I Believe in Magic: Asking For and Receiving Signs of Affirmation in Every Day Life

A Bit About the Use of External Signs in a Practice of Presence

Before I share my experience with you, I want to explain my belief about the use of external signs. I practice unfolding  – which means I am present to my heart whispers and external variables and how they are woven together in this moment and I use the energy of both to create and connect and flow to the next moment.

I believe *the entire world* is a sign – and that we notice what we are willing and able to allow ourselves to. I share direct examples in this experience with you. There are many animals on my walk but when one comes ‘from nowhere specifically to me’ I take that as a very direct sign.

We can look to many modalities to interpret the signs and I also believe and practice to ask yourself what you feel it means, before you research the symbolic meaning elsewhere. So, as you read my experience, perhaps you might have a different interpretation – I invite you to share that in the comments below!

Signs: Ask and You Shall Receive

After sending out my weekly “Sunday Reflections of Joy” – with the theme of *allowing your light to shine brightly*- to my Facets of Joy community (if you wish to read it, simply click the title link), I went to sleep.

I had a challenging week last week – external variables that invited me to center and support my children and my inner core values, which is *awesome* but also distracted me from creating.

I put all of that to rest, intentionally, as I slept, knowing that I would awaken to a new day (Monday), new week (yes!), focused and ready to open to continue to embrace newness as I create and connect. 

One thing I missed dearly last week was my daily walk. Even though the cloud cover was heavy, which meant that sunrise wouldn’t be visible, I wanted to show my commitment to my walk (which also is symbolically my commitment to walking my energetic heart path).

As I dressed, I asked Universe to please show me *very clear* signs that I was heading in the right direction on my heart path. Last week’s distractions planted a few seeds of doubt, so I wanted some sort of Universal affirmation.

(I am a firm believer in ‘ask and you shall receive’!)

As I walked down the beach path, I noticed these bushes full of small yellow flowers. Although they didn’t look *magical* – I am not familiar with flower names, but I bet many would call these weeds’ – they looked abundantly full and yellow corresponds to solar plexus energy (which is about personal power and confidence) so I listed to my nudge and I photographed them.

I didn’t understand this particular nudge. But, each time I passed these yellow flower bushes, I appreciated their placement and then photographed them. After a few, I understood ‘why I was nudged!’.


In my world, feathers are signs from Source that you are on ‘seen’ and on the right path (first learned a few years ago in Amy Oscar’s soulcaller training but then amplified by many other sources). This feather is clearly *right there* waiting to be seen!!

Smiling, I said ‘Thank you, Universe, more signs please, in clear, easy to receive ways”.

Please note: When asking for something I am meant to receive in, I always add *in easy to receive ways* because I prefer (and enjoy) connecting with ease (versus drama or dis-ease).

Please also note: Sometimes when receiving in (whether tangibly or energetically) I feel a ‘cap’ on my willingness to open ‘beyond a certain limit’. So, I play these energetic games to gently, joyfully stretch that limit. I add “Thank you, more please” as part of that stretch, then I do the inner work to open to *more*.

Okay, so…back to my walk.

As I mentioned, the cloud cover was heavy, and that mirrored to me how my spirit felt after last week’s intense energy and shifting.  As I turned the corner on this physical path, I noticed the cloud cover parting slightly. It didn’t change much for the duration of my walk – but, the point is, that the *clouds parted* – which felt hopeful.


Nature reflects much to us and, as I looked to sky, I was reminded that ‘this too shall pass’. Naturally. Without pain. If I allow it to. 

(Thank you, Universe – more, please, in easy to receive ways.)

I continued walking. I felt peaceful and very aware and attuned. 

Soon, though, this inner knowing occurred within that my daughter (who was in school at the time) was frazzled. So, I texted my son:

Is your sister okay.

His reply: a smiley face.

No, really. I’m serious. I think she is frazzled and I need you to check on her.

After a few minutes, his reply: She *is* frazzled. She forgot her phone at home and doesn’t know how to reach you.

Please remember, I’m intuitive.

His reply: Very nice.

Sometimes, I have to remind my children that “I just know, because I am intuitive.” And here was Universe, clearly reminding me of my gifts.

(Thank you, Universe, more please, in easy to receive ways.)

When I got to the beach, it was still overcast and waves were surging. The natural power was pretty awesome! Only the best surfers were in the water, but many more were at ocean’s edge, watching.

