Understanding Mercury Retrograde and a Gentle Way of Releasing


If you are familiar with the concept of Mercury Retrograde, you most likely have heard many people label it a ‘less than lovely cycle’.

I do believe and practice that what we focus on, grows. So, if we label something ‘less than lovely’ that is likely what we are to experience.

As with anything, if we can apply awareness to understanding the energy of it / within it, we can find and experience peace even if others– who resist either the cycle or understanding –experience chaos.

We are currently at the beginning of a Mercury Retrograde cycle. I am delighted to share this *positive perspective* by Slade Roberson “35 Great Things to do During Mercury Retrograde“. I encourage you to take the time to read it.

I love each tip, these two speak straight to me:

*Reframe — The simplest way to change your life is to reframe negative self-talk into empowering affirmations.*

(Because I am immersed in creating the materials for “Your Body is a Gift” and ‘Presence to Love Deeply in Daily Life’ the importance of speaking to self with love and gratitude – in ways that nourish and inspire  – speaks straight to my being.)

*Release — Set it free. Let it go. Allow it to flow again.*

(Which applies to the energy of this Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse week.)

Tapping Into External Variables and Natural Elements as Direction Markers

As we practice presence to unfolding within organic growth – we can take our awareness of natural cycles and understanding of the energy within them as directional markers along our path.

For example, we know that it is Full Moon energy this week and that, along with Mercury Retrograde, is a powerful time to release – even that which might have felt impossible to release previously.

We can choose to release tangible items that no longer fit or hold energies not resonant with our heart energy. We can choose to release patterns that currently act as barriers to flow. We can choose to release thoughts that constrict our willingness and desire to connect and create in ways of peace, abundance and joy.

In my personal practice, and work with clients, I understand that our physical bodies naturally react to the idea of releasing so I choose to look at the affirmative and embrace it as fully as possible which then means that which no longer resonates naturally sloughs away.  

So, release is natural and gentle instead of forced or stressful in any way. However, this is an energetic embrace (and sometimes a physical movement into new space) which means that often there is a bit of ‘real-world’ clean-up in my space. 

For example, in reaction to a heart wound last fall, I added the protective measure of a bit of physical weight. I am now ready to release that. So, I am concentrating on running/walking/aerial yoga and forms of physical movement that delight my being as well as centering and grounding so my being feels comfortable and safe with this newness. The extra layers naturally dissolve. Not because I am restricting myself in any way, but because I am fully embracing my practices of presence to my body and being. This means that now there are tangible items that no longer fit (such as clothes and journals) to ‘release’ outside of my living space (the physical clean-up I mentioned above).

If I think of releasing weight, it feels insistent upon a desired outcome and very restrictive. If I feel into fully embracing joyful movement in life, it feels expansive, peaceful *do-able* and fun.

I invite you to think about and feel into this idea of fully embracing while allowing for a natural release (which to me is the essence of grace in motion).  Please understand that it sounds linear (as in, you open to embrace and something falls away) but it’s really cyclical – meaning each step infuses the next and it’s all quite energetically interwoven.

The key is to continue to embrace and allow, with intention – even as external shifts; until the physical shift fully settles.

Sometimes we feel vulnerable or afraid (or both) and – instead of centering- we react, which temporarily stops the cycle of flow. If you feel this happening, simply invite yourself to be aware and to trust the process enough to center and open / allow again.  (This is where positive self-talk is essential to inspire you to remain centered and open.)

In my personal practice, I find it ultra-helpful (and empowering) to celebrate each step as I go. The energy of joy naturally comforts mind and opens heart (and is a wonderful manifesting energy). The celebration can be as simple as saying “thank you for taking that step” but can also include rewards of refreshing my energy or physical treats or experiences.

You can feel the difference in the quality of the experience between thinking about the steps you didn’t take and criticizing yourself for that and noticing the steps you did take (which are many in a day!) and celebrating and thanking yourself for them. 

Dear Reader: I invite you to share, what is an energy, pattern, tangible item, thought that you are willing to embrace fully this week along with something related that may naturally be released as a result? And, if you do read Slade Roberson’s article, I would love to know which tip speaks strongly to you. 

Thank you for your presence!

Much peace and abundant love,


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