Money Manifesting: Shifting Energy From Worry into Trust and Creation


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Presence to Manifesting Money with Joy

Manifesting can seem ‘ethereal’ and the subject of money can feel vulnerable, so I love to share *real-life* experiences of working with the process for you to think about, feel into and perhaps apply to your own process.

You can also apply the principles of presence and energy movement that I share about money manifesting to any area of your life. I invite you to read through this example to see if something ‘useful’ speaks to you.

I received an email from a client which included this:

Today is stressful in that my cell phone connection ends today if I don’t apply the funds to the account – which is difficult to do when my Bank account and wallet are tied $0.00 – $0.00.

My client wanted to know how to shift energy from worry about debt into manifesting and creating.

Can you relate to this example? Have you been in a space in life where you had a bill or investment due and you didn’t see or think that you had money available?

Why Do We Want to Shift This Energy?

We know what worry feels like and how that feeling can create pain and tension which often limits our ability to create and connect in our day and in life…but beyond *that* why do we want to shift this energy?

These statements could be the flow from surface to inner core. As I explore, I keep asking ‘why’ until I reach inner core:

1. I want to pay the bill.

2. Paying the bill makes me feel comfortable and secure and I can enjoy the product/service.

3. I feel I have enough and that allows me to trust the process of flow / creation / connection.

4. That trust allows me peace while opening my heart to *more* in all areas of life.

So the first step, before you begin specifically focusing your energy on manifesting, is to think about and feel into the underlying reason of why you want to shift the energy. This engages your mind in *positive thinking*; while your mind is engaged in the process it is not engaged in worry and fear.

This focus allows your body to naturally shift from reactive mode to creative mode. This is important because when you are in reactive mode, you naturally deflect / push away energy and items from our space – even while you are wishing to draw them in!

The second step is to affirm something like: “I live in consistent, daily peace, abundance and joy; learning, healing and growing is fun and delightful; sharing creative expression and connecting is enlivening and enriching.”  The wording of this affirmation ‘debunks’ potential myths and re-patterns potential thoughts you may be having while shifting your attention directly into a centered space of empowerment.

This process is ‘easy’ and gentle (this is how I prefer to work, personally and with clients – no ‘slamming against walls or breaking barriers!)– and that feel invites you to keep practicing (because when something hurts / is a huge stretch, we aren’t likely to want to be present to it).

My Answer to My Client’s Question:

The key to peace and possibility is to immediately shift into gratitude and to think about *what you do have*. 

So, I would think about my cell phone and list gratitude for (and send gratitude to):

  • the  physical device and all it allows me to do in my life.
  • everyone involved in creating the cell phone and the technology involved in creating it
  • the company providing the service
  • my cell phone contact list – heart connections that light my heart.
  • my photos and any other content on my phone.
  • the experiences and opportunities the phone connection allowed me to have

Can you feel that, even as you simply read this gratitude list, your appreciation of your phone has increased? Imagine, then, actually applying that gratitude (you can do so when you are through reading this article).

I would also thank money for all of the ways it has been present in my life and affirm my intention to collaborate daily, consistently, with love and money.

Now, we feel ultra-happy and loving toward our phone – we desire it in our life – and that desire is what opens us up to manifesting/miracles/money placement we hadn’t yet seen or thought of.

Some people are afraid of desire – it can potentially be a vulnerable feeling – but, joy / gratitude / love / desire – all heart energies are powerful, natural manifesting energies.

Manifesting Process

So, feeling gratitude shifts our energy from reactive to creative mode. Now, ‘how’ to bring that into physical life, into this cell phone example?

1. Center into your practices of connecting with Divine Source energy and of inviting money into your life.
2. Clear: Stream out any worries/doubts/fears in a way that resonates with you (I write it all out on paper then rip it up and throw it away. I also smudge – use sage with intention – to energetically clear. I also sometimes physically clean space.)
3. Call in energetic support and encouragement (I would put my request in an energy circle, call in Angels and Guides and share my very specific request with Divine.)
4. Celebrate each step (I would thank myself for each step of the way)
5. Create something that feels good to you – a way of generating money (I keep working on ‘my job’)

*Please remember that I am sharing my personal practices in the parentheses above – what I recommend to clients is in alignment and resonance with their personal beliefs and values.

