Wrapping Energy Around US Airstrikes in Syria


While I don’t watch or read direct news reports, I do scan headlines so I can stay informed about the collective energy and offer reflections of peace and possibility from a centered space.

There are many reports about the US airstrikes in Syria. This obviously affects collective energy so I took the time to read and research.

My energetic boundary is “only love enters and leaves”. This event doesn’t fit through my boundary but, because I am in a position of guidance, I plugged in to the gist of what is happening so that I may understand the energetic ripple effect and share from a space of peace and possibility.

When I share this with you, my perspective is not about politics – I am coming from an energetic standpoint. (Because I cannot in this moment ‘change’ anything political, but I can shift energy from heavy to light and that is what I am inviting us to do. Finding peace within this *is* ‘ being the change’.)

When I allow something heavy and less than resonant with love into my space, I wrap energy around it. The energy I center into and work with is love and gratitude – regardless of external. So I am not judging it (whatever is in my space) in thought – although I am discerning in resonance –  I am simply wrapping love and gratitude around it so I can temporarily neutralize the impact the energy has on me.  When I neutralize the energy, I can take the time to feel into, and understand it without my body naturally reacting to it.

(For example, war doesn’t feel good to me – my body naturally reacts with fear to the word and idea of war. Neutralizing the energy associated with it allows me to read about it without reacting – meaning I can stay centered and feel into it from an empowered space of creation.)

I mentioned the phrase “allow..into my space” – that distinction of allowing is essential to experiencing peace even in chaos.  I choose to honor my boundary or temporarily relax it; knowing it is a choice allows me to choose again – to ‘disallow” something from my space.

To begin the centering process, together, I posted on Facebook:

“Please, may you take a moment to offer prayers / blessings / energy around the US airstrikes in Syria. Thank you.*

(and, if this resonates with you, I invite you to offer your prayers, blessings and energy – thank *you*!)

I immediately received a harsh reply. (So, I chose to wrap love and gratitude around that!)

The rest of the responses were full of love and light and resonant energy. This prayer, offered by Linda Strickland, touched my heart:

“We send love and light to the people that are victims of the ISIS rampage. We send love and light to the people in ISIS to melt their powerful armor of hate and have God pierce it with his Love instead.

We pray for all those who have grievances and frustrations, that are so huge, that they feel violence is the only answer.

We set an example for them by allowing love to permeate every part of our life. So that our example of peace and love, is felt all over the world and the ripples extend beyond our neighborhoods and go beyond our country’s borders.

We pray for the people in our government to be guided by the principles of peace. We see all of these people as God’s people. Worthy of his Love.”

Thank you, Linda!  (Also, Linda’s beliefs include God, so she referenced God in her prayer – and I honor that.)

Linda’s prayer is a direct example of ‘how to love deeply in daily life.” (the topic of my next free telecall – September 26th at 5p PT.)

Look, our minds will consistently provide us with reasons and excuses not to open our hearts. Mind thinks it’s keeping us safe – but that fear wreaks havoc on our being in all ways, which causes pain and disconnect and is not at all ‘safe’. There will always be at least one person who agrees with “not sharing love’ in a specific circumstance. It sometimes seems that people look for the loophole to love – but, energetically, there isn’t a loophole.

When we close to love (and that is a choice) we create a barrier to flow and abundance. Opening to love by sending energy and including *All* in that sending, is not condoning the event, but it is offering a centered space – a portal to peace – if one wishes to tap into it.

Dear Reader: I invite you to add your prayers and blessings in the comment section below. I also invite you to share your experience with choosing to wrap energy around potentially volatile and vulnerable external variables. What practices or techniques do you use? (when you share, you inspire.)

Thank you for your presence!

Much peace and abundant love,


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  1. Hi Joy! I love this article! I had been feeling confused about matters in the world, as I’ve been surrounded by people trying to change things, but also wondering why I hadn’t ever really resonated with that approach. I always think to myself that being myself is more than enough, that beyond ‘doing’ being that love is what really makes the difference, but I started to doubt that for a while. So thank you for the reminder to find empowerment in tapping into peace and love… and being the change in that way. That rings so true to me, and I am sending the world lots of love and blessings… I don’t know much about Syria or world matters in general for that matter, but I do know that bombing other people isn’t really the answer. I hope that with each of us choosing to open to love in a situation where many close and react, we can pave the way for the world to see that love is the answer, and that love is where we find our true power. I hope that one day we can see what we really are and feel that connection to ourselves and each other. I hope that through these unsettling times in the world we can learn to love more deeply and see through the illusions of judgment and hatred.

    Anyways, this is also a great way to approach my often unpleasant family situation. I’ve so far been applying much more compassion to myself, not taking things personally, and showing myself that it’s ok to feel whatever comes up, but wrapping love around it would be a great thing to do as well!

    • I always love your depth of awareness and insight, Esther – that is quite a gift you have!

      What I feel is important to remember is that yes, some people will shift energy in world and ‘change’ it with inventions and trailblazing and that is just as essential and wonderful as those who choose to change the world with an awareness of how they choose to honor Earth and people and move with love and gratitude. There are so many ways and we can each learn from sharing our ideas and experiences.

      This phrase that you shared *see through the illusions of judgment and hatred* is one that is vital to healing and growth to turn inward and a step that many people either choose to skip, or simply miss doing.

      As far as your family situation – it might help to shift energy to love and gratitude by focusing on the connector energies that you share and the blessings of being where you are while allowing the differences and discomforts to affirm to you *who you wish to be* and inspire you to create a different feel for your life experience as you move forward. (There is quite a lot in that sentence, so you may want to read it a few times.) Please also know that when people choose to follow or explore a path their parents neither understand nor appreciate, this tension is common (meaning, you are not alone – perhaps there is peace in that?)

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