Facets of Joy: Sharing the Gift of Presence to Magnify Your Inner Brilliance – Three-Year Anniversary: Three Lessons and a lot of Gratitude


Today – November 23, 2014 – is Facets of Joy three-year anniversary!!

Yay!! Woo-hoo!!!

I am so excited to celebrate with you!!!  Let’s do this *grin*.

Symbolism of the Number Three

I like to understand the symbols and signs in my day and experience. So, when someone congratulated me in LinkedIn for my three-year work anniversary – what spoke to me first was….three years!!!!  (and then, gratitude for the gratitude!!).

First, my little family has three members – Kevin, Kaitlyn and I. So, that feels significant. And we have been at three members for three years (so that feels significant as well) And now Facets of Joy is three. So, it feels like the number three would like a bit of attention and awareness.

Numerology: The Vibration and Meaning of Numbers says this about the number three:

Number 3 resonates with the energies of the Ascended Masters, and indicates that the Ascended Masters are around you, assisting when asked. The Ascended Masters help you to focus on the Divine spark within yourself and others, and assist with manifesting your desires. They help you to find peace, clarity and love within.  


The gift of words and communication are there for the 3 person, as is inspiration, cheerful optimism and joy.  The 3 energy loves life and needs to share their enthusiasm with others.  Number 3 is the energy of the ‘creator’ and wants to inspire and light the ‘fire of life’ in others so that they can also feel the joy and enthusiasm for living life to the fullest.

The 3 energy can be charming, entertaining and very social.  They have a keen intellect and want the best in life  –  the pleasant, the beautiful and the luxurious.  They feel the need to inspire and beautify the world.  The natural capabilities of the 3 allows them to take anything they have a create something beautiful from it.

3 represents the principle of increase, expansion, growth and abundance on the physical, emotional, mental, financial and spiritual levels.  When the number 3 is affecting you, it is often difficult to avoid putting on weight.

It feels like it fits!

(If you have anything to say about the number three and its spiritual/energetic meaning for my family and/of Facets of Joy, please do share in the comments below!)

Three Lessons I Have Learned Through Creating for Facets of Joy

Since the creation of Facets of Joy three years ago, my entire life has changed.

I intended for Facets of Joy to be my heart space on the internet; that intention has stretched me personally far beyond anything I thought I would be capable of experiencing; sometimes brought me to my knees in pain; expanded my little world into this vibrant global community of love and gratitude, grace and joy, peace and abundance.

I am learning daily and I love that – my entire being thrives (when I allow it to – when I’m in resistance, ooh-boy, it’s tough stuff!).

1. Allow Your Being to Experience Physical Life Here in This Realm while Energetically Centered and Connected.

Look, the name of the boat I lived on with my children, until the month I created Facets of Joy was *Ethereal Joy*. I am wonderful at understanding and tapping into: elemental energy, sacred connection, natural seasons and cycles, angel guidance, intuitive readings – all practices that can bring our energy out of our bodies (when we wish).

It’s really, ultra-important to bring that energy *into* our bodies – a practice that many in the spiritual world aren’t guiding us to do and quite frankly many in mainstream world don’t wish to do, because their bodies are in pain and they feel their heart wounds and aren’t equipped to experience peace from such a space.

We do ourselves a huge disservice when we choose to live ‘outside of our bodies’, wishing to be anywhere but here on physical Earth.  

Part of that longing is to ‘return home’; but we find peace, joy, abundance, wonder, awe, gratitude when we understand we *are home*.

We chose to be here on Earth, so let’s enjoy our Earth Adventure – which includes physical connection and celebration. (Energetic connection and celebration is *awesome* – lights my heart: let’s gift ourselves the fullness of life by choosing to experience *it all*).

2. Celebrate Each and Every Step, Without Judgment, With Pure Joy, Love and Gratitude

Gol. I used to be the Queen of encouraging everyone and criticizing myself; in context, what I mean is that I would easily, joyfully celebrate each of your steps yet in my own life I would think about the steps I didn’t take, and be so upset with myself, even if I took one trillion in one day. (True story).

For example, as it relates to Facets of Joy – in one day, I would center into sacred connection, love on my children, write an article, coach a few clients, create a class, but then think about the fact that I didn’t host a telecall or create a video or ebook or whatever else I didn’t do.

My goodness, Joy Christin. Give yourself some love and appreciation! Again, this relates to my number one lesson ‘bring your energy into your body and enjoy this Earth Adventure’. For my body does very well when I appreciate all that it has done  – my energy soars, creative expression flows, connections blossom, manifesting is ‘easy’. 

