Balancing Physical Movement with Energetic Inner Work and Walking with Abundance


When we work with energy – and our intention is whole body wellness – it is powerful to combine physical movement with our inner work.

Our physical movements can spark and amplify inner shifts.

Our inner shifts can result in physical weight loss and stability/comfort.

If you feel energetically ‘stuck’ or you feel ultra clear and open and want to increase that, naturally, then physically moving your body from sitting to standing or stretching, walking, exploring a new path or space can naturally open energetic doors and increase your energetic clarity. 

(Also, physical rest can be a power tool, but since this article is about walking, we’ll save that for another day!)

After you have completed a focused session of inner work, some sort of physical movement (that you enjoy) works well for clearing energetic residual – movements such as hip circles, stretching and strengthening exercises.

“Easy”, daily life examples: When I want to energetically ‘trust more’, I do physical push-up’s and inversions. After I have meditated, I do hip circles.

The word ‘balance’ is often bantered about. Within practices of presence (for me), balance is about remembering to center, cleanse, move and celebrate your internal energy as well as your physical body — to experience depth of peace and range of ability to love/embrace and thrive in this moment.

I invite you to share your idea of balance in the comment section below and to experiment with mine if you’d like. 

Walking with Gratitude

A few months ago, I got a new phone. My very extensive playlist of music didn’t transfer to my new phone and I didn’t want to spend money replacing all of it.

I sometimes like to workout in silence; at other times, listening to music during my workout inspires me. After a few months of silence, I began to miss music.

So, this morning, it occurred to me to download my favorite abundance chant to listen to as I walked. (I know, it took a while for my big ‘ah-ha’, but shoot – no judgment *grin*)

I walked on the path at the park in the morning sunshine, while chanting along. I focused on bringing my energy fully into my body, shoulders back so my heart space was fully open.

I smiled at everyone who passed by. Sometimes I care if someone doesn’t return my smile but, this morning, I didn’t care – I just sent them wonderful energy and kept moving along, chanting and opening my heart space with each step.

In my most focused moments, while intentionally feeling into abundance in all realms and exchanging that energy with Universe – by breathing it fully in and walking it fully out, allowing myself to be enveloped in the feel – I became Abundant.

I noticed my stride was consistent, my steps confident and strong, my heart space fully open. I wasn’t asking (Universe/Source energy) for anything, because I didn’t feel  I ‘needed’ anything. I was fully present to the feel of abundance in each moment. And, I actually finished my walk ten minutes faster than I usually do!

I felt very much alive, very full, energized, joyful (which is not always how I feel after my walk!).

Here is the photo I took, right as I was finishing my walk, ready to stretch. I feel it clearly shows the energy from this abundance walk.


This is the chant by Deva Premal “Om Shreem Mahalaksmiyei Namaha” that I like and used on my walk. (I also share it in my money manifesting class as a tool one could use to enhance their money manifesting practice.)

Dear Reader: As I asked above, what is your idea of balance? What does balance mean to you and look like in your daily life? Also, if you do choose to practice an energy walk – or use the chant – I would love for you to share your experience in the comments below. (when you share, you inspire!).

Thank you for your presence!

Much peace and abundant love,


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Comments on: "Balancing Physical Movement with Energetic Inner Work and Walking with Abundance" (5)

  1. Jean Sampson said:

    You look totally alive and energized, Joy! And I love my walks also—-it really makes me feel like I am truly myself when I do a long hill walk or even a faster than usual walk without the big hills! I listen to spiritual or health cds as I walk but music would be good once in awhile, too!
    Keep on walking, Joy! :) <3

    • Thank you, Jean – for ‘seeing me’ and for your presence! I love when you share about your hill walks and cds you have listened to and one would think that I would have clued in long ago to that delight after hearing you share it (and even commenting to you about how powerful that is!) *grin*.

      I use music to inspire and motivate me – specific songs for different parts of my runs, so right when I get tired, something with a beat I love entices me to keep running….But for walking, it’s a different energy and I can think and feel and process what I am listening to – so an abundance chant was perfect! Thank you for planting that seed long ago!!

  2. Jean Sampson said:

    Glad you enjoyed your walk, Joy! I also take poetry cds out —David Whyte is the favorite right now. I am in a writing frenzy and it helps to listen to great poetry! Yes, running is a different energy and it might be difficult to really concentrate when you are running. Wish we could walk the beach together, Joy! Or my beautiful hills! The trees are brilliant orange and red against the clearest blue sky!

    • One day we will walk together, Jean – of that I am absolutely certain! Which coast? Both!! *grin*

      The other night, I was listening to worship music as I was walking the beach and a woman stopped me and said ‘how can you have music on when the ocean is speaking to you?’ I love her intention and that she was attempting awareness – she would have had no idea that I spend hours on the beach each day and that my music was low so I could hear the waves and birds *and* that sometimes I leave my ear buds in with no music on, just because it’s easier that way! Sometimes engages my mind so my heart can open ever further as I am there – which I think about you as you walk the hills!

  3. Jean Sampson said:

    Awww, Joy, BOTH coasts! I love it! In fact I am counting on it! :) :)
    Love to you! :)

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