, presence is a practice – one intentional step at a time. So it might be that as you are working on self-love, you are opening to connections that nourish…or that as you embrace connection that nourish that inspires you to work on self-love. (None of this inner work is ‘linear’ – it is all cyclical.)

I am also not suggesting that you look around your space and immediately release connections that don’t resonate, ‘just like that’.

I am inviting you to look at each individual connection – starting with your base connection with divine source energy, then self, then others, then global world – to see how each one feels and if you are compromising quality and integrity in any of them. And, in the spaces where you feel you may be compromising, to consider pouring in, and opening to, nourishing and supportive energy.

What typically happens is that as we focus on our base connection – divine source energy then self – our external relationships begin to shift because we are willing, and able, to open to embrace people, life and experiences more openly. Please note: it’s all about energetic resonance so if your space is clean ‘clutter’ will no longer fit. And, if you notice some compromised connections fall away, and you keep centering into your base energy, you will also notice some refreshing connections come in.

The key to peace in any intentional shift is to open to receive in.

The key to possibility in any intentional shift is to center into base energy and allow external to swirl around you as you continue to center.

The invitation is not about releasing (which many fear), it is absolutely about awareness in what you are choosing to embrace.

This gift has been one that I had been ultra-reluctant to give to myself in my own personal life – until recently. I had it in my mind that I didn’t want to ‘lose’ relationships that no longer felt good because I didn’t want to ‘hurt people’. But, in non-resonance, there is natural tension, and in that tension is pain (for all involved) – and all of that acts as a barrier to peace and possibility in life, in general.

Because I kept compromised connection in my space, eventually my body became extremely physically ill. The mind-body connection is huge for me because my practice of presence is quite deep – so eventually my body simply stopped co-operating. All areas of my life were aligned with my heart’s values except for this area of connection. Any time I went for coaching or asked for guidance, I was told ‘don’t compromise your connections’ yet  fear kept me bound in compromised connections for many years. It’s still something I need to be very aware of, though – it isn’t yet a natural practice for me.

This morning, I was walking along a beach path (where I photographed the above rose) and I received a text from a new acquaintance who is disrespectful about time, energy and being present consistently. In the past, I would have allowed in that in my space as a way of accepting a person as they are. Today, I said ‘no thank you’ to ‘half-present and conditional’ and *yes, please* to resonance in all ways. That is the space the following video, this article and the teleclass was formed.

If you are interested in this topic, I will be facilitating a free call on September 20, 2014 at 4p (PT). Simply click the link to register.

I created this video to share a bit more about this message with you: Presence to Connections that Nourish and Support:

Dear Reader: As asked above, do you currently have connections that feel nourishing and supportive? If so, how does that feel? And if not, what do you feel is the reason you are hesitant to experience such empowering energy?

Thank you for your presence!

Much peace and abundant love,


Again, if you are interested in this topic, I will be facilitating a free call on September 20, 2014 at 4p (PT). Simply click the link to register.  If you feel this material will be helpful to another, or to your online community, please share the link with them. 

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