So, I now take the time to celebrate each every step, as I take them. What I feel is: freedom, pure joy, depth of love and wonder/awe/gratitude. I feel infinite possibility. I feel fully connected. 

It might sometimes take me longer to move from point A to point B but what I have in my life is genuine peace and joy and magic at my fingertips and I am finding that is a lovely way to move through this world. And when we love life, life loves us back.

3. Open to Receive, Gracefully, Joyfully, Repeatedly

I am by nature a generous giver. I love to give. I did not, until this year, like to receive. Now, part of that is as a result of abuse (even good surprises -sometimes especially good surprises – were followed by chaos and pain) – so I learned to pretty much eliminate receiving from people in my life. I was a pretty good receiver from God/Universe – if Source energy wants to bless me with X,Y,Z go for it, I’m in.  People = not so much.

Here is the thing about love (I promise this ties into receiving). If all you choose to do is to give love (even if you center into Source energy) there will be moments that you feel depleted, drained, un-appreciated, lonely, and sometimes ‘poor’. As with any energy, the flow is about opening to receive in as we also give out.

And, if we don’t receive love (or any other energy in), we miss half of the experience of the energy; we deny those who truly love us the joy of gifting and we deny ourselves the experience of trust, grace, and gratitude.

Let’s turn this ‘lesson’ into a positive (because I like positives): When you receive Love in, your heart space expands, connection deepens and infinite possibility becomes your reality. 

Let’s continue on with this three-year anniversary love-fest!

My first subscriber to Facets of Joy was….a soul sister: Megan Bord. I have had the delight of meeting Megan and sharing lots of ‘real-life’ time together (on the boat, at her home, in my current home).

It’s significant that Megan was my first subscriber, because until that time, most of my friends didn’t understand my intuitive path, desire to live infinite possibility, or the direction I was headed. So, to have a close friend subscribe to my brand new site was a huge show of support (and affirmation from Universe).

Megan is known as the “Divine Goddess of Manifesting” and is the author of “The Pocket Guide to Manifesting.  When Megan’s book was first published, I did an interview with Megan to introduce it to our Facets community “Megan Bord: The Pocket Guide to Manifesting.” I love Megan and am honored and delighted to share friendship together!! (Thank you, Megan – I love you and am grateful for your presence!)

Honorable mention: The next subscriber (two minutes after Megan) is Jean Sampson – another soul sister (whom I have yet to meet) who has participated in almost every Facets ecourse and forum. Jean is an artist (here is the link to her website: Jean Sampson.com) and I have learned so much from her about life (and painting) when she shares about her process. (Thank you, Jean, I love you and am grateful for your presence!)

And, really, Facets of Joy would not exist as a vibrant community if not for each subscriber (and I have emailed a gift to our community members within our Sunday Reflections to say thank you). The presence of each person within this community matters and contributes directly to the energy and flow of Facets of Joy. My heart is *full* of gratitude – far more than words can express!!!

My first commenter on Facets of Joy was…..another soul sister (whom I have yet to meet in ‘real-life’ but I will) Sandra Pawula from Always Well Within. Sandra’s site is one of the few that I still regularly follow today – I love her style of writing, the wisdom she shares, her energy and reflections. I feel Sandra is the epitome of grace and I am blessed to know her!  You might be interested in Sandra’s “Living with Ease: 30 Days to Less Stress” ecourse (I have taken it and it is wonderful!).  I did an interview with Sandra to introduce her class to our Facets community “Sandra Pawula: Learning to Live with Ease.” (Thank you, Sandra – I love you and am grateful for your presence!”).


You may notice that I do lots of collaborations – in my classes, in articles, in ebooks. My intention is to share many points-of-view so that we can each learn from similarities and differences.

Collaborations require that I center and then I ask for participation; there is a lot of vulnerability involved. For each collaboration, I receive less than 5% of ‘no’ (usually from ‘bigger names’ that I don’t know personally but respect their work). The *yes’s* are a direct result of being centered and on-purpose with my ‘ask’. (If you want to see if your favorite blogger has contributed to a Facets of Joy collaboration, there is a box on my sidebar called ‘search this site’ and you may type their name in the box and see if they have participated.)

I have an ebook page – containing free, downloadable ebooks (in PDF form). I invite you to check it out and download whatever resonates.

Something I am very proud of and delighted to have participated in is a collaboration with my Facets of Joy community – where each essay came from a subscriber (who chose to participate). This ebook is one of the few (I can’t confirm *only*, but it’s close) in which all of the materials came from subscribers. It’s called “A Power Prism” (and is available for download).

Final Celebration Words:

I built Facets of Joy on a foundation of love and gratitude. I didn’t have the technical skills and I had minimal physical resources but what I did have (and always have) is a heart full of love, joy, peace, positivity, abundance and possibility – with lots and lots of gratitude.

