September 2014 Full Moon Magic


almost Full Moon over the beach at sunset this evening

While many people make Full Moon wishes (I am among them!), the natural power of Full Moon is around the idea of releasing energy that is not resonant with your current heart whispers and manifestation goals.

While we may embrace, release and vision in each moment of each day; when we consider natural energies and tap into them, it makes amplifying energy and directing it with purpose a little easier.


We also don’t “need” readings, we may simply release what we feel no longer works for us right now.

However, we may consider the astrological energies within a reading to act as signs and direction markers, if we wish.

In my personal practice, I vary my use of external readings.

If I am going to use a reading, I do so from one of four sites only because I find the material thorough and accurate and I trust the guides. There are many guides and quite a lot of materials one may tap into; I personally find it most effective to keep the incoming information simple by intentionally not reading tons of stuff.

I also believe that sometimes instead of relying upon our intuition and inner voice, we can lean on external sources, looking for affirmation and guidance instead of trusting what we feel. So, I ask you to remember when practicing presence and energy movement to turn all of that external information inward, exploring and integrating that which resonates and releasing that which doesn’t.

In my practice, when I use a reading, I will feel into the meaning, turn the reflections inward and journal or meditate to see if anything arises within. I tend to use readings to gather information as guidance for clients or if I am working on an unraveling an inner knot for myself; otherwise I don’t consider the readings at all, I simply celebrate Moon’s energy.

Weekly Reading

I love Kate’s energy and insights and look forward to receiving her weekly video tarot readings. (Kate is also a contributor to my Presence to Manifesting Money with Joy ecourse – open for registration through September 10, 2014).

Here is this week’s reading for you to consider:

What stands out to me is:

First card: The reminder to create and connect with resonant energy in business (and in life).

Second card: The reminder to honor unfolding and to allow my dreams to evolve and change – in all realms.  If I apply this to my business (as Kate suggests, relating to the combination of cards one and two) then, to release current versions of programs and services that no longer fit my vision but I had been ‘holding on to’ for a few who have requested them.

Third card: The reminder to physically move my body and to express my heart whispers through physical creations.

Entire reading: Feeling fulfilled with creative expression and heart connection; continuing to practice full presence, daily.

What speaks to you from this reading (you may share in the comments below or email me – when you share, you inspire)

September Full Moon Readings

One resource I enjoy is Marga’s Cosmic Almanac September 2014 . I won’t be sharing an excerpt here because this month’s reading feels potentially heavy, but my takeaways are:

1. A reminder to look at patterning that has become a barrier and the importance of shadow work as we celebrate light.

2. A reminder to engage our minds in learning new things.

3. A reminder to dream, vision, cultivate ideas.

4. A reminder that ‘harvest’ is part of this natural cycle – and to enjoy it.

As you process the information from Marga’s reading (which, this month is titled ‘inner demons’) and my takeaways, please notice that I frame insights in a positive way….this is how I personally process readings.

Excerpt from Soulstice Rising Ascension notes:

So take a breath and be patient, stay grounded in the New Now without wishing it was over. Some just want out and certainly that is a choice. Please remind yourself, if this is you, that whatever is occurring within and around you is for the sole purpose of evolving; this is what you signed up for before you chose to incarnate onto Earth at this time.

[…] Do you still think Abundance, Joy or Love exists outside of you; as something to get or hope for and not your natural state of being? If so, this energy that is present now will help you shift that, if you choose. When you truly know that you are Abundance, watch how life shifts, for you then have aligned with the Soul Essence of Abundance as your birthright.

And whatever Truth you hold within will be manifest “out there.” If you say things like, “I can’t afford this or that” or “I wish I could do or have that,” etc; you are aligning with lack consciousness. If you have meditations and dreams of being in a beautiful place and/or receiving something of personal value, know that your Abundance Consciousness is being upgraded.”

Excerpt from Chani Nicholas – Pisces Full Moon; Diving Deep

This full moon conjuncts, merges, and combines energies and purpose with the minor planet, Chiron, The Wounded Healer. Chiron shows us the deep wounds, the thick scar tissue and the hurts we wish to sweep under our vintage rugs. 

Sometimes what we need in order to heal is a little of the wound itself. Sometimes we might need the thing that caused the disturbance to reappear to let us know that our system can now confront such a foe. Chiron being in the water sign of Pisces lets us know that the wound lay on the subtle plain, in the emotional body, in the memory of our ancestry. Racism, sexism, homophobia, colonialism are all part and parcel of this ancestral memory. Long standing wounds take a tremendous dedication to heal which sometimes demands that we leave a situation altogether rather than be the welcome mat for everyone to wipe their privileged shoes off on.

Excerpt from Mystic Mamma’s Super Moon in Pisces

via Divine Harmony:
“….can unearth stuff we did not see or did not want to see- particularly stuff around anger. If we have been repressing it or holding in for a while- watch out! This Full Moon chart could pop the lid of all that repression- which can be great for release but could also wreak a bit of havoc in your life if you don’t express that anger consciously!

The Full Moon also forms a Grand Water Trine with Saturn in Scorpio and Juno in Cancer. This sweet watery alignment supports healing and cleaning of the karmic past in relationships and commitments in our lives…if we can tap into Saturn in Scorpio and our ability to navigate the shadow, as well as juno in cancer and our ability to attend to the relationships that mean the most to us- then this Full Moon can be fruitful.”


this evening’s sunset afterglow – so heart opening to have moon behind me and sunset in front of me!

Please note: Along with Full Moon energy, we are moving into Fall Equinox energy on September 23rd – so please be gentle and kind with your self this month.

Dear Reader: Do you have any takeaway’s from this month’s readings? What are you open to releasing during this Full Moon energy? 

Much peace and abundant love,


Presence to Manifesting Money with Joy begins September 8th – registration is open through September 10th.  I invite you to come play with us!

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  1. How skillful to take external readings and turn them inward through reflection, meditation, and listening to your own inner voice.

    I feel overwhelmed at the moment so I haven’t been tapping into any external readings. The Tarot reading appealed to me in this moment.

    I’m releasing deep pain.

    • Thank you for your presence and kind words, Sandra! I feel overwhelmed as well, and for me at this time, I felt like tapping into external resources for inspiration.

      May you release that deep pain with ease, and may something in daily life encourage, uplift and delight you! Lots of love to you!

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