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I just participated in a miracle. I am in wonder and awe.

I feel my life is full of many miracles, daily – thus my consistent reflections of ‘magic’….but this is *so incredible*, my heart space has been stretched wide open!

As you may know, I am on a super tight budget. Super tight. I *love* sharing whatever I have with people; when I do share, though, it’s usually my time/energy/home space/food. I also consistently gift classes and coaching sessions to students and clients as a lovely surprise, beyond the official scholarships I offer.

Well, in the last session of my money manifesting class, the teachings of Edwene Gaines and the subject of tithing was brought up by a few students. The idea is that you choose to tithe to someone whom inspires you. This was new to me, but it felt very resonant.

That was a few months ago. Interestingly, Edwene Gaines was passing through our ‘little town’ last month so I had the opportunity to hear her speak live. I like her message, I love her energy, and I clearly understood that was the *second time* her work was presented to me, in a way I could understand and process – so Universe wanted me to hear this.

My heart wished to experience tithing (as a giver). I thought about who I would tithe to. I hadn’t received money in since then, until….

This week, I sold two classes!!

And then, two days ago, a very non-resonant energy person (meaning they had just blatantly plagiarized one of my articles, publishing it word-for-word on the site of an online magazine, which was removed by the publisher upon my request) asked me to coach them. While the money would have been wonderful, I said no. My mind said “what???!!” My heart said trust. Trust in this process of flow and resonant energy in all realms. It required a bit of breath work but, I centered into opening through that vulnerability.

Yesterday, I received in the mail a tithe – really!!!! From one of the people from my class who had mentioned Edwene Gaines.

Unexpected. Amazing. My heart is overflowing with gratitude!!!

So, today, before investing that money in groceries and rent, I thought about who I wanted to tithe to.

I went to the park and walked in the morning sunshine. (Physically walking moves internal energy, which helps to open our hearts to newness, with ease and joy).

My intention is to share with someone who inspires me on my journey, as a single mom, being fully present with my children, with my primary income from creative expression. (Setting an intention helped bring this previously ‘impossible’ idea to physical earth, allowing it to feel ‘real’ for me.)

Upon my return home, with a smile in my heart and on my face, I emailed this person, explaining my intention as I asked for their paypal address. It was so fun and exciting to share!!

I passed along this unexpected delight and I know this person feels the same as I about receiving in an ‘out-of-the-blue’, so physically and energetically helpful, gift.  Because we both live from heart space, the money is a gift, as is the experience of being in a miracle. Of feeling supported by Universe (being seen and appreciated). What a delight!!!

In ‘regular life’ I don’t have this to share, but look, I earned it and was gifted and I passed it along.

It’s an experience of faith, trust, joy, delight, love, and gratitude.

Do I have bills, responsibilities, obligations – yes. But how light they feel, after having this experience of infinite possibility.

I keep finding it to be true that choosing to keep our hearts open, even through moments we don’t understand or particularly enjoy the feel of, allows for spectacular *every day* miracles.

Perhaps something within this speaks to *your* heart.

Dear Reader: I invite you to feel into the energy of this experience and to share an action of kindness you have experienced in your life. (Let’s amplify kindness together!)

Much peace and abundant love,


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  1. Good Morning Joy,

    I love reading and receiving your newsletters, there is always something in them that inspires/moves me!

    I’ve recently been struggling with ‘were I belong’ and numbness (seem to not care anymore) and while visiting my sister in Wyoming I met one of her friends. I instantly liked her friend (seldom happens) and her energy was very welcoming and supportive. Interestingly, during the conversation she read something too me that spoke to me…one of many signs I was to receive in the couple of days I was there. I’m not much of a hugger with people I’ve just met but the hug this woman gave me apparently was MUCH needed. Her kindness that day really lifted my spirits!!

    • Thank you for the kind words, Angela – and thank you for sharing this beautiful example of kindness! What I love is that you were open to newness (liking your sister’s friend and hugging) and through this experience you naturally released a pattern / dissolved an internal barrier.

      Kindness is a facet of love – infinite, ever-present and available each moment we choose to open to receive it in and share it.

  2. Lorri Espinosa said:

    Hi Joy, it is so fun to answer your questions. Sometimes I forget that we really aren’t old friends that just pick up where ever we left off. I have never met you but my heart feels that familiarity and connection of a long time friend. So in that field I just have to say…I love that you said NO. It is something that I struggle with at times. Yet when I do keep firm kind supportive energetic thresholds around me I realize there is so much less clean up then when I let whomever enter my field. I hope that makes sense. I celebrate you!!

    • Thank *you*, Lorri for the kind words! Maybe we are old friends – depending upon your belief system, we could have known each other ‘way back when’ *grin*. I’m glad we are ‘new friends’ *that* heart connection is wonderful to experience!

      Thank you for taking the time to affirm my ‘no’. What I am learning is that sometimes when we say no – the person (or the people around them) don’t take kindly to that – I don’t like the feeling of that ‘kickback’ so my desire to avoid that often led me to compromise my boundary (which brought in pain, anyway).

      Setting energetic intentions for an experience and the boundary of *only love enters and leaves – in all forms* is peaceful, yet powerful. When we are clear, Universe is able to then swoop in to meet us with ‘rewards’.

      What you have shared makes absolute sense – I thank you very much for sharing!!! I feel your support and I reflect that back to you as well. I celebrate *you* and your energy and presence!

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