I didn’t have a ‘dream’;  I still don’t have ‘a dream’. I tap into the energy in this moment, I create what I am nudged to create, I connect with all that lights my heart and I trust in flow and Source Energy. I don’t map out an entire year of Facets work, I hadn’t joined marketing alliances like some of my peers have – I just keep centering, creating, connecting and celebrating.

My big ‘why’ is that I have been in abuse, and I have taken the time to understand and shift my patterning; I have raised (am still raising) my children in peace and possibility, so I see first-hand that change can happen and it’s a direct result of taking one step of intention and with awareness, followed by another step.  The practices ‘work’ for me, so I share them and I will continue to share them, in ways that are easy to receive and implement because I want for you to experience peace and possibility in your life.

I believe in moving with joy, stretching with ease, expanding with love, celebrating with gratitude. All that I present – from articles to ecourses to personal sessions is based in genuine love and gratitude.

I invite you to feel into the energy of those last few paragraphs and apply that to whatever your heart is whispering about in your life. If you hear that whisper, it’s doable. It might be scary, it might bring you to new spaces….but it’s doable.

The Gift of Presence

I fully believe that sharing your presence is a gift. When you choose to share what is in your heart – that is a gift. And that gift matters in ways you might not see, so you might doubt sharing – but please, do, because it matters.

I also know (from personal experience) that each seed of love we plant, matters. It might feel frustrating because you might not see a physical result right away (or ever) but please understand that seed will blossom and someone will benefit and it matters, always. So, please keep planting seeds of love. 

Likewise, when you come across a beautiful heart garden, please take the time to savor it, enjoy the blossoms and the energy and allow each cell to celebrate. 

Thank you for celebrating my three-year Facets of Anniversary with me!

Dear Reader: I love sharing energy – so, if you would like to gift a blessing or an eneregetic wish to Facets (whatever your heart nudges you to ‘leave on the table’) please do so. And, may you receive back into your life ten times the blessings you bestow.

Much peace and abundant love,

Our two new classes begin December 1st – register is open through November 30, 2014:

Presence to Love Deeply in Daily Life begins December 1, 2014. Inviting awareness of love into whatever your December holds (from family gatherings full of heart connection/trigger to review of your past year) opens doors in all realms.

Your Body is a Gift begins December 1, 2014. When we look at our body as a sacred container and learn to bring energy *into* that container, we then have the choice to create from a naturally centered, empowered space.


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Comments on: "Facets of Joy: Sharing the Gift of Presence to Magnify Your Inner Brilliance – Three-Year Anniversary: Three Lessons and a lot of Gratitude" (12)

  1. Joy!!!
    Happy Anniversary! I remember MEETING you, online first and then in-person, when you were writing Ethereal Joy. I remembered admiring you (still do), and thinking how kind, loving, funny and light you are. Over the past five or six years, I’ve witnessed you do some incredible things, including walking to the very edges of life — the spaces most of us keep well off in the distance or on our “maybe someday” horizons. You’ve gifted me with your friendship, which is a treasure, and you’ve gifted me with your clear insight. With your help, I shifted my life around 20 months ago, and rid it of toxicity / darkness I couldn’t quite see. YOU were my gift of freedom, strength, and unconditional love back then, and I see how often you do that for others now.

    I love you, Joy Christin! Thank you for being YOU!

    • You taught me the importance of celebrating calendar holidays, Megan – so here we are, celebrating *grin*

      Thank you for your kind words, I receive them in with pure gratitude and joy and return back to you the light and love you share tenfold.

      Thank you for sharing your energy here in this Facets of Joy community (as well as my life) that means a lot to me!!

      I love *you*, Megan – thank you for being you!!

  2. Congratulations, Joy!!! I love the significance of the number 3 in your business and family. It feels as though a foundation has been built for the seamless integration of work & family. Time to launch into supernova status! Wishing you so much bliss and celebration. I’m honored to know you, you’ve helped me through many stressful times in my life, and have shown me how to move through difficult situations with my head above water. I can’t wait to meet up again in person! Sending a virtual toast of Prosecco and chocolate truffles. <3 <3 <3

    • Thank you, Lynn!!! The kids and I always remember that you were there for my first meet-up (which also sginificant because it was the day my son’s “Cirque passion” began to blossom into reality).

      Thank you for your thoughts on the number 3 – *grin* supernova status would be something!!

      Thank you for your kind words and beautiful toast – let’s toast for real (all of our life changes) when we next meet!

      Love and gratitude to you!