FullSizeRender (5)

I love this shot! It’s not technically great but, I happened to catch *the moment the wave tossed the surfer from his board*. He was whooping, joyfully, as he flew up in the air!  (I use my phone camera and I am usually pleased with the results but this is one moment I wish I had a different camera or lens!)

So, look – the experienced surfers love surging waves /”heavy weather”. They know they will be tossed, and they don’t care – they just re-group and keep surfing. It’s their passion.  (I got it, Universe, I got it!)

As, I stood there, opening with awareness – right at this spot – this very large bug-shaped creature skimmed over the net wave and headed straight for me. I wanted to run but it happened so quickly all I could do was watch as it landed on my leg.

It was so big and so direct, I noticed others near me watching as well. So, I didn’t scream, but I wanted to. I didn’t even want to look at what it was. It was there for many moments before I realized I wasn’t being eaten or stung, so I best see what was on my leg. The ‘observers’ began walking up to me to see what it was, as well.



If you are interested in dragonfly energy – because now dragonfly is in *your day* so the message might be for you, too – the gist is ‘transformation, change, good luck, harmony and an invitation to be very aware of the relationship between our innermost thoughts and the external variables in our space’.

One man said ‘I saw a movie like this once, only with butterflies. You’re one of them butterfly people.”

(Why, yes, sir, I really am!!!  I call myself a butterflies and glitter girl and dragonfly used to be one of my totem animals).

I took a few photos, other people took photos. It stayed on my leg *forever*.

I asked. I received. I understand. Thank you!

I Believe in Magic

Now, I wanted to take this walk to capture photos to fit this month’s I Believe in Magic theme of harvest, joy and abundance to entice you to join in the class. *grin* I left the walk feeling magical and seen and appreciated but, thinking I didn’t get anything to fit the class theme.

I Believe in Magic photo journey isn’t at all about *thinking* ‘how to fit a prompt theme’ – it’s about opening our hearts to allow world to speak to us, then sharing the essence of the experience in photo.

It’s not about *technically outstanding or extraordinarily spectacular* photos – it’s about choosing to be present to see the light, beauty, joy and peace of what is in our day and sharing that.

It’s about celebrating the magic of daily life together. And, if that resonates with you, then I hope you join us for this last session of the year.

Vulnerability and Criticism

To be clear, my entire site is about sharing that magic – and I realize I am awesome at reflecting that through personal experience in my small group forums and not so awesome about doing it here, directly on my site.

I feel ultra-vulnerable sharing these steps from my heart’s journey, and I trust *you* the members who chose to join this community, to understand and celebrate with me but I don’t love being open to criticism (which happens).

Because criticism is a reason we sometimes use to choose to not open our hearts, in general and to magic, I am facilitating the free, live training call Being Present to the Energy of Criticism” on October 19th. I want to show you, it’s okay to open, it’s okay to trust, and yes criticism might happen; when it does, it’s okay to wrap it in love and gratitude and let it go, as you keep shining your light brighter while opening to receive in abundant in all realms, with ease.

Dear Reader: Do you ‘believe’ in external signs? May you share a bit about your experience in using (or not using) external signs as you move through your day? And, what does *magic* mean to you? (when you share, you inspire)

Thank you for your presence!

Much peace,


The next Session of Facets: I Believe in Magic – Celebrating Peace, Joy, Beauty and Life in Every Day Life begins October 18th. If you enjoy playing with the essence of energy via photography and connecting through sharing your creative expressions, this 30-day photo journey is for you.

The next session of Walk Your Heart Path with Joy: Exploring and Experiencing Peace and Possibility in Daily Life begins December 21, 2014. It’s a six-month intensive for people interested in practicing presence daily, while creating and connecting from heart space. For more information and to register, please click the title link.

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  1. Carmen Renee said:

    Joy, thank you for this lovely message. I too, have had rough days lately. Feeling unheard, unappreciated, powerless in certain areas of my life. I was also visited quite dramatically and in front of others yesterday by a dragonfly. I felt calmed and loved and supported once it happened. You are a love light in the world and sharing your message is a helpful blessing to those of us who need to hear it. Please don’t be afraid to share your light. Love, Carmen Renee

    • Thank you, Carmen Renee, for taking the time to share your experience. Dragonfly was sure busy delivering messages last week!

      These feelings that you mention ‘unheard, unappreciated, and powerless’ are clear signs to ground our energy and an invitation to return to practices of presence that include self-love and gratitude. For me personally, it helps to be surrounded by people who share energy that is inspiring, encouraging and supportive.

      Thank you for sharing *your* love-light!

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