Understanding is the Key to Peace


We might have different ways of moving, creating and connecting but something we have in common is that we each want to feel peace in our: home, relationships, career, creative explorations, family, sacred spaces – heart, mind, body, soul.

We don’t enjoy feeling less than peaceful – even when it’s familiar to us (for example, if your current reality is that each time you attend a family gathering, there is tension – that becomes familiar and almost ‘expected’).

We desire an experience of love and appreciation, to know that our presence matters. We want to sleep well at night – to awaken and live feeling refreshed and ‘ready’ to feel consistent, daily joy and abundance in all realms, as we create and connect.

If, at this point, you are thinking “not me” – I invite you to feel into your heart space, because that thought might just be a protective barrier. You see, if we don’t feel peace (or any energy, for that matter) is possible for us – either in general or in a specific relationship or space – then we claim that we don’t want it. 

When we claim peace in our being and space – by setting peace as an energetic intention or boundary – it is likely that external variables will change, shifting in necessary ways to align with that declaration. 

The challenge is that sometimes the idea of change is scary – and, in that fear, many people choose chaos because, even if it doesn’t feel good, it’s familiar. Then, what often happens, is that we judge ourselves for feeling fear or ‘staying stuck’ …. and that judgment adds to the tension and pain. And we eventually find ourselves in pain or discord that distracts us from the fullness of life.

You can see that this could be a downward spiral…and could potentially continue for an entire lifetime…

We wonder why we are showing up daily in relationship and creation and sacred connection – feeling present to possibility, yet not receiving in ‘the reward for being there’. 

Understanding is the key to peace.

While inner work is cyclical, when I work with clients who are in pain, the first step is to locate the specific area of pain – where is it being held in your body, in external life and how does it feel (beyond the basic, it ‘hurts’).

When we know where the pain is, we can then work on understanding it, in this moment. When the client feels less pain (more peace) we can then work on understanding patterns and choices. This awareness brings peace – without changing external.

Overall peace in life begins with our physical bodies – as the sacred container that holds our energy / spirit.

If our bodies are being criticized, under-nourished, ignored, consistently put into spaces that don’t feel good with energy that doesn’t feel good, it is utterly impossible to sustain abundance, joy, gratitude, infinite possibility.

(The key word in that sentence is ‘sustain’ – we can draw in *temporary* peace, joy, abundance but, to sustain it, daily, requires a base of ….like energy, which we don’t possess if our bodies are not in alignment.

Our bodies speak to us, clearly, each day – nudging us toward everything in alignment, attempting to re-direct us from everything not in alignment, in all areas of life.

When we know our body is well-cared for, loved and appreciated, we know we have a strong foundation for our practices of presence.

We can then look at the spaces and connections that feel less than peaceful and work on understanding what (within) is causing that friction.

I rarely use ‘always’ in my work; however, lack of peace is always about non-resonant energy. Either we are holding expectations or judgments and are unwilling to release them or we made the choice to keep non-resonant in our space and are attempting to change the resonance, instead of removing the variable (or our presence to the variable). 

This brings us back to ‘understanding is the key to peace’. Understanding our choices brings peace – even if we don’t change external –  because we have an awareness to choose again or differently, if we wish, and that awareness brings the peace.

Ultimately, peace is about our choice to open or close our hearts – to love deeply (or not). But, to feel peace with that choice, this foundational work is essential.

How to Use This in Daily Life

While it is wonderful to read and think about a practice, it doesn’t ‘help’ if we don’t know ‘how’ to apply it.

So, let’s look at this ‘understanding is the key to peace’ and bring it into daily life.

The first step is to check in with your body to see how it feels – are you: drinking lots of fresh water, physically moving in ways that comfortably builds strength and flexibility, eating foods that nourish your being, giving your entire being rest with deep sleep at night.

Then, I invite you to think about and feel into a space or connection that you are experiencing as less than peaceful. What variables contribute to this lack of peace? Is the energy resonant with peace? Are you holding an expectation or judgment?

Once you have this information, I invite you to center into connection with Source energy. From this centered space, thank your self for your choice to process and understand. (You see, this is now a point of creation, instead of reaction – and that shift brings peace, as does gratitude.)

From this centered space of creation, you can review the information you have processed to create action steps for yourself. Being in creation and having action steps builds trust – which adds to peace. Of course, then doing the action steps brings more peace (even if your steps result in change).

Dear Reader: As you consider this ‘understanding is the key to peace’ what arises within for you? If you may share, is the experience of peace in your life and being familiar to you or something that is an area of possibility? (when you share, you inspire)

Thank you for your presence!

Much peace and abundant love,


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  1. Lorri Espinosa said:

    This message spoke loud and clear for me this morning. Upon reading it I gently paid attention to my body and realized that the energy of running away from my relationship was in my right leg especially the shin. I was able to hold that area for many minutes and feel the energy change and dissipate under my hands. Thank you, Joy, for the timely reminder that our bodies hold so many solutions. We need only tune in and listen with our many senses.

    • Thank *you*, Lorri, for sharing your experience with listening to your body and applying that message and awareness to a specific area in your life. I hope that you now feel peace and possibility in this relationship!

      I understand you are speaking of energetic running. Physical running is something that I enjoy. For much of my life each mile I ran was ‘away’ from something – I loved the feeling of “running out my emotions” and pushing my body. Now, I run for connection – I love the feeling of flow, but it’s more about building physical strength so my heart can open further, and enjoying the spaces I choose to run in…

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