  3. Jean Sampson said:

    Oh, my goodness, Joy! I was so surprised to know that I was the 2nd Facets member!!! Who knew? Well, I sure wasn’t going to miss anything, that is for sure! You and the amazing people who you have attracted to Facets have really changed my life, made me so aware of what I am thinking and how that is affecting me and the world around me. I tend to avoid bad feelings rather than working through them (or letting them work through me) but now I see them as teachers, as are all things that enter my life. I see how you approach life and I think, “Hum, I should try that! ” :) and I DO!. I feel almost as if I have known you all of my life, maybe because of the light path we have both been walking on. I don’t know if you realize how much I both enjoy and depend on you and Facets to live a more and more joyful life. Today I was listening to Guy Finley, one of my favorite teachers (he has a YouTube channel!!!) and he was talking about leading a fearless life. I actually listened to the SAME CD 4 times because I SO want to live a fearless life. It seems that to do that, you cannot want to hang on to things, ways of being, changelessness, and that is exactly what you and your practice of “flow” exemplify! So is it any wonder that I was led to you and Facets, Joy?
    I just want to let you know, again, how very grateful I am that you are in my life and how much I love you and look to you for support and guidance. I love and admire you SO much, Joy, and one of these days, we will walk the beach together and also the Charlottesville hills! <3 <3

    • Thank *you*, Jean for your presence in this community!! Thank you for your kind words!

      I was thinking today that much of what I practice is natural (meaning it is innate and has been part of my life – as a choice, even though it differed from my birth family) from a very young age. Learning to live it in daily life, in mainstream (it = peace, joy, possibility, via natural elements, cycles and seasons) has in some moments been a huge stretch, in many ‘easy’. It’s truly all about love – which you share so graciously and generously! To be clear, my life is *not* fearless – because I consistently open to new spaces and depth (in all realms) natural fear is a constant – but, I allow that fear to inspire and motivate me and my trust in flow and Source is what brings peace, even with fear.

      The people in this Facets community and the various Facets circles and forums have changed *my* life as well! I celebrate the genuine connection, conversation and sharing of creative expression. I love that you have experienced so many of the circles and forums with me!

      I look forward to taking physical steps together – wherever in world that will be!!! Lots of love and gratitude to you!!

  4. Happy Anniversary to Facets of Joy and Joy too! I appreciate all the goodness and clarity you bring to the world through your words, photos, and offerings. I’m so happy you are here with us on this plant and in this blogosphere!

    I found this so interesting:

    “I didn’t have a ‘dream’; I still don’t have ‘a dream’. I tap into the energy in this moment, I create what I am nudged to create, I connect with all that lights my heart and I trust in flow and Source Energy. I don’t map out an entire year of Facets work, I hadn’t joined marketing alliances like some of my peers have – I just keep centering, creating, connecting and celebrating.”

    I love how you connect and collaborate. That’s not one of my strengths as an introvert, but I want to connect more.

    Much love to you at this special point in time.

    • Thank you, Sandra, for your presence in my life and your kind words. I appreciate your energy and creative expressions!

      I am introverted, as well, but I love the energy of people, so I give my introverted self lots of daily time in nature and in the sacred space of my home and then I fully enjoy connecting and collaborating. I unplug fully so I may connect fully – it’s a choice (if I was forced, I wouldn’t like it much!). I now only step into spaces that light my heart and collaborate with like-energy (not necessarily like-minded, because I appreciate diversity) – that resonance makes it ‘easy’ for me.

      Much love to *you* – and lots of gratitude!

  5. Happiest of Anniversaries, Joy, and Facets of Joy. Your blog radiates positivity, joy, and remembrance of the importance of not only living an awake and aware life, but of celebrating and appreciating the collected moments.

    • Thank *you*, Talon for your presence, the kind words and all that you choose to reflect and share through your beautiful photos and words (a visit to your website always affirms and stretches – which delights me!).

  6. Lorri Espinosa said:

    Congratulations Joy! I am so happy to celebrate your 3 year anniversary with this email, for it was you who first opened my eyes to celebration and how little I did of it back then. Since that conversation with you, not so long ago, I have really worked with the energy of celebration and it has worked wonders with me! I thank you for all that you give, all that you are, and I hope that all you receive continues to grow in and on you! So much love, Lorri

    • Seeing your name always makes me smile, Lorri – thank you for taking the time to share your energy and for the kind words!

      I am so glad that the energy of celebration is working wonders in your life – it’s really a powerful practice, one that so many ‘save until later’ or *frown upon*. The timing of your comment is perfect as I had an overflowing week and the only way I found peace in it all was to take the time to celebrate, even if only a few moments a day, with my children (and with Source) – so to receive your affirmation is a ‘sign’ to keep celebrating.

      Love and gratitude to you!!

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