Six Word Saturday: Volume Six


I invite you to play along with me every Saturday – shaping six words into phrases the enliven, enrich, inspire, encourage, delight.

My collection of six word phrases comes from playing along on Twitter during the week with the hashtag #sixwords.

The photos are my originals, usually from the week, some from my personal collection.


When joy is present, judgment isn’t.

This is fun *and* a bit of a stretch. I am participating in Hannah Marcotti’s #awomansthirst class. One of the prompts was an invitation to make public art. Oh gosh! I bought two bags of these colored stones and the kids and I brought them to the beach and made individual pieces of art, right by the walkway. This is mine. The stretch: I don’t think of myself as an ‘artist’ to have work on public display. (I know, that might surprise some of you – but, it’s something I am opening through.)


warm hugs spark radiant heart smiles

I love to play with sunset and this photo is from one of my favorite sunsets this week. Hugs come in all forms – let’s make sure we share as many physical hugs as we do energetic!


Vulnerability is the space of miracles.

I am opening my heart to newness; stepping into physical and energetic spaces I hadn’t yet been in; playing with creative expression and connecting with like-energy people. I feel ultra-vulnerable and, as long as I center and remain open, miracles are perfectly placed along the way. It’s almost as if my heart whispers clearly, and it is answered before my mind can ‘protest’. Have you had this experience?


morning sun invites world to awaken 

 I am fascinated with sunbursts through tree canopies – this is morning sun illuminating my path during a morning walk.


Loosening ties that bind, with care.

It’s an amazing journey and I am so glad we are exploring and sharing together – I appreciate your presence. (If you are reading these words, then it is *you* I am appreciating.)


…your presence delights my entire being…

I took this photo as an example of a sacred container in my life – my bond with my children. Their presence lights my life. I am blessed to be their mother.

Dear Reader: I would love to know, how do you feel about stepping into new spaces? What is one technique or practice you use to step with peace/confidence/trust/joy? (please share your experience in the comment section below, along with your six-word phrase)

Much peace and abundant love,


I am so excited! The next Session of Facets: I Believe in Magic – Celebrating Peace, Joy, Beauty and Life in Every Day Life begins October 18th. If you enjoy playing with the essence of energy via photography and connecting through sharing your creative expressions, this 30-day photo journey is for you. 

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Comments on: "Six Word Saturday: Volume Six" (5)

  1. Lorri Espinosa said:

    Forget ordinary, remember and see extraordinary!

    For me stepping into new ways of being or consciousness is usually instantaneous. I suddenly understand or see something from a different perspective and my whole reality shifts. I do “work” at it, which may prepare me for the Big Bang, but the real change seems to happen all at once.

    Thank you Joy, for your Light!

    • I love the enthusiasm and passion in your words, Lorri!

      My intention is to experience the ‘ordinary’ as the extraordinary gift that it is. As we celebrate, it ‘all’ becomes *extraordinary* – especially when we realize that “extra-ordinariness” is our essence energy!

      What I love about this reflection that you are sharing is that it offers encouragement to anyone whom might be feeling like they are doing the inner work yet not seeing physical shifts – as it often happens in nature, rooting and growth are experienced ‘beneath surface’ and the beautiful blossoms feel effortless.

      Thank you for playing along with Six Word Saturday – and thank you for your presence and for sharing *your* light, Lorri!!

  2. Jean Sampson said:

    Change is how life renews itself.

    Leaves on the sidewalk announcing Autumn.

    We beg this summer to linger.

    Leaves lie where snow will fall.

    Leaves and poems the trees write.

    These are always fun, Joy!

    • How profound, Jean *change is how life renews itself*. Yes!! And, I will live Fall and Winter vicariously through you, since the physical change of seasons isn’t dramatic here in So Ca as it is there! Thank you for playing along and sharing your six words – love to you!

  3. Jean Sampson said:

    Thank you, Joy! I write lots of seasonal poems so I will gladly share them with you. BTW the last one should read, “Leaves are poems the trees write.”

    Love and hugs!

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