Remember that when manifesting, money often comes from unexpected sources. So you might keep ‘working on your job’ and find that a new offer comes in, you receive a check from a rebate from long ago, a client pays or you receive in a gift….You won’t always know the ‘where’ money will come from and it’s usually from a source you are not expecting (that is the *fun* of manifesting!).

The ‘work’ of manifesting is not necessarily about attempting to manipulate external to fit your specific request; it’s about centering, opening, calling in, celebrating and creating. 

Guidance From Megan Bord – Manifesting Coach

We each have our own ways of learning and processing; I like to share different points of view so that you have a variety of techniques to choose from. (You may notice that I have a variety of experts sharing their guidance in my Presence to Manifesting Money with Joy ecourse.)

When I received this question, I shared it with my personal friend, Megan, who is also a ‘Divine Goddess of Manifesting’ (it’s what  I and many others call her) an author and coach.

Here is Megan’s reply:

Money is tied to our sense of worth, as well as our sense of security in this world.

When we think that we lack what we need materially, it’s because we’re allowing ourselves to be fooled by the false appearances that fear casts over our eyes. The Divine Force runs through every aspect of our lives, though, and the Universe wants to give us all we desire (and more!). Our self-doubt, negative self-talk, and beliefs about whether or not we’re enough are what serve as barriers to our ability to manifest easily and quickly in material form.

That’s good news! We created the barriers, and can just as easily dissolve them.

When we find ourselves lacking, that’s the time to reaffirm that, as sure as we are living, we are enough. In feeling that we’re enough, we reunite ourselves with Divine Force, and welcome the wellspring of abundance that awaits us.

Worrying about money pushes money away. Having money and not spending it will also diminish our wealth over time, if we’re holding onto it out of fear.

Money is an energy that’s meant to keep circulating. Stagnant income can symbolize that we’ve grown stagnant in our lives somewhere. So get new energy circulating with inspirational affirmations, new thought patterns, and even physical movement. (Go somewhere you’ve never gone before and let the new energy fill every cell of your being.) Proclaim “I AM ENOUGH!” and then feel as though there is enough all around you at this very moment.

The Universe responds to wherever we are in our thoughts and feelings right now, and creates future moments from that space. So rather than looking at our bank account balance and bemoaning it, or worrying about our empty wallets, the thing to do is to tell the story we want to be living. It doesn’t matter if that’s the so-called reality we see right now.

Manifesting is about creating what we truly want by first seeing it in our minds, feeling it in our hearts, and proclaiming it silently and aloud to anyone who will listen. “I am enough! I have enough! My good fortune precedes me, and money flows to me in large amounts, consistently, and under grace!” That affirmation will begin the flow of money once more.

If there is a bill that can’t be paid right now, rather than feeling lack and fear, turn it around and bless that bill. Bless the creditor who sent it for trusting you and your wealth enough to extend services to you. How wonderful that you’ve had enough to pay it before, and that you’ll have enough to pay it again! And then affirm that your good fortune materializes before your very eyes, in response to knowing that indeed, you are – always have been and always will be – enough.

Most of all, maintain faith in the face of fear. If you can’t summon enough faith yourself, call on others to shore up your faith. Believe in *them* and their ability to help you turn the tides and welcome the goodness that awaits you.


Thank you, Megan!  If you’d like to learn more about Megan, she and I shared this interview together “Megan Bord: The Pocket Guide to Manifesting“. If you’d like to learn more about Megan’s manifesting processes, you may be interested in buying her book “The Pocket Guide to Manifesting” (by clicking the title link). 

Dear Reader: If you have specific money manifesting questions, please leave them in the comment section below or email me. Also, may you share your guidance to my client’s question? (when you share, you inspire)

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And, the next session of Presence to Manifesting Money with Joy (in which Megan is a contributor) begins September 8th.  I invite you to come play with us!

Thank you for your presence!

Much peace and abundant love,

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